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15 Bisexual Problems When Dating

Bisexual – then you’ll recognise some of these classics. In fact, most women in LGBT community have probably heard one of two of these questions, because even though we’re living in the 21st century, a host of stereotypes still exist.

This new BuzzFeed sketch features a woman who identifies as bisexual and another who identifies as a lesbian, as they go to a party together and introduce themselves as girlfriends.

The partygoers’ responses highlight the ridiculous assumptions people still make about bisexuality.

“You guys must be having so many threesomes.”

Twitter Users’ Hilarious #BisexualFacts to Mark Bisexuality Visibility Week

For the second year in a row, Twitter has come up with a truely funny way to mark Bisexuality Visibility Week.

For this week, twitter users make up with hilarious (and fake) #BisexualFacts

Here are some of the best #BisexualFacts so far