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Bisexual People Tell Their Stories at the iconic Stonewall Inn for #BiWeek

A video has been released  by GLAAD,  of bisexual people speaking outside the Stonewall Inn, to celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week.

The clip, features several people discussing their experiences of being bisexual and the challenges they face as a result.

One woman observes “[tweet_dis]A myth that I hear on a regular basis? No, this is not a transition. This is not a phase. I will never come out as ‘full lesbian’[/tweet_dis]”

Another says “Since I’m a woman, being with lesbians, often [the myth] is that I’m going to leave them for a man. That’s something I’ve dealy with my entire life, and that is not true.”

Ruth Hunt of UK charity Stonewall said on Tuesday:

“Our ground-breaking health research reveals that few bisexual people are open about their sexual orientation to healthcare professionals and many have had negative experiences of the NHS or healthcare providers.

At work we see that stereotypical assumptions and beliefs about bisexual people and their lives, from both straight and gay people, mean that they feel unable to access the very initiatives that are meant to support them.

In our 2014 Workplace Equality Index Staff Survey only 65% of bisexual people said they could bring their whole self to work, compared to 84% and 82% respectively for their gay and lesbian colleagues.”

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall UK

Organisations and individuals around the world celebrated Bi Visibility Day on Tuesday – an initiative created to celebrate bisexuality and diversity within the LGBT community.

Twitter Users’ Hilarious #BisexualFacts to Mark Bisexuality Visibility Week

For the second year in a row, Twitter has come up with a truely funny way to mark Bisexuality Visibility Week.

For this week, twitter users make up with hilarious (and fake) #BisexualFacts

Here are some of the best #BisexualFacts so far