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Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, Amy Schumer, & Lea DeLaria To Participate In Women’s March On Washington

Hollywood will be turning out in force for the women’s march on Washington set to follow Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Actress America Ferrera will attend the march along with Amy Schumer, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand and Zendaya.

In a statement, Ferrara said

Since the election, so many fear that their voices will go unheard. As artists, women, and most importantly dedicated Americans, it is critical that we stand together in solidarity for the protection, dignity and rights of our communities.”

Johansson, criticizing the incoming administration for “attacking” reproductive rights, said she would participate to “make my voice heard and stand up for what I believe in.”

Organizers expect more than 100,000 people to turn out for the march on Jan. 21, one day after Trump’s inauguration.

Chelsea Handler will lead a sister march in Park City, Utah, one of more than 150 solidarity marches planned around the country and the world that day.

Others who plan to participate in the Washington march include Uzo Aduba, Lea DeLaria, Diane Guerrero, Margo Jefferson, Hari Nef and Constance Wu.

A number of other celebrities will either participate in the march or express solidarity with the marchers in other ways, organizers said, including Katy Perry, Julianne Moore, Cher and Debra Messing

Amy Schumer Talks Lesbian Bars, Kate Hudson, And Stuffed Animals With Ellen

Amy Schumer stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her new book, and discuss her onetime job as a bartender in a lesbian club.

Spoiler alert: Amy Schumer did not find a girlfriend. 

She also talks about her experiences hanging out with mother-daughter duo Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, and her strange collection of stuffed animal collection.

Daily Juice: Kristen Stewart and Soko Take A Stroll, Plus Amy Schumer Wants Us To Remember She Kissed Amber Rose

Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Soko Sokolinski take a stroll, hold hands, and the world’s media goes crazy.


Comedian and actor Amy Schumer basically wants you to remember that she made out with Amber Rose one year ago.


Lily Tomlin reprises one of her famous characters to fight for animals.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams says she’s not interested in labeling herself.


I’ve never sat up and thought about my sexuality for hours. It’s like what Shailene Woodleysaid: ‘I fall in love with personalities and not people or genders.’ I have no problem with anyone who would want to be labeled, but I also think that it is no one’s business.”

Out country singer Chely Wright begs Genre to ‘Condemn Bigoted Laws’.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi co-ordinate in hers and hers blazers as they enjoy a date night in Hollywood.


Talking of DeGeneres, she made the Most Powerful Queer Person In America list – coming in at number 2.

Ted Cruz has waged a WAR on dildos – not seriously.


And finally, 16 “Hard-Core Facts” about Lesbians from 1963’s “A New Look At The Lesbian” you need to read.


Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Go Sapphic In Hilarious SNL Sketch

Over the weekend, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to their old stomping ground last night to host Saturday Night Live together.

Our comedy heroes Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler, took over Saturday Night Live, and we still can’t stop re-watching the clips…

There was Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” parody was on point.


Everyone needs an Amy Schumer in their squad.


Fey and Poehler made sure to reprise their impressions of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in a sketch with gay actress Kate McKinnon.


In one, the two stars of Sisters were co-stars in a Carol-esque drama about two women who reveal they are ‘lesbian together’.


And finally there was Meet Your Second Wife – a textbook example of how to squeeze everything out of a simple premise by playing the ridiculous conceit straight and without embellishment.

Pirelli’s 2016 Calendar Signals A Significant Cultural Shift

The Pirelli calendar has long been known for its provocative images of some of the world’s top models.

But for its 2016 edition, it has taken a new direction – swapping sex for power with a series of black and white portraits of high-profile professional women taken by Annie Leibovitz.

PirelliPattieSmith Artist Yoko Ono, musician Patti Smith, author Fran Lebowitz, blogger Tavi Gevinson and model and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova are featured in the calendar – which is being hailed as a “bold step” that proves women are being “celebrated for their achievements” and not just their looks.



Nudity is kept to a minimum, with only tennis star Serena Williams and comedian Amy Schumer appearing in underwear.


Leibovitz, one of only a handful of women photographers to work on the calendar in its 51 years, said:

It is a departure. I started to think about the roles women play, women who have achieved something. I thought the women should look strong but natural.”

Jennifer Zimmerman, the global chief strategy officer for the McGarryBowen advertising agency, explained

We are in the midst of a perfect storm of cultural icons and politics and Hollywood. Between the first credible woman presidential candidate, all the powerful female characters on television from ‘Supergirl’ to ‘Madam Secretary’ to ‘Scandal,’ the pressure for parity in pay, it is impossible to ignore the empowerment of women. Besides, who uses a calendar anymore? It has to stand for something else.”

Amy Schumer’s SNL Opening Monologue Was Genius

After Hillary Clinton hosted Saturday Night Live last week with special guest Miley Cyrus‘s tongue (well, that’s basically how I remember it), Amy Schumer was the star of this week’s much-improved episode.



Schumer’s opening monologue was a whirlwind tour de Schumer.

She talks about wanting better role models for young girls than the Kardashians and the time she thought she was dating Bradley Cooper.

Am I dating Bradley Cooper? I don’t know how Hollywood works, but I’m pretty sure that I’m dating Bradley Cooper.”

It was simple and no-frills and so good, just Shumer’s particular concoction of confidence and self-deprecation.

This year has arguably been the comedian’s biggest professional year: winning an Emmy, and starring in a hit movie.

Watch and enjoy


Quiz | Which Super Witty TV Woman Are You?

We all have a sense of humour, but what is your humour type? Are you sarcastic one or super witty type who turn everything into a joke?

Over the years there have been so many women on TV who made us smile.So which super witty TV woman are You? I took the quiz and got Lucille ball. YES! Let us know who you got!

Amy Schumer Owens the Glamour Awards with Awesome Speech (Pics)

Amy Schumer gave an awesome speech at the Glamour Awards.

I’m not nervous. I’m very glamorous. I don’t feel out of place here. I’m 160lbs and can catch a dick any time I want.”


Schumer was presented her award for Trailblazer of the Year by Jennifer Saunders.

It will be very exciting when what I am doing isn’t trailblazing anymore. but I’m very happy to have gotten this.”

Peppering her speech with comic tangents and one-liners, Schumer said:

I’m SO desperate for a selfie with Goldie Hawn that I’m not even going to ask. I would just want it for me, like I would just look at it every night and be like: ‘Goodnight.'”

She continued:

My mom told me I didn’t need to shave above my legs above the knee. I basically like Christopher Robin down there. Having advised women to “definitely get vaccinated for HPV”, Schumer added that she had one goal for the night. And that goal was “to take my underwear off at the end of the night and not make it look like I blew my nose on it.”

The comic has been known for making strong statements with her comedy, including her sketch The Last F**kable Day, which pokes fun at ageism in Hollywood, and the way some female actors present themselves on talk-shows.

Schumer’s sketches are showcased on her US programme Inside Amy Schumer.

How to Combat Hollywood’s Ageism Problem

Hollywood is a broken industry. It is sexist, racist and queerphobic whether outright (in comments from directors and casting agents that just don’t cast or consider women, people of colour or LGBT people for roles) or behind closed doors (in the way it fails to portray their stories and protests ‘creative license!’ when called out for it).

Rather unsurprisingly, the industry is also incredibly ageist as it either ignores the stories of mature people or pigeonholes them into background grandparent roles unbefitting of actors who have headlined Hollywood’s finest projects throughout their careers.

And of course by “mature people” I of course mean women. No one tuts or mutters under their breath about Harrison Ford, wondering how on Earth his aging body was able to portray and action hero in Cowboys & Aliens at the ripe old age of 73, nor do they wonder how he’ll be able to handle a lightsaber in the upcoming Star Wars movie and by the time that’s released, he’ll be 77. ‘My what a career he’s had’, they’ll say continuing to praise him like not a single wrinkle has graced his forehead, meanwhile, they ask of Meryl Streep ‘my what a career she’s had, but isn’t it time to retire now?’ before following it up with some comment about her appearance.

Hollywood’s ageism problem has come up most recently with comedian Amy Schumer’s skit titled ‘Last F—kable Day’ in which Schumer stumbles upon a party being held by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Patricia Arquette and Tina Fey. All of them are well-known, talented names but in the skit they recognise that they each have their final ‘f—kable’ day in which the media tosses them aside, no longer finding them attractive or desirable in any way. Once they hit that age, they agree, their sexual appeal ups and leaves.

Much like the rest of Amy’s skits, which she creates for her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, she offers a tongue in cheek look at hard hitting subjects and clearly this is no different. But it’s not just a talking point; it’s something that’s actively putting a stop to the careers of many talented mature women and it’s also robbing us – the audience – of fantastic stories. We don’t just want to see mature women playing bit part grannies and elderly parent extras, we want them robbing from the government like Diane Keaton in Mad Money, or Kate Walsh embracing her rebellious streak in Bad Judge or Viola Davis as the unapologetic, no-nonsense lawyer at the centre of How to Get Away With Murder’s mysteries.

But change won’t come unless it’s encouraged from the top, says Marta Kauffman, a writer on Friends and the co-creator of Netflix show Grace and Frankie, which features Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two rivals whose husbands want to run away with each other.



Speaking to The Huffington Post, Kauffman explains that “we definitely need more [women] behind the scenes. When we were looking for lists of directors, there were so few directors that were women, compared to how many men there are. With show-runners too, there are a lot more than there were, but we’re still underrepresented”.

However, even though Kauffman has gone out of her way to hire female directors and writers, Grace and Frankie is just one show and Hollywood should still be embarrassed by the numbers – just 9% of directors in Hollywood are women and elsewhere behind the scenes, men outweigh women by five to one.

Also helping is the aforementioned Meryl Streep who recently made headlines for funding a writer’s lab for women over 40. The lab, called ‘Writers Lab’, will be run by New York Women in Film and Television and IRIS which is a female filmmaker collective.

Writers Lab “evolved in recognition of the absence of the female voice in narrative film, along with the dearth of support for script development” and will hope to get more women into employment both behind and in front of the camera.

Meryl Streep 02

But even then, more work needs to be done. There are significant roadblocks in terms of high-profile opinions, such as Russell Crowe blaming a lack of mature women in the media on their wishes to be portrayed as the ‘ingénue’ and others that agree with him. But by supporting female-led productions and by championing the stories of all women of all ages, backgrounds, races and sexualities, Hollywood’s bigwigs will be forced to take notice and we’ll see a better more diverse world of media soon enough.


MTV Movie Awards: Amber Rose and presenter Amy Schumer Lock Lips For a Long Smooch

THERE’S no doubt about the big talking point from last night’s MTV Movie awards – Amy Schumer kissing Amber Rose.

She may have been hosting, but that didn’t stop Amy Schumer from getting a little bit of action.

Amy joined Amber Rose on the front row of the audience at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles when the MTV “Kiss Cam” arrived.

Also read: Bow Down, Because Amy Schumer is the Queen of Comedy

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event at a giant arena or stadium, then you know all about the “Kiss Cam”: it basically scans the crowd for two people that we’d all like to see make out with each other for our amusement.

Sometimes, it’s awkward — but if you’re Amy, it doesn’t matter sitting next Amber Rose means sparks fly.

Amy Schumer and Amber Rose 04

Amy Schumer and Amber Rose 03

However, viewers may have been surprised to see that the innocent kiss between the two turned into a steamy make-out session as the two stars ended it with one last peck on the lips and bashful looks on their faces.


Amber later took to her Instagram post to share an image of the smooch as she captioned it to her 5.8million followers: ‘I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer @MTV #movieawards.’

Bow Down, Because Amy Schumer is the Queen of Comedy

Ellen DeGeneres is usually the one cracking up her guests, but not when she in the company of Amy Schumer.

The comedian visited The Ellen Show to give what was arguably the most epic and hilarious interviews to date.

Schumer appeared on Ellen to talk sexual harassment, food, dating, and being compared to Dianna Agron. But the host was totally cool with it, because she couldn’t stop cracking up!

In the amazing clip, Schumer discussed the difference between being in your 20s and 30s, wine teeth, popcorn, Tinder, hanging out with the almost unsettlingly pretty Dianna Agron, dating scones, and UTIs.