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Cameron Esposito Turns Mike Huckabee’s Transphobic Hate In To Cash For Trans Lifeline

Over the weekend, comedian Cameron Esposito performed alchemy, turning a hateful tweet from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee into fundraising gold for a transgender support line.

Last week, Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted a ‘joke’ about how Sen. Chuck Schumer (who recently shed a tear recalling his family that died in the Holocaust) would be starring in a remake of the film ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (about the brutal murder of transgender man Brandon Teena).

Esposito initially responded with biting humor.

But then she took her outrage and turned it into money for a worthy cause: Trans Lifeline, a crisis line for the transgender community.

Before long, the idea took off. People started donating, offering matches, and tagging Huckabee all along the way.

Esposito says $13,000 has been raised for Trans Lifeline in memory of Brandon Teena.

She says she hoping to raise $15,000 in 24 hours.


Rhea Butcher And Her Wife Cameron Esposito Show How Marriage Can Be Funny in ‘Take My Wife’

Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito who are married in real life blur the line between fiction and reality in this brand new show which premiered on 11th August on the streaming service Seeso.


Both ladies play themselves and are trying to make it as stand-up comedians. But that’s not that easy to achieve as female comics are few and far between, not alone being a lesbian as well.

There are some laugh out loud moments in the first episode and if this is anything to go by then we are all in for a treat. Apparently each episode will focus around a light-hearted plotline but don’t be fooled, these ladies are dealing with some big obstacles.

Cameron is more confident that Rhea and her career is a little further along but she is deeply affected in episode one when she reads some horrible comments about herself on social media. She gets annoyed with Rhea for not going to breakfast with her and says:

I don’t have anyone to talk to accept the internet and the internet is so fucking mean.”

The women were also interviewed by Vulture magazine and they admitted that a lot of the six-episode series is autobiographical.  It’s not easy being a couple and working together, especially if one is a little more successful than the other.


Cameron also told Vulture that the entertainment industry is predominantly straight and that many queer characters are written by straight writers so they both wanted to show a truer to life representation of what it means to be a lesbian married couple and dealing with relationship and career issues that often have a way of cropping up at the most inopportune moments.

The New York times recently reviewed the series and said:

Take My Wife” isn’t the most polished show in the genre, but it has a D.I.Y. charm and a perspective that have long been underrepresented on the small screen.”

So girls, this is one internet show we shouldn’t miss and I see a bright future ahead for these two funny and totally cool women who portray feminism at its best.


Airline Censors ‘Carol’, Editing Out Lesbian Kissing Scenes

Carol – the film based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Price of Salt – stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as two women who develop an intimate relationship.

However the Huffington Post reports that Delta Airlines have been showing an edited version of the film, which has the lesbian kissing scenes edited out.

Comedian Cameron Esposito watched the film during a flight and tweeted about the edited version, saying:

Watched Carol on a plane and they edited it so the man character never even kiss. Booo. Two women kissing is fine for planes.”

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Delta Airlines said that the reason they showed the edited film was because the studio supplied them with two versions. An unedited version that included nudity and the edited one that cut the nudity as well as the kissing.

If we were worried about kissing we wouldn’t be showing the film in the first place, but because there are scenes with more than a few seconds of nudity, we opted for the edited version instead of the theatrical version.”

Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy, who wrote the screenplay for Carol, said that United Airlines and American Airlines took the full version of the film shown in cinemas while others chose to screen the edited copy.

Delta has said that it chose the edited copy because the theatrical version included explicit scenes that “did not meet its guidelines”.

Unfortunately, the edited copy also removed all kissing, but the company did not have the rights to edit them back in.

Some fans have started using the #FreeCarol hashtag to convey their disapproval at Delta’s decision not to show the full film while others, including singer Mary Lambert, have expressed their surprise after watching Carol and assuming that the lack of physical intimacy was a creative decision.

Carol has been voted as the best LGBT film “of all time” by film experts.

Cameron Esposito Answers 11 Questions Straight People Want To Ask A Lesbian

In the clip below, Cameron Esposito answers questions sent in from readers and no query is too personal — or too stupid — for her to offer a candid, considered response.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.55.44

The comedian, who recently released her album “Same Sex Symbol,” does some truth telling and we like it.

[tweet_dis]“What makes this lesbian feel pretty? False eyelashes and a vest.”[/tweet_dis]

You can pick up her album and follow her on Twitter. For upcoming tour dates, head here.