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Apparently, Ruby Rose Is single Again

The summer of love has experienced a little bit of heartbreak once again.

Ruby Rose has parted ways from her model girlfriend, Harley Gusman, after a three month relationship.


The break up will no doubt come as a surprise as just last month Rose shared on social media how Harley had written her a love letter for every day they spent apart to help her get “through” her summer tour.


Rose relationship with Gusman, who is the VP of marketing at skincare company Truly Organic, marked the first time she was linked to someone new after ending her engagement to Phoebe Dahl last December.

The pair’s breakup doesn’t appear to be messy as both Rose and Gusman have yet to delete their snapshots of one anotherfrom social media. And as an insider told E! News, the actress’s busy schedule was to blame.


The 6 Women You Should Avoid Dating Online

I’m a big advocate for online dating. In the age of technology, it can become addicting to know all the important information about someone before you make things “real” and “official”. Truthfully, in the queer community, it’s often easier to date online, especially if you’re not out in your local community. But, as expansive as the online dating pool is (and as much as we advocate not limiting yourself to a certain “type”), there are some women you should probably avoid if you want to keep your sanity intact. (And, it should go without saying, but… You should probably also avoid being one of these women.)

The woman who’s already in a relationship.


This should go without saying, but if a woman is in a “committed relationship” and she’s not totally committed to it, she’s really not good relationship material. In some cases, her significant other might know that she’s looking for someone else, and in these cases, you can proceed with caution. But if her current partner has no idea that she’s looking for someone new, run. Fast and far.

The gold-digger.


It should be pretty obvious that a woman who’s only after your money is to be avoided. But you might think you’re safe if you don’t have a lot of money yourself. Truthfully, there are women who will gladly suck dry the financial means of another, rather than make things happen on their own. If she has no job, and no desire to get a job, chances are she’s just looking for someone to support her. Run.

The snob.


There are so many different types of snobs. Some of them will look down on you if you come from a different background. Some will talk to you as if you’re a child. Some will make a point to tell you how much they’re not a snob, because, “look at me, dating you even though I’m better than you – so I can’t be a snob!” But these women are bad news. They’ve already decided that they are better than you, and will either date you out of pity or because they feel they have to be the “better” one in the relationship. Either way, they’re secretly not so great, and you’ll find that out pretty quick once you’ve started actually dating them.

The woman with her wedding planned out already.

giphy (20)

Okay, maybe this one is a bit of a generalization. I was engaged to the “big ex” before my current partner, and we actually got quite a ways into our wedding planning before I finally admitted that she was horrible to me. But this is not something that my current partner knew from the start. If you haven’t even met face to face yet, and she’s already talking about “your” wedding or starting a family together… Get out while you still can. She doesn’t want you. She wants to be a wife. (And she may also fall under the “gold digger” category.)

The proud self-proclaimed bitch.


This one is pretty obvious. The woman who makes a point to let you know that she doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings, is never going to care if she hurts your feelings. You can’t magically fix her. You can’t make her stop being who she is. She can’t make you magically be less sensitive. If she hurts your feelings right away and doesn’t even seem to care, let her go – you can thank me later.

The curious woman.


Let me be clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being curious. Most of us identified as curious before we identified as bisexual or lesbians. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with your sexuality. But a relationship should not be an experiment, and if you’re dating a woman who doesn’t know if she likes women – and expecting something serious to come of it – you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment. I’m not saying she’s necessarily straight. But she might be.

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10 Reminders for Every Woman Who Doesn’t Think She’s Perfect

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point in our recent history, self-esteem became this taboo thing for women. When we’re given a compliment, the “polite” thing to do is to reject the notion, and to assume that the other person is just being polite. With as much as the media has taken over our lives, it can get really hard to not think that someone else is more attractive than you.

Unfortunately for some of us, it’s not always just the media that does it to us. We do it to ourselves, or maybe we’ve had someone in our lives who did it to us. We end up turning to the people who are close to us, and seek their validation – even though we’ll just reject it and replace it with our own, anyway. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I know I’m not the only person who does this.

And yet, when we’re trying to be that person for our friends and loved ones, it comes so much easier. “You’re just as pretty as she is,” we’ll tell them. “You’re smart and funny, too – you’re the whole package!” These are the same things they’ll tell us one day, but we can’t accept that they mean it… Even though we mean it when we say it. You just don’t go lying to your besties, after all.

So why do we like to lie to ourselves so much? How come it’s so hard to think positive things about ourselves, and tell ourselves the things we need to hear?

Personally, I’m in the middle of some life-changing revolutions right now, and one of the biggest is trying to realign my positivity (something we all could benefit from, to be honest). Here are some affirmations for those days when you feel less than your best. Consciousness creates reality, after all, so the more you believe these things are true, the truer they’ll be for you. Give it a try!

1. Beauty is subjective.

Just because one person doesn’t see beauty doesn’t mean no one sees the beauty. No matter how you feel about yourself, there is someone out there who thinks you’re absolutely gorgeous. In fact, there are probably more people who find you attractive than you think!

2. It doesn’t matter how many people think you’re beautiful.

What matters is how you see yourself. Women who are “conventionally attractive” can feel that they’re not beautiful, too – and no matter how many people tell them otherwise, they still won’t believe it until they can see it, too.

3. Beauty is a choice.

No matter what mistakes you’ve made in life, your true beauty comes from within. Your external beauty may change over time, but that doesn’t make your true beauty fade – it just changes, and sometimes new is good. If you choose to be beautiful, you are beautiful.

4. Beauty is eternal.

While choosing to feel beautiful is a daily occurrence, that doesn’t mean that your beauty isn’t there on the days you don’t feel it. It just means that it’s hiding. Once you’re ready to embrace your beauty again, it’ll still be there – true beauty never fades.

5. Happiness is beautiful.

If you are living a life that you love, bringing joy and happiness to yourself and others, you are beautiful – inside and out. Even on the days it’s hard to smile, focusing on the positive side of things will infuse a little more beauty into your everyday life.

6. Positivity is the key.

Part of my current revolution involves focusing on the positives in my life, and once you do that, you really do become unstoppable. We might find it easier to focus on the one thing we dislike about ourselves, rather than the ten things we love about ourselves, but if we allow the positive things to have a voice, they will soon become loud enough to drown out the negativity.

7. Beauty has no specifics.

Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with fashion, or makeup, or any definitions you’ll find. True beauty is a reflection of our innermost thoughts, and can’t be assigned a specific label. If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.

8. Accept compliments – and give them freely.

If someone compliments you on something they love about you, take the compliment! When did it get so wrong to let ourselves feel good about ourselves? It doesn’t have to be a comment about your appearance, either – and, in fact, you should do your best to give compliments based on “deeper things”, like someone’s character, their diligence, and their sense of humor. These things are beautiful, too.

9. Do what makes you feel beautiful.

If new clothes make you feel beautiful, treat yourself! If a walk in the open air brings beauty and joy into your life, do that. For me, it’s my writing – being able to put words onto a page gives meaning to my day. Think of what makes you feel beauty, and make an effort to do more of that.

10. Don’t worry about other people.

If you’re comparing yourself to someone else’s idea of beautiful, you’re never going to feel beautiful. Instead, focus on what you think is valuable, and live a life that shines. You are a glorious human being and no one can tell you otherwise. Now, get out there and be beautiful!

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A Queer Woman’s Bucket List

I think I might be a list addict.

I’m constantly making lists of everything in my life. Most recently, I started thinking about all the queer rites-of-passage that I still have yet to experience, as well as all those that I have had the pleasure of doing.

How many of these bucket list items have you done?

1. Travel to San Francisco, at least once (extra credit if it’s during Pride).

I was fortunate enough to be invited along with some friends going to San Francisco Pride a few years ago, and it truly is a magical experience. I have yet to experience Pride in any other big cities, so I’m definitely open to checking out some of the greats – but San Francisco Pride is definitely a magical celebration that’s not soon to be forgotten.


2. Go to a Pride parade.

If you don’t have the benefit of being a couple hours away from San Francisco (like I am), really, any big city Pride parades are magical, from what I’ve heard. Just do your best to make sure you’re in a gay-friendly area, as unfortunately people aren’t so great, and horrible things can happen. Make sure you’re safe!


3. Make a close group of lesbian friends.

I honestly wish I had more lesbian friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few, but most of them have dated one another, so it’s pretty awkward… Seeing as that’s how I met them. It would be so nice to have a group of lesbians to hang out with who didn’t hate each other’s guts, but I guess I’ll settle for Facebook friends… for now.


4. Switch up your wardrobe.

People catch a lot of shade for changing up their style every now and then, but it’s not our natural instinct to stay the same our whole lives. Not too long ago, my “default style” was baggy t-shirts and those horrible pants with all the chains all over them. Now I can’t even stand the idea of either of those things… I’d much rather wear a flowy dress and a tank top. It’s completely normal to switch up your style, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that “going through a phase” is a bad thing. You’ve got to change to figure out who you really are, and who you like being.


5. Drastically change your hair.

For the longest time, I refused to cut my hair. When I was in 7th grade, it actually went down to the back of my knees – it had been probably seven years since I got more than a trim. Now I can’t stand my hair staying the same for so long. I love to dye it, cut it, experiment with colors and textures. And why not? Your hair is literally made of the same stuff as your fingernails. If you paint or cut your nails, there’s no logical reason you can’t do the same to your hair – so enjoy some creative expression!


6. Read some queer literature.

I’m not talking about just steamy erotica novels (although those are sometimes a good read, too). Find some “serious” literature, either by a queer author or about queer subjects, and read the hell out of it! There’s so much out there, and you might have to do a little digging to find it, but the right book can help make up for a little of the bad representation we see in other forms of entertainment. (Here’s a handy list of some queer books you can start with.)


7. Start over in a new city.

Okay, I’ll admit… I kinda do this one a lot. I don’t like feeling like I “have to” stay somewhere, so I’ll move pretty much any time I have the opportunity to. After we recently moved back to the town I grew up in (where my girlfriend had never lived before), we started talking about where we’re going to live next – because one single place is never in my long-term plans. It’s super refreshing to start over somewhere fresh… And there’s no harm in moving back “home” if things don’t work out.

giphy (12)

8. Become an active member of the queer community, in a way that makes sense for you.

Not everyone is meant to be an activist or a politician or a performer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay a silent part of the community. There’s literally something for everyone – my activity of choice is writing, as I’m sure you can tell. The important thing is that you find your thing and do the best job at it you can. The queer community is counting on you!


9. Have a serious, live-in girlfriend.

Even those who have all but sworn off love will, at some point, end up with a serious girlfriend. Now, there are two main reactions the first time this happens: Some people realize that it’s definitely not for them, and they keep things casual from then on out… Until someone comes along and changes their mind (again) and the cycle starts all over. Others wonder why they didn’t do it sooner, and end up having serious relationships with a good portion of their subsequent girlfriends. Neither one of these is “right” or “wrong”, but you have to at least try it.


10. Get over your insecurities.

Most people are insecure about something, and while there are often “triggers” for these insecurities, it’s up to each person to work them out and move past them. This means that if you’re worried about your weight, do something about it! (And if you’re already exercising and eating well and you’re still bigger, don’t worry about the specific numbers – your health is more important.) If you’re worried about your job, work toward getting a better one. If you can’t bring yourself to ask a woman out, practice until you can do it. There’s nothing wrong with not being perfect, but there is something wrong with complaining about something you’re not trying to fix.


11. Come to terms with rejection.

Almost everyone has been rejected before – either by a crush, a potential employer, or maybe even by a parent (although I hope that’s not the case for most). We, as humans, tend to focus too much on what that rejection says about us, but in most cases it’s more of a reflection of the other person. You are always free to use this rejection as motivation to improve yourself, but take care not to change who you are as a person.


12. Come out of the closet.

If you haven’t come out yet, you should. Not because the world deserves to know your personal details, but because you deserve to live out in the open. Understandably, there are certain situations where coming out would be dangerous and unsafe, and of course I don’t recommend that you out yourself in those situations – but it’s my hope for each and every one of you that you can one day be 100% honest about who you are. And remember, there are different types of closets.


13. Have a good straight friend.

I’ve actually been blessed in this department – I probably have more straight friends than I have lesbian friends. (Although some of my “straight” friends have recently come out as bisexual and pansexual, so I’m not sure where the division really lands now.) But as important as it is to have friends who understand what it’s like to be gay, it’s also important not to alienate those who don’t know what it’s like to be gay. If you’re just collecting queer friends and passing over all the gems that aren’t queer, you’re really missing out on some great friendship opportunities.


14. Date a bisexual woman.

I know there are a lot of bisexuals who don’t want to be treated as a token, so rest assured – that’s not what I mean here. I simply mean that you should be open to the idea of dating a bisexual woman. There is a tremendous amount of biphobia in the lesbian community, and in most cases, it’s completely unfounded. If you’re completely closed to the idea of dating a bisexual woman, you are discriminating – pure and simple. It’s okay to have preferences, but it’s not okay to make someone else feel inferior if they don’t fit into your “type”.


15. Learn how to gracefully say “no” – without feeling guilty about it.

I’m so bad about trying to appease people. I know, you can’t please everyone, but I’d break my back trying before I’d admit that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. As much as I tell myself that the only approval that matters is my own, I’m still struggling to say no without feeling bad afterward. It’s an important milestone I still have yet to cross.


16. Date someone who’s not your type.

Maybe the person who’s “not your type” is the bisexual woman from #14. Or, maybe she’s not. There are no rules, here, except that you’ve got to break your own rules every now and then. Let me repeat it for those in the back row: It’s okay to have preferences. But if you’re limiting your options, you’re limiting your options. Be open to new things!


17. Purge all the drama from your life.

Most of us hate dealing with drama. Or, at least we say we do. But realistically, if there’s a lot of drama in your life on a regular basis, you’re welcoming it in. If you really want to live drama-free, you’ve got to take a stand and get rid of the drama. Negative friends, people who refuse to improve their lives, and those who are always focused on someone else’s business aren’t right for you. Part of being an adult is recognizing it and putting an end to it.


18. Get over your first love.

I’m sure there are some people reading who are actually still with their first love, and while I’m so happy for you, statistically speaking, it probably isn’t going to last the rest of your life – and that’s okay. The pain from losing your first love is very real, and as much as it hurts, you will be a million times stronger once you get past it. You’ll be smarter, too, and you’ll be able to treat your second love that much better.


19. Evaluate your safer sex methods and diligence.

There are so many lesbians who feel that they don’t need to practice safer sex because we fall in a so-called “low risk” demographic. As nice of a thought as that is, it’s simply not true. Lesbians are at risk for a number of STDs that don’t even have recognizable symptoms in women. No matter how solid your methods seem, it’s important to get tested regularly, and get educated on same-sex sexual health (especially since it’s so rarely taught in schools).


20. Date someone with a significant age difference.

If you date someone much older than you, you get the chance to benefit from your partner’s wisdom and experience. If you date someone significantly younger, you get the chance to give your partner the benefit of your wisdom and experience. While you probably shouldn’t choose someone solely based on their age, we feel that everyone should experience an age-gap relationship at least once in their life.


21. Go to a queer concert.

Okay, I’ll admit: I’ve never gone to an out queer artist’s concert. I feel like I’m slacking, both as a lesbian and as a music lover. But I did attend a Joan Jett concert a couple years back, and she’s a pretty solid lesbian icon, even if she doesn’t identify as a lesbian herself. Once I have the money, I plan to do a little mini-tour of my own, and hit up the concerts of some of the greats. (Feel free to suggest some great queer artists for me in the comments – I’m always looking for new music inspiration!)


22. Use a dating app – and score a date.

Honestly, even with the state of technology being what it is now, there are still so many unnecessary stereotypes about using dating apps. It seems pretty silly, actually – I mean, here is this app that was literally designed because of people who struggled in the dating scene. Most lesbians struggle in the dating scene. So why do we judge each other for using something that was designed to fix that exact problem? And if you’re doing things safely and respectfully, it’s no different than meeting someone through friends, except that you know all the big deal breakers ahead of time.


23. Stop slut- and prude-shaming, both yourself and others.

It’s okay to enjoy sex. It’s okay to not enjoy sex. People realistically fall in all different areas of the spectrum, and it’s extremely unlikely that you’re even going to find someone who’s into all the same stuff you’re into. Why, then, do we assume that everyone else should feel exactly the same way that we do about sex?

The subject of shaming goes even further, though, because it uses misogynistic beliefs and hurtful language to assume things about a person’s identity – things that are, by definition, different from person to person and often unpredictable based on the qualifiers we use. From a logical standpoint, slut- and prude-shaming make zero sense – it’s time to put an end to both.


24. Become completely honest with yourself, about everything.

Life is about balance, and while most of us understand this, we forget to include ourselves in the equation – meaning no matter how balanced things appear, they’re missing a huge chunk. According to Hal Elrod (author of The Miracle Morning), “Creating your ‘level 10 life’ begins with creating an honest assessment of where you are.” Basically, this means that you have to be honest about every aspect of your life, at least to yourself, otherwise you literally cannot actually be happy. (My current favorite blogger has a great post about the Level 10 Life concept – and I’ve actually got “map out my level 10 life” on my to-do list for tonight.)


25. Learn to drive a U-haul and a pickup truck.

Okay, maybe I’m playing to lesbian stereotypes a little bit here, but as someone who’s going to be turning 26 years old and still can’t drive a car without having a panic attack, this is actually a pretty big goal for me. Hopefully I can cross this one off before I turn 30.)


26. Redecorate your room, so you can tell a real grown-up lives there.

If you’re over the age of 25 and your bedroom still looks pretty similar to how it looked when you were a teenager… It’s time to start thinking like an adult. Truthfully, there’s some wiggle room here – you’re definitely allowed to be a whimsical adult. But by age 30, you need real furniture, matching bed sets, and curtains – not to mention the ability to keep up on your laundry. Trust me, if you make sure your bedroom looks like an adult lives there, you’re going to feel a lot more like an adult, too.


27. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Often we feel guilty about the mistakes we’ve made in the past, especially if our actions hurt someone else. But feeling remorse about something is your mind’s way of telling you that you learned your lesson – and it’s time to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The person you hurt has no obligation to forgive you, but you do have an obligation to forgive yourself.

Of course, this won’t happen until you’ve reached a point in your life where you have learned from your mistakes. While you’re still learning, you’re going to be frustrated, tempted, and a great deal of other painful feelings. You can’t move past your mistakes simply because someone else wants you to. You have to move on because you’re ready to, and often this will involve creating a completely new life without the person (or people) you hurt.


Lesbian Dilemmas: Choosing A Friend After A Break Up (Video)

When your friends break up, do you have to choose?

Yes, and no. Well, yes, because you know it will just get super awkward.

You become that on connection – the ex connection, the mutual friend who knows way too much, yet has to remain completely mutual through every drama, argument and new girlfriend.

Its tough…

Quiz | Which Pop Breakup Anthem Are You?

When a relationship is on its last leg and a breakup is inevitable – life gets sh*t.

However, as tough as it is to dump or be dumped, when you find the right soundtrack to your suffering, it can also feel weirdly enjoyable. So we invite you to celebrate the heartbreak; whether angry, homicidal or just a bit sad, by finding your perfect pop breakup anthem.

Eeek… The First Time You See Your Ex After A Breakup

So, you haven’t seen your ex girlfriend since your breakup and now she’s asked you to meet up. You happily(ish) oblige… You’re excited, yet nervous – full of hope, and at the same time, weary of what might happen. You’ll want to kick them and screw them (grab the body that doesn’t belong to you anymore), and any conversation you have will feel like nails on a chalkboard.

You’ll say the words “Good. Really Good. Jobs. Work. Weather,” and they will not mean a thing to you, because when you’re having a conversation and both parties know it’s BS, a thickness develops with each and every single word.

Sadly most of us have been there, so great news we’re not alone in this.

Watch Brittany Ashley and Fawzia Mirza…

Not the End of the World: A Lesbian’s Guide to Surviving a Breakup

A Lesbians Guide to Surviving a Break-Up – Breaking up is never easy, whether you’re gay, straight or lesbian. Sometimes you’ll feel so terrible that you’ll never want to see anyone else again for as long as you live. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s how you can find it:

  1. Accept what has happened – The first reaction people have to the end of a relationship is ‘Oh my God, how could this have happened?’ Denial is a natural response but it isn’t very healthy. Once you start to accept the reality of the end of your relationship the healing process will begin.
  2. You might be angry – This too is a natural next step on the road of grieving. At this stage you’ll probably want to get some distance on your partner. It will probably be sensible to move out of the house you were sharing or to spend time with other friends.
  3. Don’t be scared to ask for help – Get in touch with your friends, but not the friends you share with your ex. You need someone who will listen to you and take you seriously, without judging you.
  4. Mourn – but not for too long – Again, feeling maudlin is perfectly normal in this situation. There will be a long period of feeling sorry for yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. After a while though, you may start feeling like you are wallowing in the pain when what you really need to do is pick yourself up and get on with your life. You can’t let this bad experience destroy you.
  5. Achieve closure – Make sure you say what you need to say to her and then leave it at that. If you can’t do that face to face then do it by phone or email. You need to be able to feel like you said and did everything you could and that now it is over, the matter is closed.
  6. Don’t be tempted by a rebound – It can be attractive to some to run into the arms of the nearest person offering comfort and love. This may not be wise as your healing process will almost certainly be continuing. It may not be fair either on yourself or the rebound.
  7. Don’t keep it all bottled out – There’s nothing wrong with crying and displaying your emotions. However, you may find it more productive to work through your feelings doing creative activities such as painting, music or writing. Best not to turn to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain – your mental and physical health will pay for it and it will not be the fix you really need.


Difficult Decisions: When is it Right to Get Back with Your Ex

When is it Right to Get Back with Your Ex – Try as you might, you can’t keep the idea out of your head: you know it’s crazy and all your friends tell you so, but you really want to – have to – get back together with your ex.

Rationally, this is not a good move. They hurt you badly and made it hard for you to trust anyone after that car-crash of a relationship. Or maybe you did all that to them. So, again, it’s a terrible thought. But you can’t help meditating on it. You miss them, of course you do. So why might it be worth getting back with her, after all this?

Lack of closure

You seem to be lacking that definitive feeling that the relationship is over. Certain things have been left undone and unsaid, and that’s not really good enough. You’ll drive yourself mad if you spend the rest of your days wondering what could have been, so maybe it’s worth giving your ex a call and trying to straighten some of this stuff out.

You miss the sex

OK you’ve been with other people since and had a good time, but none of them have been able to satisfy you quite like she has. She just knew which buttons to press. Sex is important to any successful relationship and it was pretty good with her so why couldn’t it be again?

You miss your best friend

She was your lover, but she was also your best mate and you understandably miss her conversation, the way she could make you burst into laughter with a single little comment. You miss going out and enjoying yourself with her.

The break-up was likely your fault

If you’re honest with yourself it was you who ended the relationship. You regret the decisions you made and why shouldn’t people get a second chance to make amends? Give her a call and see whether you can resuscitate something that was soooo good.

Saving Your Relationship

Being a relationship can be difficult no matter what, but adding on that it is a lesbian relationship adds a million times more stress onto it. Considering if each party isn’t 100% comfortable with their sexual orientation there is no way that all the efforts can be put into something that needs 101% percent of your devotion and attention.

However, if both parties are completely open and devoted, there isn’t much of a complication here.

What was the attraction to your relationship in the first place? Similar activities and interests? A friendship, or a spark that came up when you first met?

Whatever started it, turning back to the beginning is a good way of keeping your relationship at the top. Things tend to fade away with time. Are all of your feelings still there? Can you see your future with this girl?

One thing lesbian couples notice is that they give up their independence. This is a problem because if two women become fully dependent on each other, the relationship becomes smothered.

Attraction is the number one thing in a relationship, and if it is not there, then there’s not much of a relationship.

You cannot change someone else, but you can change yourself back to who you were in the beginning of the relationship. This isn’t something that can be done overnight. You need to give your partner space if you are having troubles. Give them time to miss you. Don’t text, email, call, every five seconds.

Give them the space they deserve and think about everything you had together. You can call after about a week. Don’t push for the relationship straight away, focus on being friends and maintaining a healthy friendship.

Good luck in saving your lesbian relationship!

Yoga Meditation for Helping with a Breaking Up

Break-ups are never easy and it is especially painful if you are finding it hard go.  A break up often bring up feelings of rejection and loneliness, leaving us wondering if we will ever meet another person.

If you’ve gone through a break up in the past, or are going through one now, then mediation is very good way to clear the mind and re-build the soul.

Here is a powerful meditation to try, which can help break-ups and healing the heart;  Kundalini Yoga – Meditation for Breaking Up and heal your heart.

This Kundalini yoga meditation was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, who taught the meditation for moving on, turning the page and helping one to not feel abandoned.

The yoga guru said that the ultimate elements to a deep relationship are, “Passion, Intimacy, Love”.

Never settle for anything less. Being satisfied in your relationship with yourself is far more fulfilling than being in a toxic relationship with another.

In the fishing world they say, “Throw it back into the water.” If a potential relationship doesn’t meet your calibre, “Throw it back,” and the universe will have to accommodate you.


5 Ways To Tell if Your Relationship is starting to hit the Rocks

So, you have had the honeymoon period of lust and heavy petting; and now you’ve fallen into a comfortable pattern, which might be short on the fireworks of the first year, but provides a stability and intimacy that feels great. But, if that comfortable groove has started to feel more like drooping-rut it might be time to take a hard look at your relationship and see if it’s likely to stand the test of time.

Here are 5 Ways To Tell if Your Relationship is starting to hit the Rocks

  1. Communication Breakdown – If you come home from work, put the television on and don’t speak to each other beyond the occasional “pass the TV control”, you’re in trouble. Communication is the key to every relationship. Without it minor issues can flare up into fights and you’ll both end up feeling unloved, resentful and indifferent. If you don’t want to talk to each other about how your day was; chat and laugh together anymore, it’s a clear sign that you’re losing interest.
  2. You rarely have sex – Once the initial excitement of a new relationship has worn off you will naturally have less sex (which is not a bad thing). However is still important to have a strong desire for your partner, and regular sex will make for a healthy, functioning relationship. It may just be that your sex life has got a little bit routine and injecting some zest with a little bit of experimentation could put things back on an even keel, but if you still aren’t feeling it, it’s probably time to wave goodbye.
  3. You imagine life without your partner – If you find yourself constantly having day-dreams that fail to feature your partner, it’s time to ask yourself some questions. You might long for a home free of their clutter and chat, or fantasise about a date with that hot new colleague, or wish you could just take a holiday alone: whatever it is, you’ve started to emotionally detach.
  4. You pick fights – Relationships require empathy, compassion and compromise to keep going. So, if you find your partner irritating and can’t resist constantly picking them up on their habits then the writing is on the wall and maybe it’s time make some changes.
  5. You forget about the little things – Whilst big gestures are thrilling and romantic they don’t help maintain a relationship on a day-to-day level. It’s actually the simple things such as bringing your partner a cup of tea in bed that nurture a relationship. If you’ve forgotten about those little things and rarely think to do anything for your partner, from offering them a cuppa to giving them a cuddle, then it’s time to forget about the whole thing and move on.