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Calvin Klein Ad Investigated By Russian Authorities For Breaking ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

Calvin Klein latest advert in Russia has sparked outrage, with Police in the north city of Arkhangelsk now investigating number of complaints.

The advertisement for CK2 – which feature two same-sex couples – has been reported to authorities for allegedly containing “elements of propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia”.


Complaints were made after a number of locals voluntarily watched the advert on YouTube in order to view the reported “propaganda”.

Arkhangelsk authorities say they are investigating to see whether the fashion brand has broken the law.

The ad features a same-sex male couple riding on a motorcycle shirtless, while a lesbian couple bare their breasts on a highway.

However, while both straight couples in the advert kiss in the video, the same-sex couples do not.

Calvin Klein described the advert as “embodying the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people”.

Should Calvin Klein be found guilty, the company could be made to pay $15,000 fine and have its business suspended in Russia.

Watch the ad below and decide if its “promoting” anything other than perfume.

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Campaign Gets the Kate McKinnon Treatment

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign got the Kate McKinnon and SNL treatment this weekend.

Kate McKinnon reprised her Bieber impersonation in sketch, which spoofs the much talked about black-and-white underwear campaign in singer did for CK, along with the Photoshop allegations that followed.


Cecily Strong also appears in the video as model Lara Stone, who has to put up with the pop star’s childish behavior.

We’ll let you decide which bit is best.