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#StillBisexual Campaign Kicks Off Bisexual Visibility Week with Beautiful Videos

It’s Bisexual Visibility Week, so in honour the #StillBisexual campaign will post a new #StillBisexual for seven consecutive days.

The campaign features bi people telling their stories of coming out and finding love regardless of the gender of the person they find it with.

Here’s the first, from a very talented musician out of Brooklyn.and to kick it off this import week a series of amazing videos have been release by the excellent viral campaign #StillBisexual.

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“So, are you still bisexual?” Yep Still Bisexual

#StillBisexual is a new viral campaign aimed at fighting the myth that bisexuals don’t stay bisexual.

A common question bisexuals people are asked regularly is “So, are you still bisexual?”, which is one of the most infuriating questions asked. So to combat this frustration people are telling their stories through video blogs and explain why, single or in a relationship, regardless of their partner’s gender, their bisexual identity doesn’t change. 

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The Bisexual Makeup Tutorial – Tearing Down The Stereotypes Associated With Being Bi

YouTuber Amy Geliebter created this parody video to voice her frustrations concerning the treatment of the bisexual community, and by using makeup, she perfectly articulates the stereotypes associated with being bisexual.

“I can remember having crushes on both boys and girls ever since I was a kid, but every time I confided in someone I was told that I was confused or simply going through a phase. It wasn’t until last year that I was finally able to acknowledge that I was actually bisexual and learn to embrace it.”

Amy Geliebter