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Quiz | Can You Pass The Sociopath Test?

Here’s a fun fact – according to clinical psychologist Dr Martha Stout, 1 in 25 people are sociopaths. Which means there is a possibility that you could be one!


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So would you pass the Sociopath test?

This 15 question quiz is based on a real psychological test that analyses levels of sociopathy and narcissism. Will you pass?

7 Struggles Lesbians Who Hate Flirting Know to Well

When we think of women flirting, we often see the toss of the hair, the bat of the lashes, the intense gazing, and the seductive finger trail down the cheek…


But for me, this behaviour is utterly bewildering and foreign. I was born with an innate inability to be flirtatious. No, I’m serious. I feel like (and look like) a pathetic, lost puppy when I make even the faintest attempt at being flirty.

So to all my flirt-averse sisters out there, I present 7 struggles all lesbians who hate flirting know to well:

1. You address and treat every woman like your homeboy – no matter how attractive she is or how totally into her you are.


2. You have one signature flirt move, which most women don’t pick up on. Mine is a 5 second gaze, then avert


3. The awkward hand hover, which means your hand never comes to a complete rest on a women’s body when you communicate. You’ll never touch her shoulder, rest it on her knee, or give her a real embrace.


4. When a cute woman flirts with you, it’s a fate worse than death. As soon as she gives you that half smile and intense eye contact, you are like a rabbit caught in headlight. Your heart starts pumping in your ears. Your mouth refuses to smile back. And all you want to do is run.


5. You start speaking in riddles. If you actually do make it to the point of a “flirty” conversation, you’ll blurt out the most random of statements, like by answering her question about your plans next weekend with something like, “So, do you prefer Bing or Google?”


6. You over analysis everything, because even if you do flirt, you don’t do it right. If you do (by some miraculous aligning of the heavens, make a semi-successful flirty gesture or comment to an attractive woman) you’ll later agonise over how lame you actually sounded.


7. You feel awkward around women who are hyper-flirty. Did she just bat her lashes and laugh at that unfunny joke? How does she do that? And now look; she’s with the woman I like.


15 Signs You’re Dating a Lesbian Sociopath

Here’s a fun fact – according to clinical psychologist Dr Martha Stout, 1 in 25 people are sociopaths. Which means there is a possibility that you may be dating one, or there is a chance you’ve come in contact with one in the past.

Dating a Sociopath 25

Note, not every sociopath is psycho criminal, but they are definitely no fun to have around. Our advice? Take a look at this list of signs that your significant other is a sociopath.

1. They tend to lie, quite a bit.

Pathological liars, is what they are. When they get caught in one of their many lies, they will blame someone else, change the subject, become very angry, or point out your flaws. Just know, they’ll never admit to their lies.

Dating a Sociopath 02

2. Lack of connection to their past.

This will not be noticeable from the beginning, but after some time you will realise “hey, I don’t know anyone from their past. Hmmmmm.”

Dating a Sociopath 24

3. They are super charming.

When you meet them, their words and attentive stare will instantly attract you. However, it is only superficial.

Dating a Sociopath 19

4. They’re oozing with sexual charisma.

Sociopaths have more testosterone than others. They attract you to them like a magnet, and they are also much better in bed.

Dating a Sociopath 04

5. They have an oversized ego.

When you meet them, they will probably inform you of their accomplishments, winning attributes, and any other reason they are so very amazing.

Dating a Sociopath 03

6. There is never any remorse or guilt.

They don’t care. They hurt you? Oh well, not their problem.

Dating a Sociopath 10

7. They come on very strongly.

They are slightly overbearing and need you to be aware of their intense desire to be around you.

Dating a Sociopath 06

8. They lack maturity.

They’re very immature and childish.

Dating a Sociopath 18

9. They socially isolate you.

They want you all to themselves, and try to cut you off from the rest of the world. This will make it a lot harder for you to leave.

Dating a Sociopath 23

10. They always have a lot in common with you.

They seem to be your soul mate immediately. They somehow have everything in common with you.

Dating a Sociopath 21

11. They always blame others.

They never take responsibility for their actions. It is always somebody else’s fault.

Dating a Sociopath 15

12. They’re kind of obsessed with you.

They are slightly overbearing and need you all to themselves.

Dating a Sociopath 01

13. Oh, the dramatics.

They are usually the life of the party because of their dramatic displays. Every story is a theatrical monologue.

Dating a Sociopath 13

14. They always play the victim.

Even when they tell you stuff about their past, all of their stories are skewed to make you think “awwww, poor kid.”

Dating a Sociopath 08

15. They like to move a little too fast.

Sociopaths like to move a little quickly. They trust you from the beginning and try to start a relationship immediately.

Dating a Sociopath 22


10 Tips to Get You Though Running into Your Ex Girlfriend

Cara Delevingne and St Vincent – real name Annie Clark – are believed to have been dating since last December and things are clearly going well.

This week, the duo were spotted partying up a storm in Cannes, where Cara mixed business with pleasure by bringing the Annie along to the lavish Chanel dinner at Tetou restaurant in Antibes.

However after the event, the two made their way to Gotham nightclub in Cannes, but there was some awkwardness as Cara’s ex Michelle Rodriguez also showed up.

Crunch moment. What to do?! But it got us thinking, how do you handle running into you ex?

1. Smile, a LOT. Remember, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.


2. Quickly run inside the closest washroom to see if your hair is looking stellar! Make sure you’re looking ‘ultra hot’.


3. Try not to talk to her about her recent holiday. You already know the gossip; having seen it plastered all Facebook and Instagram.


4. If you’re still single, then just totally avoid talking about relationships; focus on other things like your awesome job where you just got a big promotion, or that fantastic exotic vacation you recently took. Make sure she knows that being single can be lots of fun too!


5. You could also pretend to be dating someone way hotter (*jealousy* works wonders)


6. If it was a bad-breakup then maybe being nasty is also not a bad idea. Reserve that smirk for this moment.


7. Most importantly, stay calm! Take a deep breath and talk with a lot of confidence! ex-gf-cara-17

8. And be ready with an exit plan. And yes, you should be the first one to evacuate the scene. Pretend a fake call maybe!


9. One fool proof option to avoid any type of awkwardness: Just…run away!


10. Or you could act a little mature about it. Catch up briefly and just go your own way!


Don’t Fancy Yours Much…

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m moaning (ok, who am I kidding), but I feel I must reiterate my point (*see previous blog* ‘You’ve Gotta Think She’s Hot, Right?‘). After yet another conversation with a friend, who told me I was SHALLOW because I apparently concentrate too much on outer beauty than what’s inside.

This all started after a date I’d recently been on, and me uttering the words “she was hot though”. The very words which sparked my ‘shallowness’ attack.

I mean in my defence, firstly, she was blonde. Blondes are never usually my ‘type’. So there’s one un-shallow point to me, surely? Right?

However, she was absolutely stunning. With the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile. She stepped out of her car that night and I nearly fell over. Seriously. I mean we’re talking everything I am relentlessly known for lusting after; the hair, make-up, heels, nails etc.

So we met up and actually she was a genuinely lovely girl, something I obviously only got to know when we went out! And I was slightly gutted when this ever so short but beautifully sweet dating experience came to a sudden end.

But life goes on. As do the brunettes.

Ok, so, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz. I’m not saying what one person doesn’t find attractive another person won’t either. I’m just saying, whatever your definition of ‘hot’ is, surely you’ve gotta be making sure you find that?

And I actually really feel the need to say it, that not one of us goes out on a Friday night, spots someone over the bar and thinks ‘damn, she looks like she’s got a lovely personality’.

Oh what utter pithering rubbish.

What’s actually circling your head is ‘DAMN, she’s hot!’. And that’s the point! It’s a very important starting block!!

She may well end up being one of the most selfish people you’ve ever met; and I’ve met a few! But you will find that out! What attracts you to them first and foremost is what they look like!!

I want partner who is kind, who is honest, intelligent, loving and respectful. Of course I do.

I also want them to be fucking gorgeous! Else, how am I meant to get into bed with someone I don’t fancy?! Unless I’m drunk. All the time. Trust me. This. Has. Happened.

And so in conclusion, by all means, you go all for personality, and I shall continue to be ‘shallow’. I hope it works out mighty fine for you! It probably will. You will probably be married before long and buy your house, and matching wellies and Regatta jackets… and get a cat… and over time you will merge…

…and that’s ok…

Don’t forget to turn the lights out.

5 Signs Your Girlfriend is Not over Her Ex

It is very painful to be in a relationship with someone who would rather be with someone else. It is a waste of time and not fair to both parties at all. If your partner is not giving 100% to the relationship but is still reliving an old relationship, then your union is not going anywhere.

So, how can you tell if your partner is not over her ex girlfriend and save yourself the heartache that is sure to come down the road?

1. She is distant and confused

You catch her staring into an empty space. Sometimes you get the feeling that something is wrong with her. When you ask her she says nothing or it is something she has to deal with alone. After a few minutes or a bit later she comments about her ex. She is thinking about her, a lot.

2. Excitement

She gets really excited when her name is brought up. If she bumps into her it’s as if she’s a celebrity. She becomes animated. She likes to go to places she used to frequent with her ex. Maybe she is secretly hoping to bump into her again.

3. My ex this, My ex that

She constantly twists conversations to talk about her ex. She enquires from friends about her whereabouts and what she is up to now. It seems like she is being very open and honest about her former relationship when she talks about her to you but no. She still has the hots for her.

4. Facebook

She still has her photos in her account. She regularly comments on her exes updates. You might even see the awkward message from a friend who still think they are a couple asking how the relationship is going.

5. Friends

Her friends do not know who you are, but they know her ex.