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Pornhub Reveals The Top Searches Made By Women and it Would Appear Lesbians Top The List

Oh how we love it when PornHub releases these fact. Apparently, women love lesbian and gay porn as opposed to straight porn.


According to the site women and men clearly have a different taste in porn. Men are most interested in seeing ‘teens’ (*shudders*) do the dance with no pants whereas women are more intrigued in seeing women with other women or man on man.

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Pornhub officials stated:

We’ve since collected some new, specified data which breaks down the Pornhub viewership proportions by gender in our top 20 countries. Topping off this list is Brazil, which has an impressive 29% female viewership base, a solid 6% above the 23% world average.

Apparently, the phrase ‘eating p*ssy’ is 900% more likely to be searched by a woman than a man – wow!