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What Would You Say To Your Closeted Self? (VIDEO)

Most of us have been in the closet at some point or another, and as we all know its a period of time that we don’t look back on with joy.

So what would you say if you could go back in time and talk to your fearful, closeted self?

This new video from BuzzFeed LGBT team discusses what it was like being in the closet and what advice they would give to their younger selves.


The video opens with a woman describing it feels to be gay and how she would tell herself not to come out sooner.

I don’t have any time in my life where I recollect not feeling gay. Stop stressing out, just be gay and be out about it.”

What follows is a candid insight into what coming out meant to these people and what advice they would give their former selves if they had the chance.

The first thing I would say to my closeted self is that everybody knows already, the jig is up, you’re not fooling anybody”

Watch the video below:

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