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Legends of Tomorrow: Ali Liebert Cast as White Canary’s Love Interest

If you missed the relationship between Sara Lance and Nyssa on Arrow then we won’t blame you; comic books haven’t exactly offered the best representation for queer women in the past so you may have overlooked it.


Just look at DC’s treatment of Batwoman as an example of when things go wrong, or the fact that Jessica Jones’ Jeri Hogarth is the first lesbian character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So if you missed it, here’s a quick, lore-free recap: Sara is bisexual and she recently had a romance with Nyssa that made Tumblr collapse in on itself. But Sara was killed off not long after, before being brought back in creepy, supernatural fashion.

With hopefully less deaths in store for her, Sara will soon be ditching Arrow for another show, Legends of Tomorrow, where she’ll soon get a new love interest.

On Legends of Tomorrow, Sara will be known as White Canary, part of a crack team of time-travelling heroes (well, legends, given that their stories have been around so long) working to defeat Vandal Savage, a villain who wants to destroy the world as well as time itself.


Yet, despite this clearly very important mission, Sara will still have time to make googly eyes at Lindsay Carlisle, played by out actress Ali Liebert, who has played queer characters quite a few times (The L Word, Bomb Girls and Lost Girl).

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lindsay Carlisle is “a soft-spoken, intelligent lady who is the ideal picture of 1950s womanhood” however, “she harbors a dark secret: she’s a lesbian”. She reportedly feels “confused and scared” and thinks that she’ll be “doomed to suffer alone” until Sara waltzes in and makes her fall for her.

Ali Liebert

Legend of Tomorrow‘s executive producer Phil Klemmer also told EW that “after Sara was brought back from the dead on Arrow, she hasn’t been herself — she’s been consumed by a quest for bloodshed and incapable of  having romantic feelings for anyone”, while the “strict social norms of the fifties” are also a barrier between the couple.

Nonetheless, Klemmer, explains “that’s how love works — it finds you” so expect to see White Canary and Lindsay act like a couple of love birds (no pun intended) when the show premieres later this month.

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