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Tomboy Beauty | How Much is too Much

As a total femme, and beauty therapist I LOVE beauty treatments, make up and anything that makes me look and feel better. But I like my girls to be, well, a kind of boys.

I like my partner to have natural (always bare) nails, no visible make up, and never EVER heels. However there are a few treatments I think tomboys can embrace.


My God brows are the absolute ultimate importance. I notice bad brows at a hundred paces, and they are all I can focus on. They frame your face – and they can be done very subtly (GuyBrows, I call them). So I can imagine most readers are sat there thinking “I have no idea if mine are good or not?”

There are a few simple rules to follow. Get to a mirror and find something with a straight edge to use as a guide….

Rule 1 Distance between brows – The start of each brow should be about in line with your tear ducts. Too far apart and you look odd. Someone said a “Lion face” once! Too close and we are in mono brow territory.

Rule 2 Taper Taper Taper – Thick to middle to thin. A gradual taper. No tadpoles, semi circles and jumps. Think natural and contoured.

Rule 3 The Arch – Look straight ahead and find the white triangle outside your iris. This is your safe zone. Draw a line up from here and that is where the highest part of your brow should sit.

Lash Tint

No you don’t have to look like you have mascara on. You can get a tint with brown or even light brown and just enhance your lashes subtly. It works and no one will know you have had them done!


A light spray tan to take the deathly white glow from your skin works wonders! Teeth and eyes appear whiter, skin healthier and more flawless, and let’s face it you always look slimmer with a tan. Gradual tans are a great option as you can build up the colour. Try Sun-Believable Gradual Tan in Medium.


Get a manicure or at least file and buff your nails regularly. When I say buff, yes you can get them to a glass like shine, but if you don’t fancy that then just miss out the shine bit! Try Trio Buffer and Crystal Nail file, both by Leighton Denny. No more biting, clipping or peeling. We want nice smooth snag free nails near our precious foof please . Don’t fancy a pedicure? See a Chiropodist – its more medical than beauty and a decent one can make your hooves look at least presentable and healthy.

Make up

You can still wear it whilst looking natural. Guys wear it on TV all the time, in fact on X Factor the male contestants had foundation, concealer, powder, contouring, brow gel and lip balm applied (Over their spray tans!)

  • Banish shine with a mattifying primer such as Benefit Professional
  • Conceal blemishes with a tinted moisturiser such as followed by a concealer such as Mac Studio
  • Finish SPF 35 Concealer (always make sure you get colour matched)
  • Or opt for a matt bronzer (no shimmer) such as Benefit Hoola
  • Brows can be kept in check with a brow gel such a Mac Brow Set in Clear
  • Clear mascara will make lashes look longer, healthy and glossy -try Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara, or opt for a natural brown shade of any brand to enhance without drawing too much attention.
  • Keep lips kissable with a balm with minimal shine such as Burts Bees Lipbalm
  • So whatever your thing, you can still look groomed whilst retaining your natural beauty.

Must-have Tools For a Lesbian’s Makeup Kit

I know, I know – make-up right. Some of us are taught by sisters, friends and mothers the essentials. But if like me – a tomboy by nature, who spent their youth playing football, hanging out with boys, and climbing trees – these essentials tips where-not often filtered my way.

However, I do wear make-up. When I need to smooth out my skin colouring, hide my bags after a night of too much boozing, or bring out my eyes for certain lady – I’ll reach out for my small, and somewhat practical make-up bag.

So, here is a list must-have tools for a Lesbian’s makeup kit

Cotton Puffs: Use these nifty little things to apply powder in small amounts. With a cotton puff, you can press the powder evenly on your face. Don’t smudge it rather press it gently.

Tweezers: Yes I tweeze, but it has its benefits. Before applying makeup, I want to makes sure that my eyebrows are neat. Tweezers can also pluck away stray hairs on the chin, above your lip or anywhere else on your face.

An eyelash Curler: A somewhat intimidating tool on first glace, but for big, beautiful and perfectly curled eyelashes, an eyelash curler is a must have tool. It curls your eyelashes upward to show your eyes. I always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara, because if you curl them after mascara then it can break your lashes.

An eye shadow brush: A staple – the eye shadow brush helps you to apply eye colour perfectly. It also helps to make it last longer, because (a fact I recently picked up), if you put I shadow on with your finger it adds moisture to it, which no good.

A small, narrow brush: We all need one of these brushes – a small, narrow brush. Why, well because it makes easy to apply makeup around the corners and creases of your eyes.

A blush brush: Always use a blush brush to apply blushers perfectly and to prevent it from caking. Blush brushes are designed to define natural curves of your cheek area.

Sponges: Never apply foundation with your fingers because you’ll have tendency to put too much on and it can appear uneven. By using sponges you can dab foundation on with control. They are also very gentle to skin.