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Destination Of The Week: Copenhagen

This week’s LGBT travel destination takes us a to a city that was given the honor of being the number one most gay-friendly place on the planet by the popular travel publication “Lonely Planet: Copenhagen.

Located in the small Scandinavian country of Denmark, Copenhagen is known for its eclectic cultural scene, great food, and of course, being welcoming to the LGBT crowd. And it’s not only the city that’s a great gay-friendly destination, Denmark itself was actually the first country in the world to recognize legal partnership status for same-sex couples.

Copenhagen’s laid back vibe carried over into the open-minded attitude towards…well everyone, not to mention it’s also a beautiful city with plenty of vibrant nightlife.

So let’s take a look at why Copenhagen should be high on your list of LGBT-friendly travel destinations…

Being Gay in Denmark Just Isn’t a Big Deal

The Danish have a very relaxed attitude when it comes to the LGBT population. Being gay just isn’t a big deal to them. Often times you’ll hear about open gay celebrities being praised for being role models for the LGBT community. Danes are pretty humble and reserved and tend to go about their lives with their famous laid back attitude, so you’re not going to have to worry about being singled out for being gay during your travels.

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Great Cultural and Historic Options

If you’re a traveler who loves hitting up all of the museums when you visit a new city, or are just into history and culture, Copenhagen has plenty of great options to check out. The National Museum of Denmark is a must for history buffs, with exhibits from a whole range of periods including the Stone Age, Viking Age, and Modern Danish History. And if it’s art you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty in the city as well. You’ll also find the Open Air Museum…the oldest and largest open air museum in the world. So there’s definitely plenty of culture and history to soak up in this Danish city.

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…the Kronborg Castle, to be exact. You know…the one where Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” takes place. Okay, it’s not exactly located in Copenhagen, but it’s only a forty-five minute drive north…a drive that will definitely be worth it. This castle is huge and has a whole lot of history behind it. It’s a must see if you’re a fan of art, architecture, and history. The castle grounds are equally beautiful, so it’s well worth taking a day trip to Kronborg if you’re looking for a break from the city.

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Food, Food…Food!

Foodie travelers…you most definitely have to schedule a trip to Copenhagen…and everyone else who just loves to eat! Danish cuisine has come a long way and is now a top sought after dining destination in Europe. Not only that, but you’ll also find the famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, which has been named as the world’s best restaurant several times. There are also plenty of cafes and bistros, as well as plenty of tasty options to fit almost any dining budget.

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Vibrant Nightlife

Copenhagen has a wide range of nightlife options for the gay and lesbian crowd. If you’re looking for an exclusively lesbian club, head for Vela. There’s always something happening there pretty much any time of the day or night. Drinking, dancing, bar games, and kissing in the corners make this nightclub the happening place to check out. They also host cultural events at the club too like poetry and literature evening, live music, and speed-dating.

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Copenhagen definitely has plenty to offer the LGBT traveler, and with so much history and culture mixed with a very accepting attitude, it’s a great place to visit and enjoy yourself. Have you traveled to the Danish capital? Tell us about your experience or any tips you have for making the most of a Copenhagen travel destination.

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