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Why Sleeping With Your Ex Is More Than Likely To Happen

If you stay friends after a break-up, there are probably going to be a few benefits.

If you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, it’s likely that – at some point – you’re going to end up having sex after you break up. It’s not an exact science, of course, as there are obviously a number of factors involved, but we’d be remiss to say that it wasn’t possible.

There are certain things that make a “sexual relapse” even more possible – and maybe you can identify the triggers before your breakup!

1. She’s the best you’ve ever had. (Or, at least, she’s very good.)


If your ex was the best sexual partner you’ve ever had, or the only sexual partner you’ve ever had – chances are you’ll want that experience behind you to have sex. Since she’s already proven she knows how to handle your body, it’s tempting to let her, “for old time’s sake”.

2. You’re afraid to get back on the dating scene – but you’re horny!


Dating can be hard. Not only do you have to worry about looking nice, you’ve also got to pretend you’re not trying to jump in the sack. That’s especially true if you really are just trying to get some – you don’t want to come across as desperate! But if you’re having sex with an ex, they likely know they’re just a booty call.

3. You have a deep personal connection, and are possibly still in love with her.


It’s a scientific fact that sex is better with someone if you have an emotional bond with them. Unfortunately, this can cause some confusion if you’re not interested in dating her further – but that doesn’t mean it won’t feel good to play around.

4. You don’t have to tell her what you like, because she already knows.


As fun as exploring a new partner’s body can be, sometimes it’s nice to not have to try so hard. Your ex already knows what gets you off – so she can get to it without being told!

5. You know how to push the right buttons to tease each other.


Sometimes, women try to use this to their advantage in an effort to win their partner back. We don’t personally advise this tactic, as it’s a bit manipulative and unfair if they still have feelings for you, but if it’s agreed that all you’re looking for is sex, it’s bound to be satisfying.

6. Angry sex is FABULOUS.


Sometimes you just want to grab a handful of hair, leave some teeth marks, and get some bruises. You can definitely have these things and NOT be angry, but… Come on, have you ever tried angry sex? Definitely worth the fighting.

7. It’s been awhile since you got lucky, and you can’t stop thinking about her talents.


If you’ve been sexually neglected lately, memories from the past can trigger imaginative fantasies. If you remind your ex of the memories you’re thinking of, she might be able to reenact them for the ultimate pleasure.

8. You don’t have to impress her – because you don’t care what she thinks of you anymore.


You’re not trying to get her to fall for you, so you don’t have to get dressed up and shave your legs. You’ve got one thing on your mind, and that means it doesn’t matter what you look like.

9. You’re worried you won’t be able to find someone who can satisfy you like she does.


Especially if she was your first, it can be scary to try and find someone else who can meet your needs as well as she can, so it’s easy to long for what she has to offer. If you’re not trying to go back down that road, it’s important you stand your ground and wait for the next train – you don’t have to rush into anything until you’re ready.

Things Only Lesbians Say About Their Exes

When I broke up with my girlfriend, I was angry so bitched about her big time thinking it would help me get over her. It didn’t… But it did show me I was not alone in my bitterness.

Watch Things Only Lesbians Say About Their Exes, and you will certainly relate.

You can catch more videos from Arielle Scarcella on her YouTube channel – so good and so funny.

11 Ways to Spot a Relationship Game Player

Dating and relationships can be many things, but they should never be games.

A healthy relationship does not depend on lies, tricks, guilty secrets, dramatics, or any of the other games.

The “Game Player” – a person who has romantic affairs and/or sexual relations with other women or men but will not commit to any one relationship, often to the contrary of her words and actions.

Here 10 tips that will help you recognise them and hopefully stop the madness…

1. She’s not quite over her ex

‘Not being quite over an ex’ equates to her not planning on making room for you.

Relationship Game Player 02

2. She’s always saying ‘sorry’

We all make mistake, and when we do, we admit we are sorry. Why – well, we say sorry to pardon our actions and spare the other person of the upset we have caused. Saying sorry multiple times is a contradiction. If she is really is sorry, she won’t do it again, and again, and AGAIN.

Relationship Game Player 05

3. She denies your relationship

Behind closed doors you’re her cutie pie, but as soon as you’re out you’re simply an acquaintance. You’ve seen and heard her poo; seen her naked and binged watched ‘Orange is the New Black’ together!

Relationship Game Player 13

4. She dodges date nights

She’s an advocate of the ‘treat em mean, keep em keen’ dating philosophy. She runs late, then texts that she’s not able to meet you, then spends the whole of that evening texting you how much she missed you/likes you/wants to be with you. Lame.

dodges date nights 06

5. She’s a Facebook flirt

She flirts relentlessly with others over Facebook (posting suggestive messages on walls; hinting at plans to ‘catch up’; signing off with winks and kisses).

Relationship Game Player 03

6. She baits you for a reaction

She constantly tries to ‘bait’ you for a reaction. For example, she will blatantly perve on others; flirt with waitresses, and your friends.

Relationship Game Player 07

7. She confesses her love after a week

If she falls in love with you in a week, you can be sure she will fall in love with some else a week after you call it quits. Needy.

Relationship Game Player 10

8. She’s emotionally unavailable

She likes you, but she just can’t commit. Maybe she’s been hurt before, or maybe the feelings just aren’t there. Regardless, she is not ready for you and all you have to offer.

Relationship Game Player 12

9. Your friends don’t trust her

When all your friends think one way, you need to look for the common denominator. Why do they not trust her? Well, because 9/10 times she’s given them cause not to.

Relationship Game Player 09

10. She loves to lie

Whether she’s lying to you, her friends, her work place or herself, she is not ready to confront the truth, be honest, and own up to whom she really is.

Relationship Game Player 08

11. She’s doesn’t want to meet the important people in your life

If it is important to you, it should be important to her – right? If you plan to have a future with her, she needs to recognise her future now consists of your friends and family.

dodges date nights 07

10 Mistakes ALL Lesbians Make (Video)

Head held in shame, because most of these mistakes apply to me. Ok – ALL apply to me.

Yes, I’ve continued to live with my girlfriend after we broke. Yes, sex toys have caught me out. Yes, I’ve dated my ex girlfriends best friend. And yes I over analysis everything. Need I go on?!

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10 Tips to Get You Though Running into Your Ex Girlfriend

Cara Delevingne and St Vincent – real name Annie Clark – are believed to have been dating since last December and things are clearly going well.

This week, the duo were spotted partying up a storm in Cannes, where Cara mixed business with pleasure by bringing the Annie along to the lavish Chanel dinner at Tetou restaurant in Antibes.

However after the event, the two made their way to Gotham nightclub in Cannes, but there was some awkwardness as Cara’s ex Michelle Rodriguez also showed up.

Crunch moment. What to do?! But it got us thinking, how do you handle running into you ex?

1. Smile, a LOT. Remember, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.


2. Quickly run inside the closest washroom to see if your hair is looking stellar! Make sure you’re looking ‘ultra hot’.


3. Try not to talk to her about her recent holiday. You already know the gossip; having seen it plastered all Facebook and Instagram.


4. If you’re still single, then just totally avoid talking about relationships; focus on other things like your awesome job where you just got a big promotion, or that fantastic exotic vacation you recently took. Make sure she knows that being single can be lots of fun too!


5. You could also pretend to be dating someone way hotter (*jealousy* works wonders)


6. If it was a bad-breakup then maybe being nasty is also not a bad idea. Reserve that smirk for this moment.


7. Most importantly, stay calm! Take a deep breath and talk with a lot of confidence! ex-gf-cara-17

8. And be ready with an exit plan. And yes, you should be the first one to evacuate the scene. Pretend a fake call maybe!


9. One fool proof option to avoid any type of awkwardness: Just…run away!


10. Or you could act a little mature about it. Catch up briefly and just go your own way!


Pillow Talk | Drunk Calling Your Ex-Girlfriend

I like to call everyone when I’m drunk. No one is safe. Ex girlfriends, friends, colleagues, immediate family, potential lovers…

The moment one too many drinks get into my system, I obtain this super power I’ve always dreamed of.

If I’m dealing with a broken heart, I suddenly unearth the strength to call my ex. If I’m been crushing on someone, booze lights the fire under in my belly and I’m in the casanova zone.

Everyone knows the feeling of power that flows through your veins when you’re holding your phone and you’ve had one too many drinks. Even if you’re in tears, complaining about your ex, the power is still there.

But what we also know, is too much alcohol causes us to lose all forms of rational thinking and behaviour. When sober, you have a better chance of utilising your brain to help control your impulses – not the case when drunk

Eeek… The First Time You See Your Ex After A Breakup

So, you haven’t seen your ex girlfriend since your breakup and now she’s asked you to meet up. You happily(ish) oblige… You’re excited, yet nervous – full of hope, and at the same time, weary of what might happen. You’ll want to kick them and screw them (grab the body that doesn’t belong to you anymore), and any conversation you have will feel like nails on a chalkboard.

You’ll say the words “Good. Really Good. Jobs. Work. Weather,” and they will not mean a thing to you, because when you’re having a conversation and both parties know it’s BS, a thickness develops with each and every single word.

Sadly most of us have been there, so great news we’re not alone in this.

Watch Brittany Ashley and Fawzia Mirza…

The Magical Moment When You Realise You No Longer Love Your Ex?

Mila Jaroniec; a writer living and working in New York, has captured this moment fantastically in the article ‘Upon Realizing You No Longer Love Your Ex’… take a read

When this happens, you can be doing anything at all: waiting in line for a latte, jamming your feet into office-appropriate pumps, waking up still hazy-drunk next to your one night stand. Literally anything. You can be doing whatever normal, everyday thing you’re doing, and suddenly you realize, with an urgent nervousness, you haven’t thought about your ex in days. You’re shocked and surprised — how the hell? They used to be on repeat in your brain every day for the past five months. But now that you’ve realized you haven’t been thinking about them, you start to think about them.

And you wait for the familiar rush of nausea, but it doesn’t come. Pause and consider this. Why not? This is, after all, the person who put you in an emotional coma for what felt like forever, who is borderline responsible for the subtraction of thirty pounds and probably as many years off your life, judging by the endless cigarette cartons and liquor bottles that are still turning up around the apartment. How can you think about this person, this person you signed away your heart to and who once meant the world to you, and suddenly, inexplicably, feel nothing at all?

Somehow, you can. You consider them a little longer, trying to remember their face, the sound of their name in your voice. But it’s difficult to remember these details, they’re so far down the tunnel. Something changed. Something shifted. You briefly think about them kissing whoever took your place, bracing yourself for the instant tightening in your chest. And… nothing. You continue to find yourself completely and deliciously blank.

It’s exhilarating. You’re relieved. Finally. Finally you can stop half-assing your life, cautiously keeping your distance from certain people, places, objects and times of day for fear of another meltdown. You’re excited to finally be able to listen to that one song all the way through, the one you loved so much before you associated it with them and could no longer stomach. It’s yours again. You have it back. You can finally chill out and go on that nerve-free coffee date with the mutual friend you’ve been avoiding. You can eat grilled cheese totally objectively once again, indifferent to the fact that they liked it with a ridiculous amount of sriracha or the fact that you, in hopeful displays of affection, used to draw sriracha hearts on top of their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Then, out of nowhere, you’re consumed by a dim fear. It scares you that you don’t care anymore, that they could win a Pulitzer or get deported and it would all be completely the same. You’ve never been indifferent, and now you are — something inherently shifted that made you go from loving, craving this person so deeply, from being willing to forgive them anything just for one more moment in their arms, to feeling absolutely nothing at all. Their existence is no longer of any import. You wonder whether you had the wrong idea about yourself all along.

Maybe there was no “emotions off” switch that got flicked. Maybe it was a gradual erasure and your heart just now acknowledged what your head figured out long ago. Either way, your sensibility got altered somehow: you can now see clearly. They don’t love you, and that’s totally okay because you don’t love them either. You think back to the person you were three months ago, trembling and crying in an empty, unmade bed. You don’t recognize that person.

At first, it’s not enough to sever the connection with the person who broke your heart – for some strange, human reason, you want them to know how much damage they really did. You want your pain validated; want them to be moved by some overwhelming feeling (regret? despair?) and feel just as small and brittle as you do. And then you feel a surge of triumph when you finally let go, extract the toxin you’ve been pooling in your heart.

And it’s a sobering feeling, realizing they have probably felt this way — far-removed — for months. Realizing that what you went through, the phoenix-like rebirth of yourself from mascara-covered sadsack pasted to the bathroom floor to confident, capable human being who is able to get to work on time and smile at children, is not a shared experience. They’ve been okay for a long time; you’re just now catching up. Which is okay. You’re late for the party anyway, might as well take your time walking there.