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Iggy Azalea Calls Out ‘Fake Bisexuals’ in New Interview

The topic of celebrity sexuality has been a long debated one. Most of the time the conversation is dominated with the question ‘do celebrities have a right to privacy when it comes to their sexuality and do they have a right to be outed?’

However, with recent statements from formerly bisexual celebs who say that they are now straight (such as Lady Gaga and Jessie J who both came out as straight earlier this year) many are contemplating the topic of ‘fake bisexuals’. The fake bisexual is apparently a straight person who masquerades as queer for the sake of attention or to pander to a queer audience.

Now we don’t dispute that some people may just have a change of heart or sexuality (as one is wont to do) but faking it for personal gain seems a little iffy. One person who agrees with the idea that fake bisexuals are wrong is rapper Iggy Azalea and in a recent interview she has called them out.

Speaking to Pride Source on her new album, Iggy explained that:

“There was such a big trend of people being fake bisexuals. I don’t know what that was about. Like, “I’m such a bisexual woman,” and I’d be like, “But you had boyfriends your whole life; you’re not gay. Why are you pretending to be? What’s with that?”

While she is right that fake bisexuals suck, it’s uncomfortable rapper equates being bisexual to ‘pretending’ to be gay and she also invalidates bisexuality by suggesting that only having dated one gender means you aren’t attracted to another. However, given Iggy’s homophobic (and racist) outbursts in the past, it’s of little surprise.

Other choice (and rather offensive) quotes include Iggy saying that she’s the ‘mother hen’ of gay people, stating that she “always [calls herself] a drag queen” and explaining that her and gay people “have being ostracized in common” clearly failing to realise that she’s a privileged white woman making a dime off of the back of black culture. That’s certainly not my definition of being ‘ostracized’ anyway.

And furthermore, if there are still people out there looking to claim her as a member of the LGBT community due to comments she’s made in the past about how attractive women are, the rapper clarifies that she’s straight. Four times.

“I’m not gay. I love gay people, but I’m straight. I don’t wanna kiss girls. I’m not into girls. I appreciate women, and I like rapping about them, but in case you thought I was a lame person pretending to be gay, um, I’m not.”

The rest of this interview is at the source link below.

Source: Pride Source