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Hundreds Show Twitter Solidarity For Lesbian Who Was Assaulted For What She Was Wearing

Hundreds of people have taken pictures of themselves wearing a tie in solidarity of Helena Martins who was attacked in south London last week.

Martins was yards from her home when she was punched in the face and strangled with her tie in what she believes was a hate crime.

In her Facebook post after the attack, she wrote:

I don’t think I’ll be rocking a tie in the near future. Today, one street away from my home, I was assaulted by a man who just went berserk at me, trying to pull my tie off. I’ve got a scratched and punched face, a sore neckline by all the tie pulling and a very bruised soul.”

Martins, who has lost her hearing due to Ménière’s disease, lost her cochlear earplant, which she relies on to hear, in the assault.


She wrote that homophobia and transphobia are “still very much alive”, and said:

If you hear or see someone making fun with pub jokes, harassing or bullying of LGBT people, making comments while watching TV or a movie or whatever… Act. Speak out. Some women wear ties, some men wear skirts. Get the heck over it. One thing is true: I shouldn’t be punched in the face for wearing a tie.”

Her experience has now inspired a friend to start #TieForHelena, asking people on social media to wear a tie on Tuesday 15 December in to show their support.

In a blog post, Patrick Smith wrote:

I think that we should show support for Helena by all of us wearing a tie – so we can all rock that look. If you already wear a tie to work, then great, you’re part of the gang. If you don’t, then for one day, please do. You can wear it rakishly, dashingly, with a suit, with slacks, or maybe even ‘Rambo style’ like we used to on the school playground occasionally. However you wear it, please take a photo and upload it to social media with the hashtag #TieForHelena.”

Sarah Moore from Stonewall, who have called on supporters to wear their ties today, said:

We believe that people of all genders should have the freedom to present their aesthetic and use clothing to express themselves in any way they choose, without fear of confrontation. Helena’s bravery and commitment to transforming this awful incident into something positive is remarkable, and we’re honoured that she is choosing to raise money for us.

Our work to end homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and hate crime will continue until everyone, everywhere is free to express who they are and is accepted without exception.”

Thanking those who’ve taken part, Helena said:

I didn’t plan to wear a tie today. Last night while doing wife’s tie knot I felt really uncomfortable, but after seeing all the posts on Facebook and Twitter, I’m feeling the love and joy. Love conquers everything – hate included.”


According To New Study Wearing Black Actually Makes Apear Look More Confident

Just how much consideration do you give to the colour of your clothes?

For as long as we’ve worn cloth to cover our bodies, black clothes have been associated with dreary times and dark occasions.


That assumption may actually be wrong, though, as a recent study done on 1,000 people by shirt retailer Buy T-Shirts Online shows black clothes may actually inspire confidence within the wearers.

In a study on how different colours are perceived, 56% of people asked said they thought black was a “[colour] of confidence.”


This means wearing black on something like a first date or job interview may be the best option to increase your chances for success.

Throughout all our survey, black came first or second in most “good” traits (for example confidence, intelligence and sexiness) and barely figured in the “bad” traits (arrogance). It wasn’t a particularly good performer in the “generosity” scale, however, coming second to last after brown, but it’s hard to imagine is being any other way. Try getting your kid to sit on the knee of a black-clad Santa.

Benevolent nocturnal visitations aside, black is the colour to wear when you’re trying to impress, reassure or woo. There’s a certain trustworthiness about it on a person that would make you hand over your life savings and thank them for the privilege.

On the reverse side of all this, the study clearly showed you should never wear orange or brown to events where you need to be confident; only 4% of people thought it was fine to consider donning orange to a first date, and only 5% of people asked, overall, believed it was OK to wear brown.

Other findings in the study point to how red is considered the most arrogant colour, while pink is looked upon as the least intelligent one.

Before you go and chuck your whole wardrobe, let me just reemphasise this study was done by a t-shirt company with the least original name for a t-shirt company of all time.

Introducing Thailand’s Toms

While the world obsesses over the ladyboys Thailand’s polysexual society, its Thailand’s ‘toms’ that inhabit a unique place on the gender spectrum.


Toms are women who dress and act in a masculine way, typically sporting short hair, t-shirts and jeans. But they don’t consider themselves trans or even lesbians, despite the fact that they date women (often girly ‘dees’ or other toms).


In fact, the word “lesbian” has developed a negative connotation in the country, leaving room for other labels to gain acceptance. The Tom community has recently carved out a large fan base through Instagram, television shows, and magazines published for women who love Toms.

In this short documentary, Coconuts TV explores the world of tom culture and Thailand’s complex girl-girl relationships.

So, What is the Fitting Room Policy for Transgenders in Major Retail Store?

Having a salesperson refuses to serve you, or asks you for your license is bad enough, but being denied access to a fitting room because you don’t look the norm is rather sh*tty and pretty de-humanising, especially if its due to your gender not being the norm.

After transgender woman Kylie Jack was refused access to a female dressing room at a local retailers, Styleite decide to find out what were high street retailer (H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, and American Apparel) official policy on fitting room access for different gender identities (be it for transgender, butch females or studs).

See below for their responses.


Transgender people are the same as everyone else, you can take your things to the women’s area or the men’s. All of the fitting rooms are unisex, like there will be a fitting room on the men’s floor, but anyone can change. There’s a women’s fitting room by the women’s clothing, but anyone can try on clothes there.”

Urban Outfitters

If you’re transgender, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can go into either of the fitting rooms, like we have a men’s floor fitting room, but people use whichever one they want. That’s our official policy, anyone can try on in the men’s or women’s areas, anyone.”


No, if you want to go to try some clothes, you are not able to do that. If a man wants to go, no we don’t allow that. It’s because that’s our policy, we don’t allow men to try some clothes, and vice versa for women.” If the ‘man’ identifies as a woman? [After a hold….] “You can talk to the manager. if you have any issue or concern, you can go to the customer service department.”

American Apparel

If you’re transgneder, there’s absolutely no problem, you can change. A man or a woman can go to the fitting rooms, they wouldn’t have to be concerned. We’re not one of those stores. You can be perfectly comfortable if you choose to try anything on. We would help you.”


In most stores, there aren’t women’s or men’s fitting rooms, the fitting rooms are for both men and women. If someone’s transgender, yeah that’s totally fine, yeah it’s totally… there’s no preference. If someone wants to try on clothes you can try them on. There’s no discrimination against anybody.”

Victoria’s Secret

Well because sometimes, women feel uncomfortable, it would have to be more on the side to make sure other women aren’t there feeling uncomfortable, but we could allow it [a transgender woman or man changing.] It really depends on the management and how people feel, but it should be fine, you would just have to ask the manager.”

Androgyny – The Constant Confusion

My partner is possibly the most androgynous person I know. She thinks she’s a boy most of the time (except when the bins need taking out) and she constantly battles with modern day lesbian traumas like insisting on wearing clothes only made for boys, even when her little size 6 feet don’t quite fill the standard men’s size. She wears men’s boxer shorts (apparently they make her feel “free”) – don’t get me wrong, she has no desire whatsoever to become a man, nor does she strap her boobs down and draw on a moustache.

I always feel a bit bewildered when she goes into salons brandishing screen grabs of Esquire magazine as ideas she still gets charged for a women’s cut. I wonder if long haired guys (like David Guetta for example) get charged for a ladies’ cut? After all “lesbian haircuts” (in Manchester that’s actually the collective term for a combination of shaved and long bits favoured by stereotypical gay girls) are basically a gents cut – on a girl. If it takes the same time as a guy why should lesbians get penalised for not needing a curly blow? The blow dry part of my cut takes at least 15 mins – hence the extra I would expect to pay.

The solution for us is to send her off to a Barbers’. She gets to sit with other guys and get an excellent cut for under a tenner. Winner. Having reproached this subject further with another androgynous friend we discovered that inner city gays tend to go anywhere no problem. It’s in the suburbs that the confusion begins. So do you go to your local hair salon which is predominantly female clientele but you get funny looks and awkward stares, or do you go to your local barbers where you will get the cut you want but have the chance of being turned away because you are a girl?

I was amazed to also discover other difficulties androgynous girls encounter – girls telling her she’s in the wrong toilet, late night petrol station visits for fags resulting in the attendant refusing to serve her as her card said “miss”! Now might be a good place to add she has a whopping DD cup boobs…

Then we have clothes. Try and find a men’s suit jacket that fits in a healthy bust. Non-existent. Surely someone has caught onto the fact that a load of professional lesbians may just want to wear a suit that doesn’t come with girly trousers? And Topman must realise that most Saturday afternoons their clientele is half man/half lesbian. Huge gap in the market here. But would they buy it if it wasn’t predominately made for guys? Maybe that’s the whole point. How many of you have been refused entry to the male changing rooms? Apparently Primark isn’t worth even trying as the attendants just assume you are male and it is way too embarrassing to argue the case.

Being in public with my GF still shocks me at times. In the (gay) Village, my GF has gay guys mistake her for one of their own; in shopping centres men follow her into toilets thinking she is heading for the gents. On holiday recently a restaurant owner shouted “bring your boyfriend for a drink”. I was livid. Luckily my GF was not at all bothered as she chooses to dress and look like that. She doesn’t actually care.

I suppose we all conform to what we think we should be rather than what we naturally are. My late, and very wise Granny used to tell me to say in the mirror, “I’m glad I’m me”. And I think she is right J

Suits, Shirts and Ties | The KitschMix Fashion Round

Suits, Shirts and Ties | The KitschMix Fashion Round – This season add some tailoring to your wardrobe. A shirt and tie has become a staple for any urban lesbian.

Wear a white shirt and black dress pants with a nice fitted black jacket, then add a vibrant color tie and you will be sexy and in fashion this season.

Suits can be worn to work or out on the town. The important thing to remember is to be sure of the fit of the suit is correct. Take in wear needed and let out wear needed.

It is also important to have it pressed or ironed regularly. Wrinkles are not in fashion and can ruin a look of a suit, shirt or tie over time. Shirts come in a variety of colors and this is great, just remember that if you have a neon pink tie that a bright neon green shirt can clash.

Remember, the suit can be a sexy fashionable clothing item to have in your wardrobe but you need to wear it and not let it wear you. Wear it with confidence because confidence is sexy.

Ties are a great accessory that can be found in solids or prints. Printed ties need to be a little tame, such as a small stripe rather than a large stripe. Small stripe ties look best and can give a little bit of accent to just a solid color tie.

Have fun with ties and you will always have a great accessory to add to your wardrobe. But remember, it is important to know how to tie a tie correctly, so practice

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Gotta Love a Well-dressed Stud | Butch Fashion Styles From Tumblr This Week

Butch Fashion styles grasp the masculinity of fashion with a sturdy leather shoes mixed with a well placed belt and a variety hair styles.

Although butch styles vary from person to person it is the overall masculinity that we love. From Techie chic, to Summer Whites, Jeans & Blazer, to the Dandy – this week Tumblr has presented the best of the best of STUD style.

Summer Jackets: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

These days Summer Jackets are (unfortunately) a wardrobe must-have, but we’re lucky that this season see’s an influx of stylish lightweight garments to wear.

From denim jackets that are a perfect match with your favourite T-Shirt; to the aviator jacket which is a guaranteed fashion win. Or for a more elegant style, there is the modish mac – traditional yet with a fresh twist.

Then there are style-savi jackets in all shapes and colours to suit any wardrobe, leather jackets to turn any ladies head; or funky blazers to butch it out.

Denim Jackets – this season’s favourite is the denim jacket, with acid wash denim, or classic blue with jersey detail. You can team up your denim with a Dessert boots, or over-sized oversized baseball style vest. Create a flawless look that’ll keep you warm around the campfire during festival season.

The Blazer – You always need a decent blazer in your wardrobe; be it an Oxford blazer in light spring colours, or an essential black or Harris Tweed. Timeless tailoring never looked so good this season.

Leather jackets – or should we say the rock star staple. It’s the coolest in relaxed styling – an outfit finisher that looks unconsidered yet super stylish. If your wallet whimpers at the thought of real leather then try leather look jackets that are money friendly and just as cool.

Macs – Hot this season is the classic mac, or if you are looking for something a bit lighter, then go for a cropped mac, great for teaming with skinny jeans and brogues.