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Kristen Stewart, Clea DuVall and Aubrey Plaza line up in face masks for the Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart is not one to let a face mask cramp her style. The actor attended the drive-in premiere of her new Hulu film Happiest Season this week wearing an all-black Chanel look and a Love Wins face mask.

After the red carpet, Stewart ditched the heels and skirt, changing into a pair of ripped black jeans and a green bomber jacket while speaking to the crowd with co-star Alison Brie, who opted for lightwash jeans and a wool blazer.

Happiest Season stars Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as a lesbian couple, Abby and Harper, who are dealing with the stress of a conservative family at Christmas. The young couple are in the flush of love, living together in Pittsburgh and approaching their one-year anniversary of meeting on Christmas.

That holiday cheer is all the more remarkable given Abby’s aversion to Christmas since the loss of her parents at 19. So in an impromptu bit of sentimentality, Harper invites Abby to spend the holidays with her family in the suburbs—and Abby is ready to meet that commitment with a Yuletide proposal.

There’s just one problem: Harper is not out to her family, for fear of tainting father Ted’s (Victor Garber) mayoral campaign. And while the last thing that Abby wants is to go back into the closet, she reluctantly agrees to it for the chance to see what kind of family created her favourite person.

The film was directed by Clea DuVall, and its incredible cast also includes Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Mary Steenburgen, Jake McDorman, Victor Garber, Mila Kunis and Burl Moseley.

In October, DuVall told EW that she wrote the film from her “own place of truth,” something that Stewart said made the film that much more authentic.

“I grew up watching and loving conventional movies like this. Seeing [marginalized] people loving each other in the middle of something that’s so standardized was really exhilarating and freeing,” Stewart continued. “There’s a lack of confusion and generalization Clea brings [as a queer woman]. I want people to see that two girls in love is just so fun.”

WATCH: Kristen Stewart New LGBTQ Christmas Rom-Com ‘Happiest Season’

Happiest Season is an LGBTQ Christmas rom-com that follows Abby stars (Kristen Stewart), who is so excited to meet her girlfriend (Mackenzie Davis ) Harper’s family over the holidays and propose. However, Abby soon learns that Harper hasn’t come out to her family yet.

The first LGBTQ+-focused holiday rom-com (which was backed by a major studio) was directed by Clea DuVall and written by her and her writing partner Mary Holland. The movie co-stars Holland, Dan Levy, Victor Garber, Mary Steenburgen, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Ana Gasteyer.

It’s a full-on same-sex romantic comedy with all of the holiday fixings. And it also features a soundtrack featuring all LGBTQ+ musicians.

Hulu bought Happiest Season from Sony in late October amid the continued shuttering of movie theaters. Now, audiences everywhere can watch the romance unfold over Thanksgiving week when it drops on Nov. 25. 

Happiest Season starts streaming on Hulu on Nov. 25

Starbucks New Christmas Ad Features This Cute Queer Couple

It ain’t Christmas until Starbucks drops its festive cups.

And this year, they’ve launched an inclusive campaign to run alongside their drinking vessels.

While we’re used to seeing gender/race/sexual diversity in adverts these days, Starbucks has done something slightly different and given lesbians centre stage. ‘The cup is just the beginning,’ their ad begins, before cutting to various scenes of families – including a same-sex couple.

We see a heterosexual couple skiing, a dad lifting his child to put the star on their tree, and at the end of the 30-second “Give Good” clip, an animated interracial lesbian couple looks up at the sky together and draws closer over a steaming coffee mug.

They then hold hands and lean in, as if they’re about to kiss.

“The holidays mean something different to everyone,” the commercial begins, before featuring illustrations of people of many colors, ages, sizes, and sexualities.


Sadly, right-wing Twitter users, are already upset over the lesbian couple. Far-right posters have long-criticized the coffee chain for its secular take on the holiday season, blaming Starbucks for the “war on Christmas” supposedly happening across the U.S.

They’ve also faced boycotts by the Malaysian and Indonesian governments over their support of gay rights. In fact, Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz has said in the past that he doesn’t want opponents of same-sex marriage buying their coffee or becoming stockholders.

They also have a large Pride Alliance Partner Network group, which is one of the largest resources for LGBT employees in the USA.

7 Reasons to Stay Single This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time full of love and family. We spend time with the people we might not see much for the rest of the year, doing things we wouldn’t normally do, and spending more money than we do the rest of the year combined. Truly, it’s a time to rejoice, even if you don’t actually celebrate the holiday season.

While I tend to be the romantic type, I can see reasons why some women might prefer to spend their holidays alone. It’s easier, to be sure – and even cheaper. But how many of these reasons can you personally identify with?

1. You’ll save money.

Most people spend a great deal of money on their partner for the holiday season. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but for many people, the idea of not buying their partner an extravagant gift is completely unheard of. I know personally, I tend to spend “too much” during the holiday season – I’m a bit of a workaholic, and it’s easy to use gifts to show my love. But if you’re single during the holiday season, you’re less likely to buy worthless junk just to make someone else happy.

2. You won’t have to share your blankets.

Cuddling underneath the blankets is great, but sometimes you just want to be a bed hog. If you’re single, this is perfectly acceptable. (Most ladies don’t appreciate sharing a bed with someone who doesn’t want to share the blankets.) As nice as cuddling feels, there’s something so nice about being able to swaddle yourself in every blanket you own.

3. You can do as you please – no one to answer to!

This isn’t specific to the holiday season, but when you’re single, you don’t have to justify your actions to anyone (well, maybe your family, if yours is anything like mine). This means you’re free to do whatever you please, without worrying about whose feelings you’re going to hurt. Of course, you should do your best not to be inconsiderate, even if you’re single, but you’re under no obligation to consider the opinions of people you’re not involved with.

4. You don’t have to cook if you don’t want to.

If you’re in a relationship, someone’s going to have to make the holiday dinners. Maybe it’ll be a family member, but often, everyone involved will participate somehow. This means that, if you’re not spending it with your family, you’ll have to cook something. If you spend the holidays by yourself, you can have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Christmas dinner if that’s all you feel like making – who’s going to stop you?

5. You don’t have to listen to your parents complain about your choices.

Sometimes, parents want better for us than what we accept for ourselves. I know I’ve had past partners who weren’t fully accepted by my family, and the holidays are a time when we’re more likely to hear everything that’s wrong with the person we’re with. This can be incredibly uncomfortable sometimes. If you’re single, you don’t have anyone to present to your family – so the risks of this person being judged are non-existent.

6. Parents don’t have someone to share embarrassing stories with.

Is it just me, or do our parents collect a wealth of embarrassing childhood stories that they just can’t wait to tell our partners? When you collect all of your family and your girlfriend in one place, there’s bound to be some stories you don’t want shared. But if there’s no girlfriend to embarrass you in front of, the stories aren’t so embarrassing, now are they?

7. Because single-dom means freedom.

The holidays, as well as relationships, are full of expectations. When you’re single, you have less expectations on your shoulders, which for many can be a huge relief. This is especially true if your family imposes a great deal of expectations on their own. Why would you want them to put their expectations on someone else, too?

Of course, none of this is meant to imply that you should dump your girlfriend just because the holiday season is upon us. That’s generally considered mean. But for those who are considering entering a relationship just so they’re not alone during the holidays, I strongly urge you to reconsider!

Relationships are a lot of hard work, and the strain of the holidays can be hard enough without the extra pressure of a new love. Don’t add the extra stress to yourself if there’s not a good reason for it.

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15 Perfect Homemade Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend

No idea what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Then check out some of these perfect DIY gifts. The time, effort, creativity, and love you spent on these gifts will make her smile and treasure the gifts for years to come.

Others are store-bought gifts that are satisfying to their personalities and hobbies.

Your girlfriend will totally appreciate these presents no matter their style.

1. Mix Tape USB Memory Stick

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 03

2. DIY Maniature Books

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 17

3. Message in a bottle

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 19

4. Romantic LDR Scavenger Hunt

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 16

5. DIY Love Lightbulb

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 15

6. Clothespin Love Message

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 14

7. Sweets in a Jar

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 13

8. The Date Jar

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 12

9. DIY Cocktails

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 11

10. 101 Ways to Say I Love You
Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 08

11. Homemade Lipstick Art

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 07

12. DIY Balloon + Photo Memory Gallery

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 05

13. Camera Lens Mug

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 04

14. DIY Carved with Initial Candles

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 02

15. 12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights Gift Cards

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 01

First Xmas Article Alert (But Its Worth It) | This Christmas Video Will Get Your Lesbian Holiday Spirit Going

Yes, we know it’s a little early for Christmas music, but I think you’ll agree that this music video is certainly an exception to the rule.

Featuring real-life couple and recording artists, Danielle LoPresti and Alicia Champion (along with their cute four-year-old son Xander), this video gives us a fresh spin on the classic Christmas tune I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

santa 03

Shared LoPresti:

As a multi-racial, same-sex, foster-adoptive family, Alicia and I are always seeking out examples in the media of other families like ours to share with our child. We looked online and per usual, didn’t find a single video of a family that resembled ours… so we thought that since we have access to the resources, we could have some fun helping to fill that void.”


The video is also a beacon for the LGBTQ community, a love letter to those who are also in “non-traditonal” structures which really have no representation in the familiar spotlights, especially for the holidays. Champion and her family feel that by creating the video, it gives others the opportunity to look at their own relationships and connect.

We wanted to normalize our family experience for the mainstream and show that queer families are no different than any others. As parents… we all miss our private intimate time. Our family life is quite similar, indeed…except that we don’t actually live in a 1950’s Technicolor dreamland, and that Alicia is nowhere near that fem on a regular basis. We do have a lot of fun everyday, and especially after we came so close to losing Danielle two years ago, we try really hard to practice constant gratitude for every moment; we laugh and play a lot.”

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus is the first single off LoPresti’s upcoming album, Winter’s Light.

For more information check out danielleandthemasses.com.

Love and Christmas. Or the lack of love at Christmas.

This Christmas has been very much a quiet one for me; each year for the past three years now I’ve gone through a break up by the time it gets to October and see each Christmas in single.

I’ve gotta say it’s getting rather boring! There would be nothing more I’d love than to wake up on Christmas morning with someone that I love. I miss buying presents for someone special. I miss not being able to spoil that one person and in a way I guess I miss being spoilt a little too!

It was a long build up this year of attempting to make myself feel Christmassy. I went to London a few weeks ago to watch Michael McIntyre’s Very Christmassy Christmas Show being recorded for BBC1, which aired on Christmas Day. I forced myself to get the Christmas tree down from the loft early. I even dressed myself as an elf for work one night.

But alas, nothing was working.

I walked round with a face like thunder, tutting and grimacing at those couples sickeningly happy in love, did a last minute dash around the shops on Christmas Eve eve, to buy presents for family, which resulted in more gift cards than gifts. I bought Christmas cards for nobody, and even wrapped my mums presents in her own wrapping paper.

Next year I will do better. Really.

And even when it came to Christmas Day, the ONLY day, that one day of the year when it is acceptable to pour an alcoholic drink at 10.30am and nobody bats an eyelid… No, I couldn’t even be bothered to take advantage of that.

Bah humbug.

So I went out with friends on Christmas Day night, and by 1am I have to say I was feeling much more Christmassy, probably due to the alcohol. I even wore a shirt. I bought a drink for a girl at the end of the bar who didn’t even glance in my direction, although she may have, but I think sambuca was involved by that point, so I couldn’t honestly tell you. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn the shirt.

And so I toddled off home rather merry and crashed out. The end.

So now Christmas is over, I’m genuinely looking forward to the new year! Well, apart from the part where I have to work on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Standard.

Career wise, 2015 is looking as though it may shape up quite nicely. There are lots of little projects in the pipeline and I’m open to where they may take me.

I would love to (and need to) quit the cigarettes! Something I’m finding rather a challenge after 17 years, as I also now find walking up a steep hill!

Working on my back fat. Love handles. Whatever you wish to call them.

And of course, if I could find someone to see next Christmas through with, that would be a bonus! And potentially help with the love handles.

5 Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are definitely a romantic time for couples. There is nothing as worse as giving an unsatisfactorily gift and seeing the look of disappointment in her face. Do not hit the panic button yet, here are 5 great gift ideas from Kitschmix especially for her.

Romantic vacation

Top on the list is a vacation. Surprise her with an impromptu vacation. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Spending some quality time together is the key. Think ice skating, light displays or nice natural themed hotels. She will remember this for a long time to come.

Photo album

There is nothing as sweet as reliving old memories. Show her your caring side by making a photo journey. Start from when you met, the first date till the present. Pull photos from social media, mobile devices or from friends. It really doesn’t have to be just the two of you. Selfies, parties, concerts and even funny pictures in the house will do. Make sure each picture shows a certain phase in your relationship. She will cherish it and hopefully you too.


Anything goes here, from belts, handbags to phone covers. The trick is the customization. Get her a belt buckle engraved with her pet name .Customize a phone cover with a picture or a love message. Be creative. Make sure it’s something she will often use.

Sexy sells

You can never go wrong with lingerie. Something sexy but not sleazy. A silk chemise is a great choice. Choose something you know she will look good in.

Something techie

Get her a cute camera. Whether she is a photographer or loves taking pictures of family and friends, a point and shoot camera is a great Christmas gift. Laptops, gaming systems, tablets and smartphones are wonderful gifts too.

A Special Happy Holiday’s Sing-along From The Ladies of Orange Is The New Black

Watch as the inmates get in the holiday spirit with their own version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Yes, this is the ‘Orange is the New Black’ stars sing ‘Holidays at Litchfield’.

With all your favourites Piper, Alex, and Crazy Eyes laying down this festive ’12 Days of Christmas’ type tune to you during this time of year.









A Christmas Present gift with a difference, Tom Ford’s Phallic Accessory

For those of you in search of a Crimbo gift with a difference, then designer Tom Ford has a creative suggestion.

The fashion designer has just released a perfectly phallic accessory, which is setting the prudent public alight.

The new crafted necklace is similar in design to a crucifix, and this design coincidence has the Catholic Church enraged.


Ford’s controversial ‘Penis Pendant’ fittingly comes in small, medium and large sizes, in either palladium-plated silver or gold plated brass. Priced at $790 each, they’re certainly among the more opulent gifts this season.

Ford’s decision to market these pendants near the holidays has caused a massive backlash, with anti-gay Catholic League president Bill Donohue being among those haters to speak out loudest – targeting Ford’s sexuality in his ranting.

He writes…

“When we learned of this item, I said to the staff that I bet this guy Tom Ford is a homosexual. I was right. He even thinks he’s married.”

Hurrah for the homophobes Christmas spirit.

Stocking Fillers | 10 Excellent Gifts Ideas For Geek Girls at Heart

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for some Christmas shopping! Buying the right thing for your loved ones is definitely a challenge; and it’s even more so when your special someone is a geek. So here are some excellent gift ideas for the geeky girlfriends, wives, or friends is what you seek, we might have a few suggestions to share with you.

1. Wooden Glasses Stand

Simply place your glasses on this wooden sculpture of a nose and you will always find them. It will be a functional work of art on the coffee table or on your desk when not in use.


2. Ray Gun Rocket Mug

Totally amazing. A great gift for futuristic coffee & tea lovers! This hilarious ceramic mug looks like a futuristic ray gun, ready to zap anyone who dare try and steal your drink.


3. Salt and Pepper Lab Flasks

Inspired by the classic Erlenmeyer chemistry flask the Earl salt and pepper shakers take on the iconic lab ware aesthetic and combine materials which are recycled, recyclable or sustainable in a practical and contemporary design solution.


 4. Game Controller Cufflinks

Novelty Game Controller Cufflinks for the ultimate gaming geek shirted girl.


5. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Before the days of DVDs, USBs and external HDDs we relied on the floppy disk to transport our loving files and information from place to place, so why should that change now? Store your ideas, notes, messages and reminders on this retro styled sticky notes.



6. Lego Bricks Soap Gift Box

A unique and fun range of handmade soaps.



7. Minnie Geek From Disney 

Minnie is the epitome of geek chic in pink and grey cheque dress and fabulous black glasses. 10 inches tall and comes complete in a gift box. Also available in other sizes and different styles.



8. Chocolate iPhone

Why not – Want to give more than just a card? Send your gift in a fun and delicious way with one a handcrafted Belgian Milk Chocolate iPhone with edible themed image.


9. Retro Camera iPhone Cover

Retro Camera Case Cover for iPhone – its retro and its wicked.


10. Vinyl Coasters

Adorn your coffee table with these stylish retro vinyl record coasters, each one features a different record label design, making them perfect for old school music lovers.



UK Government Announces Conversion of Civil Partnerships Into Marriages Before Christmas

Couples in a civil partnership will have the option to convert it into a marriage before Christmas once regulations laid before Parliament today (15 October 2014) are approved.

This landmark change means couples in existing civil partnerships will be able to convert them into a marriage from 10 December this year.

Campaigners have called for a simple conversion into a marriage in a local register office, or couples can have a ceremony at an approved venue of their choice, including religious premises registered for marriages of same-sex couples.

Couples will be issued with a marriage certificate, which will show the marriage should be treated as existing from the date of the original civil partnership.

“I know how important it is for couples to have the option of marriage available to them. This is the final stage in ensuring every couple has the option to be married.”

Nick Boles, Minister for Skills and Equalities

This puts couples in control. They have the choice of whether they would like a simple conversion or would prefer to celebrate the occasion with a ceremony.

In July the government laid draft regulations before Parliament based on responses to a public consultation which called for a simple process for conversion. The regulations have now been revised, taking into account views expressed over the summer.

The revised regulations – once approved by Parliament – give couples greater choice and still provide the religious protections, for any ceremony following a conversion into marriage, which are enshrined in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

For the first year, all couples who formed their civil partnership before 29 March 2014 (when marriage was extended to same sex couples) will be able to receive a £45 fee reduction. This means there would be no cost for the 1-stage option.

Further information

Couples will have the choice of:

  • a simple process at a register office, which was outlined in the original regulations and now also includes a wider range of local authority offices where registrars have access to the necessary systems
  • the new option of a 2-stage process where a superintendent registrar or their deputy can complete the conversion at another venue – this will allow the couple’s family and friends to attend and a ceremony can follow immediately after