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Halsey Talks About Her Public-Imposed “Tri-Bi” Tag: “I F*cking Hate It”

21-year-old singer/songwriter Halsey, is not a fan of the label “tri-bi”, which she’s been branded with recently.

Born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, Halsey happen to be biracial, bisexual and has bipolar disorder.

However, fans have been quick to hashtag her #tribi.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said

I fucking hate it. The idea that something like that would be trivialized down to a fucking hashtag. I mean, there’s a ton of biphobia—people refuse to accept bisexuality as an actual sexuality.” 


And I’m biracial, but also white-passing, which is a unique perspective. So these kids say, like, “Oh, fucking tri-bi Halsey! She’ll never miss an opportunity to talk about it!” I want to sit them down like a mom and go, “Six months ago you were begging for an artist that would talk about this shit! But then I do, and you say, ‘Oh, not her. Someone else.'”

Halsey released her debut album, Badlands, in 2015.