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In This Weeks “Don’t Be So Ridiculous” – Gay Mormons, Caitlin Stasey & Catholic Bigots

The LGBT news this week that made DBSA TV’s Jana Dowling say “Don’t Be So Ridiculous”.

Todays post includes the lovely Caitlin Stasey who identifies herself as lesbian but is dating a guy; gay mormons who ‘choose’ to be straight, and the Catholic school which fired gay teacher when he announced his relationship on facebook. Seriously – Don’t Be So Ridiculous


The Weekly ‘Don’t Be So Ridiculous’ Round-up from Jana Dowling

Straight to the point, and telling the world how it is, we shake our head in agreement to this week’s ‘Don’t be So Ridiculous.

In this episode Jana Dowling from DBSA TV, tackles Madonna’s terrorist claims, Electric Blonde’s disturbing incest kiss, and Nigel Farage homophobic support. Checkout her other video’s here