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Going Forward With Acceptance The Brazilian Way

In Brazil, soap operas are hugely popular and it is a very interesting to see the entire population drop everything to watch them, whether they like it or not. Televisions are even put in buses to make sure that no one misses an episode. There are usually three or more running soap operas on the country’s main channel, Globo, and the most watched is the prime time show at 9 PM. The prime time soap is usually regarded as the best.

Em Familia, the current prime time soap, has already sparked controversy in Brazil and beyond. The main couple is involved with a theme of family incest. The uncle of the main character is pursuing her, claiming she resembles her mother (with whom he had an affair many years ago). Said uncle, Laerte, isn’t very well liked by viewers. Recently in Brasilia there was a protest in the main mall to take Laerte down! That’s how much the people care about the soap opera.

However Em Familia really caught the attention of many abroad due to the fact that one of the characters is having a lesbian relationship. This is a very big thing when it comes to Brazil, which doesn’t often portray gay relationships, particularly lesbian couples. The first gay kiss ever aired was between two men (of course it was rather brief as well).

The lesbian couple on Em Familia has sparked controversy among everyone, but it is a very important and positive step for Brazil. The characters Marina and Clara have gained many international fans and there have even been outcries to keep the couple together whenever anyone tries to break them up!

The show recently had a moment when these characters had to face homophobia and show how wrong it is, by highlighting how ridiculous it was for another character to say that queer women were not welcome in a bar.

The creator of the novella, Manuel Carlos, confirmed that the season finale which will be airing in a few weeks will feature the wedding of Clara and Marina! This will truly be a first for a lesbian couple to be married and also to kiss on prime time. We at KM are very excited to follow this story. Thankfully for those who do not speak Portuguese there are many versions available online for you to follow these two glamorous Brazilian women in love!