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Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl End Engagement

Australian DJ-now-actress Ruby Rose and fashion designer (and granddaughter of author Roald Dahl) Phoebe Dahl, have called time on their two year romance.

Phoebe Dahl Ruby Rose 01

They were engaged in March 2014, with Rose revealing on Instagram at the time that she had asked Dahl to get married three times previously.

The pair have yet to give a reason for the “amicable” break up, but talking to US weekly on Monday, Dahl-who owns clothing company Faithcloth & Supply said :

After two wonderful years together, Ruby and I have decided to part ways. While we still love each other and support each other in every way, it is our mutual decision to part ways. Our break is not the result of any media speculation, and we want nothing but the best for each other. Thank you for respecting our privacy in this very difficult time”.

Rose – who is currently filming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – tweeted a positive message to Dahl Monday night, and Dahl responded in kind.

@FAIRCLOTHSUPPLY remains very dear to my heart,” the star wrote. “I will forever treasure our time together. I’m a better person because of all we shared.”

Dahl tweeted

@RubyRose you have brought me to my best and I will always love you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.”

Rose also posted this to Facebook.

Phoebe remains very dear to my heart. I will forever treasure our time together. I’m a better person because of the time we shared. They say, “it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” I’m lucky to have had the chance to love her.”

A couple of months back, the couple decided to postpone their vows due to their busy schedules – but there was worry within the industry that the distance would take it’s toll on the relationship.

ruby rose 01

As it turns out we love being engaged, and I love the word ‘fiancée.’ It’s actually nice that we do wait that extra year and get to enjoy being engaged before we ball-and-chain it.’

Rose has upcoming roles on the big screen in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and John Wick 2 opposite Keanu Reeves.

The Single Lesbian’s Guide to Getting Out of a Bad Date

Lets set the scene. You’re sipping a glass of beer, on a date with someone new. You’re talking, looking into one another’s eyes, and then it suddenly hits you: “Good gods, this is the most mind-numbingly boring date I’ve ever been on. I’ve got to get out of here.”

It’s the time for an exit plan. A strategy that could include faking an illness; food poisoning and migraines are quite popular. Or staging a phone call crisis.

But the problem with these excuses is that everyone knows them and can see through them. So scrap those plans; it’s time to take those methods up a notch, get creative, and plan your exit strategy as obsessively as you plan your weekend getaways.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but be warned—some of them need great acting skills and cooperation from people you know. Click on an idea to read more about it or simply read on.

Become the dating weirdo

This takes a wee bit of practice and a willingness to humiliate yourself. But that’s not a problem if you don’t plan on your date ever seeing you again, right? You’re going to have to keep bumping up the crazy level, because you’re not sure yet what your date counts as weird.


Become obnoxious date

Think back on all the terrible dates you’ve been on and throw the most repugnant habits and behaviour of your once-and-never-ever-again dates into the mix.


Become the psycho ex

Burst into tears. Tell your date that the place reminds you so much of your ex. Hurtle down memory lane and share a long and detailed history of your last failed relationship. Give scary examples of how you showed your love to your ex but was ultimately rejected (“I sat in my car outside of her house all night long and asked my friends and her friends to tell me what she was up to when I wasn’t around. I just wanted to know she was always okay, was that so wroooong?!”). Be inconsolable and excuse yourself for the rest of the evening.


Become the clumsy date

Spill something on yourself – great new outfit be damned. Don’t go for something as lame as water; a bowl of creamy soup, the kind that can really leave a huge stain. Make sure your date definitely can’t say that the stain will be gone in an hour or so.


Become crisis solver

This is an upgrade to the phone call crisis, and involves a loyal and loving friend. Your friend should rush up to you and yell, “Oh my god, where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you! I called your roommate and she said I’d find you here. You’ve got to come with me, we’ve got a problem.” Ta-da, exit this away!


Become overly committed date

Talk at length about how you’re ready for marriage and kids. Make jokes about how you’ve already picked out a wedding and reception venue, the names of your kids, and a good honeymoon spot. After a while, stand up dramatically and ask your date, “I just want to get this straight. Do you see a future with me or not? I’m not about to waste my time on anyone.” Flounce off in a huff, but make sure you’ve planned your hiding place in case your date comes after you.


Become the commitment-phoebe

Have a friend call you and pretend that she is your next date for the night, then tell the person you’re with that you have to run to meet up with someone else. This is ideal for dates that are so openly scamming on other potentials in the room.


… Or simply be honest (my pick)

We all tend to rein in what’s really on our minds, so give yourself a chance to be honest by telling your date goodbye before you waste the rest of the evening—and maybe even a few years of your life – if you keep on being too polite – to say that you’re just not interested.


The 8 Phases Lesbians Go Through After A Breakup

After a breakup of a great relationship, often tell the world you’re free, happy, and all that, but that’s usually far from the truth.

In this new hook-up era, its often cool to been seen as single rather than tied-up in a relationship. And while that may remain true to some, it’s not always the case – especially if the relationship was great.

After all, it’s human nature to want to love and be loved.

Phase 1: I’m not crying:

Well actually, it’s healthy to cry. Anyone who calls that “wallowing” has forgotten what breaking up with someone is like.


Phase 2: Her loss.

It is incredibly easy to lie to yourself repeatedly about being over them.  We’d rather make ourselves believe that the breakup was less of a loss for us. We’ll go tell our friends that we’re “fine” just so we’ll feel happier for the mean time. On the contrary, however, we’re not, and only a few of our closest friends know that.


Phase 3: Socialising.

It’s only logical to think that if something you lost makes you unhappy, replace it so you can be happy again. This is why most lesbians would talk to other women straight after a break up. We don’t have those constant conversations on the phone every night or random text messaging when we’re bored. So we tend to look for it in other people. Other forms of socialising may be excessively tweeting, re-tweeting, or clicking favourite on cryptic tweets, if we have no one to talk to.


Phase 4: Depression.

Even if we converse with several people through our phones or social media most of the time, at the end of the day, we’ll always end up feeling lonely. There’s always that nagging feeling that something is missing, especially if the breakup is pretty recent. Of course, we try to put up our poker faces in front of our friends, but when we’re alone, it’s all we can think about.


Phase 5: Stalking The Ex.

Yes, we stalk our ex. Most lesbian wouldn’t admit to this, but with the presence of mutual friends and the availability of this sort of technology, it’s most likely been done by every lesbian out there. Even if your ex’s accounts are private and we’ve been blocked, we’ll always find a way to at least get a hint of what she’s up to. I mean, sometimes, we’re just get curious.


Phase 6: Exploring the ocean.

Yes, our friends would constantly tell us, “Don’t worry, there are other fish in the sea.” So, we go ahead and try fishing. Now this could either go one of two ways. One, we get to find a really decent woman whom we’re willing to date. Or two, we discover we’re just not over The Ex. It really depends on the time when this happens.


Phase 7: Begging for a second chance.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching tearjerkers with The Ex, it’s that there can always be a second chance. This phase is more an internal debate phase, on whether or not we should go back and ask her for another shot. This is coupled with a few conversations with our closest friends too. How it plays out really can’t be predicted, but if we decide to go for a second chance and she accepts, we’re more likely to do better this time. If not, then there’s the next phase.


Phase 8: Getting over her.

Honestly, getting over a relationship isn’t easy. We make it seem like we’re so happy after a breakup just so we won’t appear vulnerable. As I said, it’s the ego. However, after a certain amount of time in reflection and the company of good friends, we’ll eventually get over it.


Does Your Cheating Girlfriend Deserve a Second Chance?

Is cheating worth breaking up over?

We all know someone who has been in a rotten relationship, where their pattern cheats or lies to them. Yet, no matter what they are willing to give that someone a second chance.


But, does anyone really deserve a second chance?

Should we simply move on the first time that we break up? When and how does someone deserve a second chance?

The biggest issues are always cheating and trust. (Usually in that order.)

If someone cheats on you (or has an affair, whatever terminology you prefer) does she deserve a second chance? Should you break it off?

Well, you know as well as I do that if you discover that your lover is a cheater – you will end up having trust issues and no matter how hard you try, what you do, or your individual situation: you’ll have a hard time trusting your partner again (if you ever trust them again).

You know that as soon you have the slightest suspicion that they’re up to no good; you’ll obsess. You’ll question, And you’ll suspect, and soon the question of whether or not your partner is being faithful will consume majority of your thoughts.

So, what if you discover your girlfriend is cheating or has cheated – What do?

In the past, I’ve gone both ways on this subject. I’ve handed out second chances like they were candy on Halloween, and I’ve also cut my losses and moved on.

The woman I continued to let come back (and yes, it happened more than once) eventually showed that she was never going to change, so I cut her loose. She and I had dated on and off for 2.5 years. She’s married now (surprisingly) and still calls from time to time wanting to know if we can “get together”, which I know means more than a simple coffee date

It also shows me that she hasn’t changed. Three years after our break up and she’s still the same.

So, what would you do in the event you uncovered an affair?


Quiz | Which Pop Breakup Anthem Are You?

When a relationship is on its last leg and a breakup is inevitable – life gets sh*t.

However, as tough as it is to dump or be dumped, when you find the right soundtrack to your suffering, it can also feel weirdly enjoyable. So we invite you to celebrate the heartbreak; whether angry, homicidal or just a bit sad, by finding your perfect pop breakup anthem.

Rosie O’Donnell Posts Video To Explain Her Reasons For Leaving The View

Over the weekend, we learned that Rosie O’Donnell was leaving The View, and today she has posted a video to explain her reasons for leaving, and her reasons for not discuss her departure on The View this Monday.


The talk show host previously confirmed via her publicist that she had split from her wife of nearly three years, Michelle Rounds.

“I can confirm that Rosie and her wife Michelle split in November. Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention. This has been a very stressful situation. She is putting her personal health and family first. 

ABC has been wonderfully understanding and supportive of her personal decision to leave The View. Next week will be her last.”

Via the recent video, Rosie confirmed that the decision for her leaving has everything to do with her health and lowering her stress level.

“The truth is I had a heart attack two years ago and stress is very bad for heart attack survivors. You should minimize your stress, maximize your exercise and control your diet. That’s what you need to do for a healthy heart. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m minimizing my stress by leaving The View

There’s lots of stuff going on at home and there’s lots of stuff going on at work. And the only thing I can really control is the work, by leaving. I can turn that volume all the way down to zero and just focus on what I need to focus on, which is my health and my family.”

Rosie O’Donnell

Her final day as full-time co-host will be on Thursday.

’10 Worst Ways To Break Up’ by YouTubers Bria And Chrissy

With over 48 million views and 300 thousand combined subscribers, the performing duo known as BriaAndChrissy has quickly become YouTube’s most popular singing lesbian couple. Known for their catchy songs with inspiring lyrics, the two use music and comedy to promote equality.

Watch their latest video ’10 Worst Ways To Break Up’

Eight Things Not to Say During a Break-up

Sometimes a relationship cannot be salvaged. It’s unfortunate but it reaches that point where you have to end it. This painful experience should be done face to face and not over the phone. Pick a private place and try to be honest about the reasons for the break up.

Here is our list of eight things not to say during a Break-up…

Let’s just be friends

Emotions are raging high. Maybe after a few years and you accidentally bump into each other you can be friends. This is not the right time for proposing friendship.

Can I still live here?

Even if you bought or you the pay the rent together. Do not ask to live there. You can always sort this out afterwards. Living together after a break up is not only awkward but do you really want to see your ex brushing her teeth in the morning.

I never loved you

There is no need for trading jabs .You did love her and that is why it pains so much. Saying bad things to her is not going to make this easier for you. When it is all done don’t regret all the hurtful things you said.

It’s not you it’s me

No one actually believes this .She is the one you don’t want to be with. You are not satisfied with what she has to offer. Please steer clear off the cliché statements. No one liner can change the feeling she has that she did something wrong.

I need time to work things out

The worst thing you can do to your partner is give them false hope. This statement seems to suggest that after some time maybe you’ll get back together. That is just bad.

You’re not the person I fell in love with

Is this really the time to point out flaws in the relationship? Understand that you have also changed .Be honest with your feelings without necessarily blaming your partner.

I met someone else

This is adding salt to her wounds. The fact that you met someone else will make it harder for her, Keep this piece of information to yourself. This will make everything much more difficult for everyone else.

My family/friends never liked you

Spitting out this gem during a breakup is ill advised. Who cares? The relationship was about the two of you. This is just a cheap shot. You are much better than this. Trying to hurt her will not make you feel any better.

After all is said and done, a break up is not the end but the beginning. The choice is yours whether to part ways with your partner in good terms or not.