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New Lesbian Film, ‘August in the City’ Begins Crowd Funding Campaign

Great news! A new film entitled August in the City has started its Crowd Funding Campaign!

And to make it even more exciting, the plot offers not only a compelling story, but also a couple twists we can’t wait to see on the big screen.


The story focuses mainly on August (Daniela Mastropietro), a 45 year old woman, struggling with an alcohol addiction while simultaneously trying to make peace with the past she left behind.

August also has 2 daughters, Anna and Marie (Stacey Raymond and Amanda Tudor)  who have just started college although they couldn’t be any more different in the way they approach life and its challenges.

When Anna comes back home for Thanksgiving, she brings Nick….who just so happens to be a girl.

Her daughter’s relationship makes her confront her own feelings she had to burry deep down, 20 years ago when she decided to pursuit her goal of starting a family with her husband, Salvatore (John Solo). Adding up to the already intriguing story, when Anna introduces Nick to August, we are taken back 20 years earlier, and see what truly happened to August in 1978.

Perhaps even more curious, the story is based on true events. Lisa Tedesco, the screenwriter, based the script on her own mother’s story, later adding her own fictional twist:

My mom had called me one night and said that she has written a little something about me. It was about my very first love that I had in college – her name was Nick – and she was expecting to see a young man when I brought her home.”

It’s safe to say, I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a long time! I am sure it will be a compelling, deeply emotional story where we can not only count on the expertise of Tedesco and fellow director Christie Conochalla, but also take a deeper look into what the world was like for young queer women chasing love in the late 70s.

The movie is currently in pre-production and if you would like to check out more about the movie or would like to help out by contributing, “August in the City” has  its own IndieGoGo page, which you can find here.

Lesbian Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Her Become Straight (No Seriously)

A woman named Chelsie René is soliciting donations online to help her transition from gay to straight.


According to her GoFundMe page (titled “Journey: She loved her, chose Him”), she discusses how she was something of a butch lesbian until she found Jesus, at which point she decided to become a high-femme hetero.

In the page – clearly inspired by OITNB Boo’s plot line – she writes:

This was a choice of my own, not pressured by anyone else. I’m learning to walk in this new lifestyle day by day. I have to say, I’m falling in love with myself more every step I take.”


Over a photo of her enviable sneaker collection, she states:


It’s been one week, therefore I do still have a closet full of everything I have accumulated over many years to hide who I was… as far as my boy clothing, shoes, cologne, hats, etc. I aspire to donate every single piece to young individuals in need more then me.”

She goes on to discuss the reasons for looking for funding – it costs to be straight – no seriously

But, let me assure you, this straight journey is nowhere near cheap. Right now I am humbly asking for any help at all to contribute towards the necessities of embracing this feminine side of me. If able, I aspire to travel across country and share my testimony. Anything helps, prayer is beyond appreciated if nothing else. Thank you so much in advance for all of your positive support. God bless!!”

Surprisingly enough, some commenters are skeptical of her desire to shop her way to straightness. Here are a few:

Yard selling and eBay should of been a first thought to getting money. If you could afford all of those sneakers, you could definitely afford some heels or flats or whatever. I’m all for supporting people and their journey but this….. Hope you find peace in whatever journey you venture on.”

Another post reads

You were never gay in the first place. I’m a lesbian and I’m very girly. I’ve never worn cargos or plaid in my life or any other ‘gay clothes’ if you want to label it that way. Money and clothes will not make you straight. Nothing can make a gay person straight just like nothing can make a straight person gay.”


You’re a disgrace to the lgbtq community. I’m all for loving who you love, but you are just trying to get money from religious people thinking they are converting you. You are making it seem like this is a choice. You are bisexual, that is fine. But the message you are sending is not. For many it is not a choice.”

Words of sanity…

What??? Why don’t you sell all those sneaker and clothes to get money instead of asking for handouts to “stay straight”. Which is bullshit. Money is going to make you stay straight? What the fuck is this! You gotta be kidding me. Hate go fund me because of stuff like this. And you shopping at MAC with your free money. COME ON PEOPLE PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE BEFORE GIVING YOUR MONEY YOU WORKED HARD FOR TO SOMEONE LOOKING TO NOT WORK AT ALL!!!

She has amassed $400 in donations over the past four days.

Lesbian Couple Fulfil Dying Wish With Fairy Tale Wedding

With just weeks to live, an Australian woman has fulfilled her dying wish to marry the woman she loves.

After waiting years for gay marriage to be legalised in Australia and being left disappointed, Sandra Yates and her partner, Lee Bransden, decided to take their marriage into their own hands.


With the help of a crowd-funding campaign, the couple flew to neighbouring New Zealand to finally complete their short-lived fairy tale.

Surrounded by ferns and flowers in the Rotorua’s beautiful Mitai Village, Sandra and Lee celebrated their wedding in a wide glade near a flowing spring, with Maori warriors blessing the marriage.

We’re blown away by all the support and friendship. All our dreams are coming true.”

lee-and-sandra-03 lee-and-sandra-05 lee-and-sandra-07 lee-and-sandra-08 lee-and-sandra-06 lee-and-sandra-09 lee-and-sandra-04

In a recent update after the wedding, new bride Ms Brandsen has announced she has just weeks to live as her lung cancer has progressed.

We wish them all the best.