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Google Speaks Out Against Discriminatory Anti-LGBT Legislation Sweeping the USA

Today, in an exclusive statement to HRC, Google spoke out against the host of anti-LGBT bills pending or signed in to law in states around the country.

The statement reads:

“We oppose all laws that enable or encourage discrimination and are pleased that there are now concrete moves to clarify the intent of these laws in various U.S. States. We’ve been steadfast in our efforts to eliminate discrimination against the LGBT community – including through our vocal opposition to Prop 8, our filing of legal briefs in opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act, the benefits we provide same-sex couples at Google, and by drawing attention to the issue globally through various international campaigns, the homepage doodle for the Sochi Olympics, and supporting the “It Gets Better” project.”

Yesterday, a number of industry leaders signed an unprecedented joint statement supporting the addition of non-discrimination protections for LGBT people to civil rights laws.

Other major organisations, including Wal-Mart and Apple, have similarly opposed the anti-LGBT legislation sweeping the USA. Raising their concerns that these bills undermine existing civil rights law and deeply harm the business climate of the states in which they are passed.

Currently, there are more than 85 anti-LGBT bills in 28 state legislatures. To learn more about the rising tide of anti-LGBT legislation swelling across the country, click here.