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7 Things You’ll Learn From Your First Crush About Love

There is always a first time for everything. First day at school, first day at college, that first day when you make a new ‘first friend’ in school, or the first day of work etc.

The most special first is most definitely the first time you have a crush on someone. There is an unexplained difference between first crush and first time falling in love, but the symptoms are pretty much the same.

And it’s likely that that relationship, although ancient history now, can still teach you a lot about relationships and about what it truly means to love.

1. You release that there’s more to relationships than just sex.

Nowadays, if it’s not sex then it’s not interesting. But there was a time when you would get nervous just making eye contact or hold hands with your first crush. After we found the courage to take our first kiss, we would spend hours “making out”. When’s the last time you had a serious make-out session?

2. They’re the most honest relationship you’ll ever have.

You didn’t want anything from her, other than to be with her. You enjoy her company and nothing else. You didn’t have to lie, to cheat, and to manipulate because you didn’t believe it to be necessary.

3. They’re arguably the most stable relationship you’ll ever have.

You didn’t argue about everything and anything. You didn’t worry about what she was doing behind your back. You simply enjoyed your time together because the two of you somehow managed to make it enjoyable — and did so seamlessly. Now that we’re older, we like to overcomplicate everything and ruin just about anything special that we’re lucky enough to come across.

4. They love feel like magic.

You weren’t able to explain why you were feeling the way that you were, but you also felt no need to explain. It simply was what it was and it was magical.

5. They showed you dating didn’t have to be complicated.

You’d go for walks. You’d go on bike rides, rollerblading, or ice-skating together. You’d have lunch together, snacks together, nap time together. And there were no rules that you were supposed to follow because no one bothered to tell you they existed.

6. They teach you that love should feel natural, not forced.

You would see each other because you wanted to see each other. You didn’t wait three days to call her. You didn’t play all those pointless games that most dating individuals now play. You didn’t date for the sake of dating because you didn’t see a point in dating for the sake of dating.

7. They showed that love doesn’t have to last forever, and that’s okay.

They introduced us to love, to jealousy, to trust, to heartbreak. Even though things didn’t work out, we still somehow managed to enjoy the time we spent together.