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Oscar-Nominated Elliot Page, Start of ‘Juno’ and ‘Umbrella Academy’, Comes Out as Transgender

Elliot Page, the Oscar-nominated star of Juno and Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, has announced he is transgender.

Elliot, formerly known as Ellen Page, addressed his social media followers saying:

“Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliot. I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have arrived at this place in my life. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me along this journey. I can’t begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. I’ve been endlessly inspired by so many in the trans community. Thank you for your courage, your generosity and ceaselessly working to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place. I will offer whatever support I can and continue to strive for a more loving and equal society,”

He continued: “I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have arrived at this place in my life. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me along this journey. I can’t begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. I’ve been endlessly inspired by so many in the trans community. Thank you for your courage, your generosity and ceaselessly working to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place. I will offer whatever support I can and continue to strive for a more loving and equal society” he wrote.

The actor also spoke of his fear in coming out and highlighted the difficulties faced by less privileged people who have done the same. “I also ask for patience. My joy is real, but it is also fragile. The truth is, despite feeling profoundly happy right now and knowing how much privilege I carry, I am also scared. I’m scared of the invasiveness, the hate, the “jokes” and of violence. ‘To be clear, I am not trying to dampen a moment that is joyous and one that I celebrate, but I want to address the full picture.’

“The statistics are staggering. The discrimination towards trans people is rife, insidious and cruel, resulting in horrific consequences. In 2020 alone it has been reported that at least 40 transgender people have been murdered, the majority of which were Black and Latinx trans women.

“To the political leaders who work to criminalize trans healthcare and deny our right to exist and to all of those with a massive platform who continue to spew hostility towards the trans community: you have blood on your hands. You unleash a fury of vile and demeaning rage that lands on the shoulders of the trans community, a community in which 40% of trans adults report attempting suicide. Enough is enough. You aren’t being “cancelled,” you are hurting people. I am one of those people and we won’t be silent in the face of your attacks.”

Page concluded: “I love that I am trans. And I love that I am queer. And the more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I thrive. To all the trans people who deal with harassment, self-loathing, abuse, and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you, and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better.”

Page uses both he/him and they/them pronouns, and describes himself as transgender and non-binary, meaning that his gender identity is neither man nor woman.

Page broke out from his native Canada in 2005 with the revenge thriller Hard Candy. Two years later, he starred in Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody’s landmark indie Juno, for which Page received an Academy Award nomination among other accolades.

Prior to transition, Page was one of the most visible out gay actors in Hollywood. The Tuesday announcement further enriches his legacy, and adds him to a small but growing number of out trans creators and stars in Hollywood.

Page has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights over the past decade and in January 2018 married the dancer and choreographer Emma Portner.

Nick Adams, GLAAD’s Director of Transgender Media, said “Elliot Page has given us fantastic characters on-screen, and has been an outspoken advocate for all LGBTQ people. He will now be an inspiration to countless trans and non-binary people. All transgender people deserve the chance to be ourselves and to be accepted for who we are. We celebrate the remarkable Elliot Page today.”

10 Queer Female-Led Films To Look Out For In 2018

2018 is set to showcase some incredible films about queer women.

Here are a few of our top picks:

1. Disobedience

The first trailer has been released for Disobedience, a film about a lesbian affair in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Rachel Weisz, who is herself Jewish, plays Ronit Krushka, who returns to her North London community after the death of her father. In Golders Green, she is reunited with Rachel McAdams’ Esti, with whom she had an emotionally-charged relationship which led to her exile.

Now Esti is married to an Orthodox rabbi Dovid (American Hustle’s Alessandro Nivola). When Ronit questions their union, Esti replies: “I think he felt that marriage would cure me.”

Now the lovers are forced back into proximity, their forbidden affair quickly rekindles within the claustrophobic confines of the marital home and the conventions of their devout community.

The film is scheduled to be released in April 2018.

2. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Directed by Desiree Akhavan and starring Chloë Grace Moretz, he Miseducation of Cameron Post is an adaptation of Emily M Danforth’s 2012 novel.

The movie is compassionate study of Christian teenagers struggling with religious disapproval and the injunction to “pray away the gay”.

It is Akhavan’s second feature as director, following her 2015 indie hit Appropriate Behaviour.

3. Lizzie

What’s more exciting than hearing Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny made a movie together? Hearing that their playing lesbian lovers.

The two star in the biopic Lizzie, which takes a closer look at Lizzie Borden, a teenage girl who was accused of murdering her father and her stepmother in 1892 only to be found not guilty in a trial that was basically the O.J. Simpson trial of its day.

The psychological thriller attempts to show a more complex side of Lizzie, played by Sevigny, that could explain why she may have committed such a heinous crime. To do this, the film delves into Lizzie’s relationship with Stewart’s character, Bridget Sullivan, who was the family’s housemaid and Lizzie’s alleged romantic partner. Bridget was also the person who claimed to have witnessed Lizzie murder Andrew Borden and his wife Abby with an ax.

Roadside attractions will release Lizzie sometime this summer.

4. Vita and Virginia

Vita & Virginia, directed and co-written by Chanya Button (Burn Burn Burn), centres on the true story of the love affair between the acclaimed author Virginia Woolf (played by Elizabeth Debicki) and socialite/writer Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton), and how the relationship inspired Woolf’s novel Orlando. Isabella Rossellini and Rupert Penry-Jones also star.

“Her relationship with Vita is the story of her connecting with her body, and her sexuality. and it’s a kind of alternative look at an artist-and-muse relationship. It’s the story of the creation of Orlando, but it’s also the story of Virginia using her profound genius to overcome an experience that we might presume, on the face of it, would overwhelm her. That’s what interests me, the opportunity to look at this really iconic writer in a very different way.”

5. My Days of Mercy

From Princess director Shaolm-Ezer and starring Ellen Page (JunoInceptionFreeheld) and Kate Mara (House Of CardsThe Martian), My Days Of Mercy is a love story between two women who differ in both their backgrounds and political perspectives.

My Days of Mercy premiered at TIFF in 2017 to mostly positive if incredibly confused reviews. It’s unclear when it’ll be in wider release.

6. Tell it to The Bees

Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger, both fresh off excellent period dramas (Alias Grace and My Cousin Rachel respectively), are set to co-star in queer period film Tell It to the Bees which director Annabel Jankel calls “an unholy mash-up of 1950s social and magical realism.”

The story, based on Fiona Shaw’s book of the same name, centers around Lydia Weekes (Grainger), a woman separated from her volatile husband raising her son Charlie (newcomer Gregor Selkirk) on her own. After Charlie gets in a school-yard scuffle, he becomes friends with Dr. Jean Markham (Paquin), who then grows close to his mother. The title refers to the hives in Weekes’ garden where she and Charlie tell their secrets, so yes, there will be bees.

The film reportedly blends social realism with magical realism to create the kind of queer melodrama we deserve. No word yet on its release date.

7. Porcupine Lake

Porcupine Lake is a unique coming-of-age story from one of Canada’s most resolutely independent filmmakers.

12-year old Bea (newcomer Charlotte Salisbury) is headed to Ontario’s cottage country with her mother (Delphine Roussel) to spend the summer with her snack shack owning father (Christopher Bolton). With her parents’ tenuous relationship on the verge of an outright divorce and only her dog Callum to call her friend, Bea pines for a less boring summer. She finds excitement in the form of Kate (Lucinda Armstrong Hall, who recently netted a Canadian Screen Award nomination for her performance), a girl of the same age who lives year-round in town with her chaotic family. The pair immediately hit it off despite Kate being a lot more worldly and aggressive and Bea remaining reserved and shy. The best friendship evolves into something a bit deeper and more experimental, but external influences could make Bea and Kate’s relationship into something more complicated than they could ever hope to understand at such a young age.

8. Becks

Inspired by the real life of singer/songwriter Alyssa Robbins, BECKS follows a musician (Hall) who moves back to her childhood home in St. Louis after a crushing breakup with her longtime girlfriend (Kiyoko). While performing for tips at a local tavern and struggling to reconnect with her ultra-Catholic mother (Lahti), she strikes up a unique friendship with the wife (Suvari) of an old nemesis. Becks begins to discover her musical voice as she performs deeply personal songs about her ex and the loss of their relationship.

Driven by an original score, the film’s musical numbers bring a unique new voice to the American musical movie.

Becks was released in February. It’s also available for rent or to buy on YouTube.

9. Saturday Church

Saturday Church tells the story of 14-year-old Ulysses, a shy and effeminate boy, who finds himself coping with new responsibilities as “man of the house” after the death of his father. Living alongside his mother, younger brother, and conservative aunt, Ulysses is also struggling with questions about his gender identity. He finds an escape by creating a world of fantasy filled with dance and music. Ulysses’ journey takes a turn for the better when he encounters a vibrant transgender community, who take him to “Saturday Church,” a program for LGBTQ youth. Ulysses manages to keep his two worlds apart; appeasing his aunt and discovering his passion for the NYC ball scene, and voguing, until his double life is revealed. Ulysses must find the courage to be who he truly is, all while risking losing those he cares about most.

While Saturday Church may not have a queer cis woman as its main, it represents the full LGBTQ spectrum, including trans and queer kids of color, who are far less likely to find representation on screen. Awesome.

Saturday Church came out in early January and is now available for purchase on YouTube and Google play.

10. Colette

Colette casts Keira Knightley as the legendary French novelist Colette, whose literary gifts outshone those of all the male writers around her, including her celebrated husband, known commonly as ‘Willy’.

In the movie, Colette’s husband introduces her to the hedonistic world of artistic Paris where her creative appetite is sparked. He also permits Colette to write her novels only if she does so in his name. The phenomenal success of her novel “Claudine” series makes Willy a famous writer, and Colette and Willy the first modern celebrity couple. Although, the lack of recognition for her work begins to gnaw on Colette and their marriage starts to internally combust, resulting in Colette has an affair with gender nonconforming Marquise de Belbeuf.

Bleecker Street will release the film in September.


LGBT+ A-listers Pledge To Fight Against Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

To kick off 2018, women in Hollywood have announced a plan to fight back against sexual harassment and gender inequality in the entertainment industry and beyond.

The campaign was announced through a full-page ad in the New York Times which was a solidarity letter from all 300 women.

The open letter says that the Time’s Up campaign has been launched “for all victims and survivors to be able to access justice and support for the wrongdoing they have endured.”

The letter was inspired by the 700,000 female farmworkers who signed a solidarity letter in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

In this letter, the women state:

“We have similarly suppressed the violence and demeaning harassment for fear that we will be attacked and ruined in the process of speaking. We share your feelings of anger and shame. We harbour fear that no one will believe us, that we will look weak or that we will be dismissed; and we are terrified that we will be fired or never hired again in retaliation.”

Many of the film-stars have since started using their influence on social media as a way of spreading the word about the Time’s Up campaign.

The initiative, per The New York Times, does not have a set leader; instead, it is run largely by volunteers. However, various initiatives that fall under the group’s umbrella have already been announced.

In December, Kathleen Kennedy kicked off the Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace, a Hollywood-centric initiative led by Anita Hill.

Another initiative, 50/50 by 2020, has also been launched, with the goal of tasking networks, agencies, studios, unions, and others to create intersectional gender parity in their leadership by 2020.

There is also a separate commission focused on making sure the movement is fully intersectional and inclusive of women of color and the L.G.B.T.Q. community at large; Emmy winner Lena Waithe is part of that group, per the Times.

Talking to the Times, Waithe explained.

“No one wants to look back and say they stood at the sidelines.”

Meanwhile, Waithe has been vigorously to help get more people involved with the Time’s Up initiative.


Other Time’s Up members include the actresses Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Emma Stone, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon; the showrunner Jill Soloway; Donna Langley, chairwoman of Universal Pictures; the lawyers Nina L. Shaw and Tina Tchen, who served as Michelle Obama’s chief of staff; and Maria Eitel, an expert in corporate responsibility who is co-chairwoman of the Nike Foundation.

Ellen Page Marries Partner Emma Portner

Hurrah, Ellen Page has tied the knot with dance instructor partner Emma Portner over the New Year.

The actress shared the news on Instagram with a series of photographs, including one with their hands touching as they display their wedding rings.

The post was captioned: “Can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife.”


Portner, who is a dancer, also shared the pictures, along with another photo of her kissing Page’s hand while they are hugging.

The two have been posting pictures on social media of themselves together since the spring.

Page told the world that she was a lesbian at a Human Rights Campaign event on Valentine’s Day in February 2014 in a rousing speech which earned her a standing ovation.

The actress subsequently admitted that her decision to be honest about who she is has had immensely positive effect on her life.

Speaking to Diva magazine in September 2017, Page said:

“Everything is different. From one day to the next [after coming out], I felt a happiness and an inner peace which I hadn’t known for years. My life now is overwhelming and I’m glad to be in a position where I can support my community and also help show that you can still play all kinds of roles after you are out.

Things are changing fast and the more people who come out will ultimately help put an end to the idea that coming out destroys your career. We have to make that happen.”

Page admitted she was getting ‘increasingly unhappy’ before coming out and the fact she was hiding who she was had started to impact her work.

The X-Men star also revealed coming out has given her career a boost in the right direction.

She explained:

“Before I had to hide my sexuality and that was making me increasingly unhappy, uncomfortable and anxious. I’m excited and enthusiastic about my work again. It feels the same way it did when I was 15 and beginning my career. It’s such a different feeling to be open about who you are and simply live that way and not have to put on masks and hide your identity. I feel an inner peace now which I hadn’t felt in a very long time.”

Page also admitted she reached a point in her life where her ‘desire’ to come out meant more to her than the any negative impact her sexuality could have had on her Hollywood career.

She said:

“I reached a point where my desire to come out was so great that even if everyone in Hollywood had told me that I’ll never work again, it wouldn’t have made any difference. I didn’t want to hide anymore.”

In late 2017, Ellen recounted a traumatic experience where film producer Brett Ratner outed her as a lesbian on the set of X-Men: The Last Stand when she was only 18 years old.

In a lengthy Facebook post in November, she wrote:

“He looked at a woman standing next to me, ten years my senior, pointed to me and said, “You should f**k her to make her realize she’s gay”. I was a young adult who had not yet come out to myself. I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak. I felt violated when this happened. He ‘outed’ me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic.”

Page called Ratner’s comments ‘homophobic,’ and she says the feelings of shame lingered.

“This public, aggressive outing left me with long standing feelings of shame, one of the most destructive results of homophobia.”

Page kicked off her acting career by starring in a number of television shows in her native Canada, including Pit Pony and Trailer Park Boys.

Her first film role was in 2005 drama Hard Candy and her big screen breakthrough came when she appeared as the titular character in comedy Juno in 2007, winning her Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations.

She has gone on to star in  a number of blockbusters, including Inception and the X-Men franchise.

Netflix Casts Ellen Page In New Comic Adaptation Of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Ellen Page is set to star in Netflix’s upcoming superhero series The Umbrella Academy.

Page is the first to be cast for the adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics novel written by Gerard Way.

The Umbrella Academy follows the story of a dysfunctional family of superheroes. Its estranged members — Spaceboy, The Kraken, The Rumor, The Séance, Number Five, The Horror and The White Violin — will be forced to team up to solve the mystery of their adoptive father’s (Monocle) mysterious death. However, with their clashing personalities and divergent abilities, a teamwork would be a miracle.

The original comic series was critically acclaimed for it’s unique take on superheroes, one that does not showcase them as selfless saints.

According to Variety, Page will play the role of Vanya, the only one of Reginald Hargreeves’ adopted children who has no supernatural abilities. Meek and insecure, the family’s black sheep struggles to find her place in the world.

The 10-episode drama will premiere in 2018, with the pilot script adapted by Jeremy Slater.

Ellen Page Is The Latest Actress To Speak Out Against Brett Ratner

Hollywood producer Brett Ratner has made headline news this month as six women (including Olivia Munn) have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and in some cases, assault. It has come to the point where Gal Gadot has refused to sign on for Wonder Woman’s sequel where she plays the starring role, if the producer isn’t fired from the project.

While multiple women have been coming forward to share their experiences of sexual harassment with the 48-year-old film producer, actress Ellen Page took to her Facebook account to share a different form of harassment that she suffered at the hands of Ratner, explaining how he publicly outed the actress as gay before she was ready when they worked together on X Men in 2006.

In the post, Page describing what she says happened when the cast and crew met before filming started.

She describes how the director pointed at her and told another woman she should sleep with her “to make her realise she’s gay”.

The actress explains that she had not come out to herself at the stage: “I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak.”

She says she felt “violated” and that no-one spoke out to defend her.

She describes it as a “public, aggressive outing” that left her feeling ashamed.

Her post also tells how she has been working since she was 10. She says she has met “respectful collaborators” during her career.

But she also talks about abusers who “want you to feel small, to make you insecure, to make you feel like you are indebted to them, or that your actions are to blame for their unwelcome advances”.

She describes another director fondling her leg when she was 16 and telling her to “make the move” on him.

I was sexually assaulted by a grip months later. I was asked by a director to sleep with a man in his late 20s and to tell them about it. I did not.”

She also criticises people in Hollywood who know that people are being harassed and “choose to look the other way”.

Now she says there must be “a long awaited reckoning”.

I want to see these men have to face what they have done. I want them to not have power anymore.

I want them to sit and think about who they are without their lawyers, their millions, their fancy cars, houses upon houses, their ‘playboy’ status and swagger.”

She calls for other people to speak out, saying:

You are breaking the silence. You are the revolution.”

Ten Years On, Ellen Page Discusses Juno’s Lasting Influence

Back in 2007, the surprise hit of the year was Juno staring Ellen Page.

The movie was about a teenage girl falling pregnant unexpectedly. However, what appeared to be a simple teen rom-com about a high school pregnancy was actually a witty, well-observed character-study about people and relationships.

Ellen Page turned in an Oscar-nominated performance as the leading heroine, and the movie went on to take $231m (£175m) globally.

Not bad consider it was created on a $7m (£5.3m) budget.

Talking at Toronto Film Festival this week, Page commented on the movies legacy.

I felt [the film’s impact] in aspects when we were making it. At that time, a lead teenage girl in a movie even getting to dress like that felt a feat, when I was like ‘I’m wearing this flannel’.”

So I think in terms of that character itself, I felt it could potentially have an impact because it did feel like something new.”

The film sees Juno decide to give birth when she can’t go through with an abortion. She then puts the baby up for adoption.

You hope the film resonates, and even though Juno does approach it with a lot of optimism and generosity, she obviously has a difficult time and difficult emotional experience, which manages to break through all the defence mechanisms.”

It explores abortion, we have a scene in an abortion clinic, and there’s some conversation about that as well, so I hope it allowed to present all the choices and the impact of what that means.”

The actress is current at the Toronto Film Festival promoting her new film, zombie thriller The Cured, which co-stars Irish actor Sam Keeley.

Queer Female Stars Push For Further Visibility At This Years Emmys

The Emmys are almost upon us, but before Sunday, Sept. 17 rolls around, we wanted to take a look at the female queer stars who we think deserves to win.

This years nominations include, Samira Wiley who is nominated for the first time for her riveting performance in the disturbingly brilliant Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s  The Handmaid’s Tale.

Lily Tomlin, is up for best lead actress in a comedy series for Grace and Frankie.

Evan Rachel Wood scored a nod for her performance in the series Westworld, a role for which also saw her take home the Critics’ Choice Award. 

Kate McKinnon is up for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for SNL, an award she also won the previous year, which should make her a frontrunner.

Ellen Page‘s Gaycation With Ellen Page is nominated for best unstructured reality series.

Laverne Cox and Shannon Purser (of Stranger Things) are both up for Best Guest Actress in a Drama.

Jamie Babbit is up for outstanding director in a comedy series for her episode of Silicon Valley. 

Jane Lynch got a nod for best actress in a short form for Dropping the Soap.

Wanda Sykes is up for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for the show “Black-ish”.

And Lena Waithe scored a writing nomination for her “Thanksgiving” episode of Master of None.

There are also a number TV shows with queer characters were up for nomination too.

Master of NoneModern FamilyVeepThe Handmaid’s TaleRuPaul’s Drag RacePortlandiaSNL, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards, How to Get Away with Murder, Ray Donovan, Transparent, Orange Is the New Black. Brown GirlsOne Day at a Time.

Even Black Mirror‘s ‘San Junipero’got a nomination for best TV movie.

I don’t know about you, but we’re thrilled that queer women are finally being recognised as actual talent by the mainstream media tycoons.

Stephen Colbert will host the Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 17 on CBS.

Ellen Page and Kate Mara Embark On A Forbidden Romance In ‘My Days of Mercy’

Christine Vachon’s Killer Films, which produced Carol, presents the third feature from Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom-Ezer.

Ellen Page plays an activist demonstrating against the death penalty, who becomes embroiled in a passionate and charged affair with Kate Mara, who is seeking justice for her father’s murder.

The two women must surmount their deeply rooted differences or risk losing their connection.

Amy Seimetz, co-creator and director of The Girlfriend Experience, also stars alongside Elias Koteas (The Killing).

Recently, Page said she is committed right now to taking roles that support women and gay characters.

Last year during a news conference at the Zurich Film Festival, where Freeheld was screening, she told the press…

I’m focusing mostly on stories that are meaningful to me and stories for women and supporting more gay characters.”

Let’s hope, at some point, one of those gay characters can have a happy ending. Or at least be in a romantic comedy.


Here’s What You Need To Know About Ellen Page’s New Girlfriend

Ellen Page has a reason to celebrate, after it was announced last week that her docuseries, Gaycation earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Unstructured reality program.

Not only this, but it’s been announced, the actress was seen kissing her dancer girlfriend, Emma Portner.


Page – who came out in 2014 at the Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference in Las Vegas – was previously dating artist and surfer, Samantha Thomas.

The couple walked the red carpet for the World Premiere of Freeheld, starring Page and Julianne Moore.

The actress discussed her relationship on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and later told Entertainment Tonight,

To love someone openly, to hold someone’s hand walking down the street, it’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing. And I’m just lucky enough to have someone in my life as special as [Samantha].”

Though the actress was spotted with Thomas earlier this year, it looks like things didn’t end up working out.

However, it seems as though the actress has since moved on. Page has since been spotted kissing the fellow Canadian dancer outside a café in West Hollywood.


So who is Emma Portner. Well she is a Broadway dance centre instructor.

She also appeared in Justin Bieber’s music video for Life Is Worth Living and was a part of his Purpose world tour!

In recent weeks, Portner took to Instagram to support her girlfriend with a caption reading, “Unbelievably proud of @ellenpage, @ianjamesdaniel and the ENTIRE #gaycation team on their Emmy Nomination this morning.”


It has been reported that the couple have been hanging out for a few months now.

The two even collaborated for an acoustic dance cover of Britney Spears’ 2010 song “Lucky Back” last month.

Portner is quite famous on Instagram and has over 36.9k followers. The account is filled with her amazing dance performances.

She also does not shy away from showing her love for Ellen Page on social media. She posted a lot of pictures with the actress, and Page returns the favor, supporting her girlfriend on her own Instagram account.

Portner also has a YouTube channel, where she uploads some of her amazing choreography.

Ellen Page Stars In The Follow-Up To The Psychological Chiller, ‘Flatliners’

Columbia Pictures released the trailer for its upcoming film Flatliners this week, and it looks outright terrifying, if not completely original.

The film, which stars Ellen Page, is a follow-up to the 1990 cult psychological horror of the same name about a group of medical students who seek to find out the truth about the afterlife by subjecting each other to near-death experiences.

But it turns out that dimly remembered memories from their respective pasts emerge to haunt and torment them as the lines between the dead and the living blur.

The movie includes an original cast member Keith Sutherland, who said last summer it’s understood he’s playing an older version of his original character – making the film really a sequel, not a remake.

Flatliners is released in cinemas late September.

Ellen Page Fends Off The ‘Third Wave’ Of The Undead In New Zombie Thriller

This week we get the first look at Ellen Page in post zombie era drama The Third Wave.

The first feature of Irish director David Freyne unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating virus, which transformed the infected into zombie-like monsters.

Mankind is struggling to rebuild societies deeply divided between the uninfected and those who did succumb to the virus and are still haunted by their violent actions.

In the backdrop, the rise of a terrorist movement threatens to plunge the world into chaos again.

On the film, Page explained,

The Third Wave brings an entire new perspective to the zombie genre, which I love. David Freyne truly shifts his lens on society’s role in the apocalyptic world. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share his thoughtful approach to horror with audiences.”

Freyne wrote the script and will direct. This project marks the Irish director’s feature debut, following a series of successful genre short films.

Ellen Page Confronts Homophobic Preacher At D.C. Protest

Ellen Page – who is in D.C. for some inaugural events (including the Women’s March this weekend) – confronted a homophobic preacher during Donald Trump’s swearing in ceremony.

Page confronted the man who wore a t-shirt worn, which said that LGBT people are “worse than animals”. During the debate he continued to preach that homosexuality is “demonic”.

Page kept her cool, despite being talked over by the preacher, who abruptly left.


Well played, Ellen.


10 Quotes To Inspire (And Reassure) Anyone Worried About Discussing Their Sexuality

Today marks the 28th anniversary of National Coming Out Day.

For some, coming out to even their nearest and dearest can feel like a scary task; for others, almost an insurmountable challenge.

But the last year has been an excellent one for LGBTQ visibility, with a number of high-profile figures speaking honestly and forthrightly about their sexuality and same-sex relationships.

1. Miley Cyrus


My whole life, I didn’t understand my own gender and my own sexuality. I always hated the word ‘bisexual,’ because that’s even putting me in a box. I don’t ever think about someone being a boy or someone being a girl. Also, my nipple pasties and sh– never felt sexualized to me. My eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade. My first relationship in my life was with a chick.”

2. Ellen Page

ellen Page Sundance

Being in the closet hurt my career way more than being out and being happy and feeling inspired again; being able to fuse my authentic self with my creative interests.”

3. Mara Wilson


I used to identify as mostly straight. I’ve embraced the Bi/Queer label lately.

The LGBTQ community has always felt like home, especially a few years later when I, uh, learned something about myself.”

4. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialised, so I didn’t like it. We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, ‘That’s mine. You’re making my relationship something that it’s not.’ I didn’t like that.

But then it changed when I started dating a girl. I was like, ‘Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I’m not down with it or I’m ashamed of it, so I had to alter how I approached being in public. It opened my life up and I’m so much happier.”

5. Amanda Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

It’s a really, really hard thing to be silenced and it’s deeply bruising to fight against your identity and to mould yourself into shapes that you just shouldn’t in.

As someone who identifies as a black, bisexual woman, I’ve been through it and it hurts and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable…but then I realised because of Solange and Ava DuVernay and Willow [Smith] and all the black girls watching this right now that there’s absolutely nothing to change. We cannot be suppressed. We are meant to express our joy and our love and our tears and be big and bold and definitely not easy to swallow.”

6. Holland Taylor

Holland Taylor

It’s awkward because if I talk about relationships in my life or people that have been in my life … I’d like to be able to just say that, without having to stop and say, ‘so have you come out?’ No, I haven’t come out because I am out. I live out.”

7. Eva Gutowski


It’s awkward because if I talk about relationships in my life or people that have been in my life … I’d like to be able to just say that, without having to stop and say, ‘so have you come out?’ No, I haven’t come out because I am out. I live out.”

Just because you haven’t dated someone of the same sex does not mean you can’t be taken seriously as a bisexual. I am ready for myself to fall in love with someone, no matter who they end up being, and have been since I was 12. Boy or girl.”

8. Rachel Maddow

The single best thing about coming out of the closet is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you’ve just told them.”

9. Bella Thorne

Not only today but all days we should celebrate acceptance of others. Be who you want to be and it will take you to being your happiest self! #bivisibilityday.”

10. Sarah Paluson


Either you live your life in a very private way or you don’t, and I never have done that—ever—and I won’t do it going forward.

Ellen Page Has Started Shooting For Her New Lesbian Film ‘Mercy’ With Kate Mara

Yes, Ellen Page and Kate Mara have just started shooting for film Mercy.




Created by Tali Shalom Ezer, the romantic lesbian drama is sure to pull at our heartstrings, while also having more than enough substance to keep our interest.

According to Variety,

Page is portraying Lucy, the daughter of a man on death row falling in love with Mara’s Mercy character, a woman on the opposing side of her family’s political cause. As a result, Lucy’s value for truth is tested as her world begins to unravel.”

We can’t wait

Ellen Page Posts THE BEST Throwback Photo OF The Week

Before she was a lesbian icon, a Hollywood mega star, and creator of GaycationEllen Page was just a floral-wearing little kid like the rest of us.

And, like the rest of us, she’s got the school pictures to prove it.


The floral? The bowl cut? We’re basically dying over here!


‘GAYCATION’ Is Back For A Second Season

One of our favourite queer programmes is back everyone! Season 2 of Gaycation will premiere on Wednesday September 7th and for those of you that have never seen it before, it’s well worth tuning in for.

Gaycation explores all the different LGBTQ cultures in different countries and they talk to people who share their stories of their own queer communities and what life is like for them as a member of the LGBTQ community. In season one the duo visited Japan, Brazil, Jamaica and the USA.


Viceland, the network that produces Gaycation, also sent Ellen and Ian to Orlando after the massacre that took place in the queer nightclub, Pulse, to see how the community were coping. The one off special was released a few weeks ago and is available to watch now.

gaycation orlando

In season two the pair will visit India, Ukraine and Georgia, where they get first hand responses from a vairiety of people, including a policeman in Georgia that tells them there are no laws against ‘hate crime’ even though they get reports of it happening every day. While in Ukraine one interviewee expresses his opinion that ‘homosexuality is a sin’ and is ‘abnormal.’

Ellen, who is out, recently told Indiewire during an interview:

Hopefully Season 2 is just us expanding, going deeper, and always trying to go farther and be able to address the issues and find the stories that don’t often have an opportunity to be heard.”

Gaycation was also nominated in June for a primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. So get the date in your dairies girls and let’s discover more about our worldwide community and how others live and cope, sometimes in countries that have little, or no tolerance, towards our fellow LGBTQ community members.

Kate Mara and Ellen Page Cast In Lesbian Romantic Drama ‘Mercy’

Ellen Page and Kate Mara have been cast Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom Ezer new lesbian romance drama Mercy, which is set to start shooting the begin of September in Cincinnati.


Page is set to portray Lucy, the daughter of a man on death row, who falls in love with the title character played by Mara.

The two characters are on opposing sides of the political cause, which tests Lucy’s values.

Page first revealed the then-untitled project last year during a news conference at the Zurich Film Festival, where Freeheld was screening, saying,

I’m focusing mostly on stories that are meaningful to me and stories for women and supporting more gay characters.”

Page starred with Julianne Moore and produced Freeheld and came out during the 2014 production of the drama, which focuses on police officer Laurel Hester’s fight to allow her pension benefits to be transferred to her domestic partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Page can be seen in Netflix’s Tallulah and A24’s Into the Forest, which she produced and starred in opposite Evan Rachel Wood.

Ellen Page Visits Survivors And Families Of Victims Of Pulse Shooting (Video)

Out actress Ellen Page and her best friend / co – host of Gaycation, Ian Daniel return to television this month with a powerful special which was filmed in Orlando follwoing the shooting at Pulse nightclub.


The Emmy-nominated reality series has us around the world to see LGBTQ cultures, but the visit to Orlando packs a very personal punch that is evident even in just the few scenes released so far.

Their aim with this Viceland special is to shed some light on the community that was so viciously devastated, and reveal how the seeds of love are building-up that community, both LGBTQ and beyond.


Previously on the show, Page explored the gay scene in Japan, confronted a Brazil cop who boasts about killing gay people, and showed up at a Ted Cruz meeting and asked the ex-presidential candidate some tough questions about LGBT rights.

Gaycation‘s Orlando episode will air on Viceland on August 24.

Lily Tomlin, Jane Lynch, Sarah Paulson, Kate McKinnon, and Ellen Page a All Get Emmy Nods

This weeks Emmy nominations not only go to several out lesbian and bisexual actresses, but also to shows with lesbian/bi characters .

Bisexual actress Sarah Paulson is a two-time nominee earning nods for The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie) and for American Horror Story: Hotel (Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie).


Lesbian comedy legend Lily Tomlin was nominated in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for her role opposite Jane Fonda in Grace and Frankie.


Also nominated was Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon for for her various comic characters including Hillary Clinton in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series.


Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, winner of the Emmy last year for his performance as transgender woman Maura Pfefferman, is once again nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series.

Also nominated in acting categories from the show are Bradley Whitford, Judith Light, Gaby Hoffman, and Melora Hardin.


Series creator Jill Soloway, who is bisexual and has a transgender father, earned nods for directing an episode of the show, which begins its third season later this summer.

Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night) is up for Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program.

Out actress Ellen Page, a previous Oscar nominee, got her first Emmy nod as an executive producer of the Viceland series Gaycation With Ellen Page.


While lesbian comic Tig Nitaro was nominated for Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted in the category of Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special.

Here is a full list of nominees for the Emmys, which will be presented on 18 September.

  • Sarah Paulson (American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson) – Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
  • Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story: Hotel) – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
  • Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie) – Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) – Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
  • Viola Davis (How to Get Away With Murder) – Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
  • Master of None – Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Black-ish – Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Transparent – Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Jill Soloway (Transparent) – Outstanding Directing
  • Judith Light (Transparent) – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Melora Hardin (Transparent) – Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Gaby Hoffmann (Transparent) – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
  • VEEP – Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Anna Chlumsky (Veep) – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Portlandia – Oustanding Writing for a Variety Series
  • Portlandia – Outstanding Variety Sketch Series
  • Kate McKinnon (SNL) – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (UnReal) – Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
  • Tig Notaro (Boyish Girl Interrupted) – Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special
  • Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos (Making of a Murderer) – Outstanding Directing for a Non-Fiction Program
  • Moira Demos (Making of a Murderer) – Outstanding Picture Editing for a Non-Fiction Program
  • Making of a Murderer (Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos) – Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Series
  • Making a Murderer – Outstanding Writing for a Non-Fiction Program
  • HerStory – Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series
  • Adventure Time – Outstanding Short Form Animated Program
  • Steven Universe – Outstanding Short Form Animated Program
  • Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night) – Outstanding Host for Reality or Reality-Competition Program
  • Gaycation with Ellen Page – Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program
  • Love Has No Labels (Ad Council) – Outstanding Commercial

Watch The Trailer For Ellen Page’s New Netflix Tearjerker Film ‘Tallulah’

Netflix has released the first trailer for Ellen Page’s indie drama, Tallulah, in which Page and her Juno co-star, Allison Janney, reunite for another mother/daughter dynamic.


Page stars as the eponymous Tallulah, a ‘free-spirited’ derelict who lives out of her run-down van in New York City.

After getting mistaken for a maid at a hotel, she meets Carolyn (Tammy Blanchard), a wildly irresponsible new mom who is trying (and failing) to care for her infant daughter.

Tallulah hatches a plan to rescue the baby girl from her dangerously negligent mother and use her in a con to convince her ex-boyfriend’s mom, Margo (Janney), that the young child is actually her granddaughter.


While Tallulah and Margo bond over their troubled lives and raising a baby, it soon becomes clear that you can’t just kidnap someone’s baby and expect everything to work out in the end – especially when the police get involved and initiate a manhunt.

Written and directed by Orange Is The New Black‘s Sian Heder, the film co-stars Uzo Aduba, Zachary Quinto and Davis Zayas, and is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on July 29.

Speaking to Indiewire earlier this year, Heder said of the inspiration for the story:

I used to work as a nanny for all the high-end hotels in LA and had a lot of weird experiences with mothers whose children seemed more like accessories than anything else. One night, I was so disturbed by the erratic behavior of a particular mother, I seriously considered taking off with the kid. I had been exploring the character of Tallulah already, based on a friend who was living off the grid out of her van. She was someone who lived with very little fear or sense of consequences for her actions. She seemed like the perfect person to steal a baby and set in motion a chain of events that could deal with some of the issues around motherhood and responsibility that I wanted to explore.”

Ellen DeGeneres Marks Pride Month With New Montage

Ellen DeGeneres has been a gay icon for decades now, and the talk show host has marked Pride Month with a touching video featuring many LGBT celebrities who have opened up to her over the years.

In the video, she talks with Orpah Winfrey about her own experience:

Your true legacy, the real work that you’ve done on the planet, will be teaching people how to live authentically as themselves.”

Winfrey appeared on the landmark episode of DeGeneres’ sitcom Ellen in 1997 when her fictional character of Ellen Morgan came out. At the same time, DeGeneres herself came out on the cover of Time magazine.

Then there her meeting with Ellen Page, were DeGeneres chats about her coming out moment at a GLAAD event in Las Vegas in 2014 before a large crowd.

ellen and ellen

Page recalls:

I think my biggest fear in doing that was having a panic attack quite frankly. I was just so ready to do it … and excited to do it.”

In another moment, Transparent creator Jill Soloway, a bisexual whose father is transgender, says:

When people come out, they are literally coming out to save their lives. They’re coming out to make a break for freedom for authenticity. It really is an example for all of us.”

And Caitlyn Jenner, who DeGeneres had confronted about her lukewarm endorsement of same-sex marriage, is seen in the video saying:

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and be able to be your authentic self.”


But the last words belong to President Barack Obama who tells DeGeneres:

As much as we’ve done with laws and ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell etc, changing hearts and minds? I don’t think there’s anybody who’s been more influential than you have been.”

Ellen Page Talks About The Orlando Shooting And Gun Control With Chelsea Handler

Ellen Page was a special guests on Chelsea Handler’s self-titled Netflix show Chelsea – joining The Brady Bunch actress Florence Henderson and Chelsea’s favourite, second-grade teacher Mrs. Schectman.


The subjects discusses included Ellen’s Viceland show Gaycation, the importance of having quality educators teaching the next generation, and gun control in America, especially in light of the recent shooting early Sunday at Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse, a tragedy that claimed 49 lives .

Chelsea said.

Whether you believe in guns or not, whatever we’re doing isn’t working, so we all have to have the conversation and continue to have the conversation on how to fix this country, and what we can do.

They (guns) should be banned. People argue back and forth on Twitter anytime you make a comment. People say ‘What about the Second Amendment?’ but these are assault weapons. You shouldn’t have to have an assault weapon to defend yourself. At some point, having the Second Amendment shouldn’t supersede your right to go out to a dance club and have a good night. You shouldn’t have to be armed.”

Ellen added to Chelsea’s comments on gun control


The reality is that violence towards LGBT people is a common thing. Hate crimes towards LGBT people, extremely anti-gay, anti-bi, anti-trans rhetoric that is constantly creating a poisonous environment, which leads to people hating themselves, and to people being violent towards one another, towards bullying, towards abuse. It really needs to stop, because people are really, really struggling, and they deserve to live freely and love freely, and not be afraid.”

Ellen Page’s appearance on Chelsea will be streaming on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PST this Thursday.

Tegan And Sara Talk Making Music, Queer-Fronted, And Supporting Ellen Page To Come Out

Tegan and Sara have been opening up to Glamour magazine about all things queer in the music industry, and there new album, Love You To Death.

I have never felt like being in the closet would have helped us. It always seemed like a shame to hide such an integral part of one’s identity. It’s a relief to see people being more comfortable and casual about it. I think it does wonders for the kids out there who are taking it in and experiencing the music.”


With more queer-fronted acts grabbing the spotlight than ever before, Tegan goes on to acknowledge the improvement but calls for more.

I wish there was more queer women making music in the mainstream. I still feel a responsibility to really push ahead. Not that I want to give in or give up or retire, but there are definitely moments where I wish there was more happening.”

The duo, also discussed their friendship with fellow Canadian Ellen Page and supporting her come out.


Tegan said:

We talked a lot about how wonderful and intelligent she is and how important and significant it would be if she came out. I was really proud of her and how she used her celebrity at that moment. I was proud of her for taking the leap and doing it so articulately, but also giving props to so many other amazing people who she had been influenced by. I was honoured to be included in that list.”

Tegan and Sara twin sister, have spent 17 years creating music together – their sound has shifted from alt-folk to indie rock to pop-punk – but their move to pop feels like a natural progression.

Read Tegan and Sara’s complete interview with the magazine at Glamour.com

Changing The Game: The World’s Most Influential Feminists

The people on this list are each encouraging feminist conversation and challenging people to do more to make the world more equal for all of us.

1. Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein

Actor, writer and musician Carrie Brownstein is an outspoken feminist. As part of American rock band Sleater-Kinney, she has made songs such as #1 Must Have and helped further the riot grrrl (feminist/hardcore punk) movement.

2. bell hooks

bell hooks’ writing on feminism, in which she encourages people to consider gender in relation to race, class and sex, is often cited as one of the reasons why we have the phrase intersectionality. hook’s book Ain’t I a Woman?: Black women and feminism also looks at racism and sexism in relation to black women and it also examines stereotypes of white women and how those have had an impact on black women too.

3. Beyoncé


Beyoncé was once quoted as saying that she wasn’t a feminist because she loves her husband. However, the international superstar has since learnt a great understanding of feminism even including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s quote on feminism on ***Flawless, also educating her millions of fans learn in the process.

4. Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

Since rocketing to fame as Rue in The Hunger Games, Amandla Stenberg has begun to use social media platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter to educate people about feminism and how it can be more intersectional.

After being named one of the Ms. Foundation for Women’s feminists of the year, Stenberg said “let’s continue demanding space for women who are not thin, white, straight, able-bodied, neurotypical and cisgender.”

5. Janet Mock

Janet Mock

Although Janet Mock was once proud not to call herself a feminist, the writer, host and activist now wears the label proudly. In a 2014 essay, she wrote “our duty is to use feminism as a tool to check systems that uphold racism and slut shaming and sex worker erasure and anti-trans woman bias and general policing of other people’s choices.”

Andi Zeisler


As the co-founder and creative/editorial director of independent feminist media organisation Bitch Media, Zeisler’s work offers feminist interpretations of pop culture. Bitch Media – and Zeisler’s writing – is a massively useful feminist tool as people look for different angles of the media that they consume.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, who passed away in 2014, was a hugely influential feminist. Angelou’s work discussed racism, identity and social injustices with her autobiographical work I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings being considered a large reason why black feminist writings increased in the 1970s.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New York

What could be more inspiring (and badass) then possibly becoming the first female president of the United States? Hillary has always used her platform to speak out for women’s rights – as she did most notably during her 1995 “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” speech in Beijing.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Marie Steinem is an American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist, who became nationally recognized as a leader and a spokeswoman for the feminist movement. She has inspired generations of feminists since her 1969 article After Black Power, Women’s Liberation.

Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham’s tv show Girls broke the mould by depicting real girls with real bodies and real issues. Since then she’s never stopped encouraging women to love themselves since.

She also makes sure to give feminism-doubters a reality check: “Feminism doesn’t mean women are going to rise, take over the planet, and like cut off men’s testicles.”

Emma Watson


Emma Watson has bravely rallied for women’s rights even after being threatened because of her #HeForShe speech at the UN.

But the attacks only motivated the actress and Women’s Goodwill Ambassador to keep working against all the harmful ways that women are viewed and treated.

Pussy Riot

Russian collective Pussy Riot represents one of the strongest combinations of activism and music out there. Its members stage guerilla protests and performances, speak out against injustices for women in their music (especially against abortion laws), and demonstrate fierce bravery even in the face of jail time and government threats.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page 97

In a time when many female celebrities put a purposeful distance between themselves and the feminist label, actress Ellen Page embraces feminism as a personal mission. Whether at street protests or on Twitter, she rallies for equality, reproductive rights, gay rights and improvement in the representation of women in film.

Meredith Graves


Meredith Graves is the lead singer of Perfect Pussy, solo artist, writer, record label owner. She is a role model who teaches through her actions that passion and drive can help change an entire scene like punk rock.

And she’s never backed down from speaking out against sexism – either in interviews or onstage, confronting misogynist hecklers.

Miranda July


Throughout her career, Miranda July has weaved thoughtful feminism through her seemingly endless list of projects. She’s become an icon for this generation’s young women, especially those interested in artistic pursuits, most recently tackling issues of aggression and violence in her debut novel The First Bad Man.

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan has helped lead the way for women to understand their rights and fight for them. Friedan helped spur on the second wave of feminism with her book The Feminist Mystique and she co-founded and presided over the National Organization of Women.

Cindy Sherman


Cindy Sherman became one of the few women to dominate the contemporary art scene from the late 70s on. And she says she’s “still really competitive when it comes to […] male painters and male artists.”

Wendy Davis


Wendy Davis made waves when she led the now-famous 11-hour filibuster against Senate Bill 5, which would require stricter abortion regulations in Texas. While the bill eventually passed, we haven’t forgotten the lawyer and politician’s fierce support, and we hope her views on reproductive rights, LGBT rights and gun control continue to be heard.


grimes333It’s probably a scary thing to speak out and potentially alienate people right after your album has become huge, but that’s exactly what Grimes did with her anti-sexism manifesto in 2013. The Tumblr post calls out misogynist fans, condescending male musicians, and the media.

Ellen Page & Evan Rachel Wood Discuss Their Latest Collaboration ‘Into the Forest’

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood have talked to Monsters and Critics about their new collaboration, Into the Forest.

The apocalyptic movie, which Page produced as well as co-stars in with Wood, is based on Jean Hegland’s novel of the same name.

However, it isn’t your typical end-of-days movie.

Forget the zombie attacks or fire and brimstone, this drama from writer-director Patricia Rozema looks at the psychological side of complete loss.


It’s a story about two sisters who struggle to survive in a remote country house after a continent-wide power outage.

Page recently explained Into the Forest was a metaphor for grief. The way the sisters believe power will be restored, groceries re-stocked and things will go back to normal play into our own fears of change and impermanence — all expectations and attachments we ultimately have no control over.

They’re dealing with just an overall sense of grief, and loss of what they’ve known and what they were about to expect, which I think is just a huge part of what being alive means. Page also touches on the decision she made two years ago to come out as gay as “the best decision I’ve ever made.


I still get a little emotional talking about. I feel like a different person and I feel so lucky, so fortunate for that because that’s not the case for a lot of people who come out.”

Watch the trailer below;

Ellen Page Lands New Role In Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Horror Film

Ellen Page has signed to star in David Freyne’s psychological horror film by, The Third Wave.

Page, whose recent credits include Freeheld and Into The Forest, will co-star opposite rising Irish star Sam Keeley, who recently appeared in Burnt andIn The Heart Of The Sea.

Freyne will direct from his own screenplay set in the aftermath of a devastating virus that has gripped the continent for six years, transforming humans into zombie-like monsters.

A cure has been found but society is divided into those who were once infected, and committed terrible violent acts, and those who never contracted the virus.

On the new movie, Page said

The Third Wave brings an entire new perspective to the zombie genre, which I love. David Freyne truly shifts his lens on society’s role in the apocalyptic world. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share his thoughtful approach to horror with audiences.”

The Third Wave, which marks Freyne’s feature debut, will begin filming in Ireland later this year.

Ellen Page & Evan Rachel Wood’s New Movie ‘Into The Forest’ Trailer Has Finally Been Released

Ellen Page & Evan Rachel Wood’s have finally done a movie together.

It’s a post-apocalyptic stories but with a twist. Into the Forest is an introspective look about how the end of the world affects two sisters living in the middle of the woods.


The film stars Page and Wood as said sisters, and, based on the first trailer, this is going to be an emotional roller coaster high on the suspense and the solitude.

download (12)

The film was directed by Canadian filmmaker Patricia Rozema, who was the writer and director behind underrated Jane Austen adaptation Mansfield Park.

Into the Forest also stars Max Minghella, Callum Keith Rennie, Michael Eklund, and Wendy Crewson.

Check out the trailer…

Here’s the official synopsis:

Set in the near future, this riveting and suspenseful apocalyptic drama follows two sisters, Nell (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rachel Wood), who live in the Pacific Northwest with their kindly father, Robert. Nell is focused on her studies and Eva is training to be a dancer, but their peaceful lives are disrupted one day by what turns out to be a continent-wide blackout.

Whereas at first the family bond together and try to make the most of their difficult circumstances, as time gone on, the challenges become more serious. In the wake of a shocking and violent confrontation that Robert has with a menacing passerby, the sisters must work together in order to survive in their increasingly treacherous new world. 

Into the Forest will be available on DirecTV on June 23rd and in theatres on July 29th.

Daily Juice: Ellen Page Heads To India, Alanis Morissette Sings An Updated Version of ‘Ironic’

Ellen Page is in India to film the country’s LGBT community for Gaycation, a Viceland documentary series which explores LGBT cultures and rights around the world.

Twenty years after Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic came out, she’s updated it – with the help of The Late Late Showhost James Corden – to reflect modern problems, including: Facebook, vaping, Netflix, and Southwest flights.

Aidy Bryant couldn’t keep a straight face during Kate McKinnon’s Weird Tale of the Afterlife


American Idol runner-Up La’Porsha Renae says LGBT comments got ‘twisted up’ in new interview.

And Refinery29 says The L Word made being gay OK


Daily Juice: Nasa Pays The Most Stunning Tribute To Prince, Plus Ellen Page To Work On ‘Flatliners’ Remake

Sadly the iconic artist and musician Prince was pronounced dead, at the age of 57.

cddf79f223de4653a5421f83a1e48da9 (1)

As plenty of tributes flooded in, it was Nasa that struck a cord. The agency paid tribute to him by sending out a beautiful space image lit up in the singer’s characteristic purple.


Variety reports this week, that the 1990 thriller Flatliners is set a reboot, with Ellen Page and former The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev set to star. The duo will also work alongside Diego Luna.

ellen Page Sundance

The trailer for Woody Allen‘s new film Café Society has just been released. The film stars Kristen Stewart.

Also, funny lady Kate McKinnon is set to star in Laura Steinel‘s Women in Business, alongside Emma Stone and Jillian Bell.


Janet Street-Porter thinks London’s Tate Gallery is wrong to put on a ‘queer’ art exhibition.

The theologian, writer and broadcaster Vicky Beeching, says her career on the Christian music scene ended when she came out as gay. 


Cyndi Lauper says fewer parents would reject LGBTI kids if there was more outreach for them.

There is a new YouTube series out called Queer and Disabled, which features four young, queer, disabled women (Annie Segarra (Annie Elainey), Rachel Anne (HotPinkSun), Robyn Lambird (My T-RexLife), and Erin. E. (PetiteTimidGay) talking about the intersections of disability and sexuality, among other things. Much watch!

And Redneck comedian Trae Crowder spells out the ridiculous nature of the hysteria over where trans people pee with major truth bombs.