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Shabana Azmi Cast In Fawzia Mirza’s New Lesbian Feature Film

Do you remember Fire, Deepa Mehta’s hit 1996 film about two lonely daughters-in-law, who fall for each other? Well the film starred Bollywood actress, Shabana Azmi, and now 20 years later she returns in yet another lesbian drama.

Actor-director Fawzia Mirza has cast Azmi to play a mother to a lesbian daughter, in her upcoming feature film.

In the American production entitled Signature Move, Shabana is cast as a mother who watches television soaps all day long and seems oblivious to the fact that her daughter (Fawzia) is a lesbian and in a relationship with a Mexican girl, who is a wrestler.


This venture marks Mirza’s first feature film that she will be producing herself. Mirza is known for works such as Me, My Mom and Sharmila and The Muslim Trump Documentary.

She has also recently been honoured with ‘Champion of Change’ award by the White House.