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China Released An App To Make Your Family Believe You’re Straight

There’s an app for everything, from calculating the best times to use the bathroom, to hunting ghosts and locating potential cuddle buddies. And in China, there’s an app to make your parents think you’re straight.

In China, it’s not illegal to be gay, but it’s not socially acceptable, either. Many young women feel pressured to be married by a certain age. These women have two choices: force themselves into a heterosexual lifestyle to please their parents, or defy their families by continuing to live as a lesbian.

iHomo offers a third option. Gay men and women can use the app to arrange heterosexual marriages of convenience (xinghun) with each other. These marriages are based on mutual agreement: A gay man and a lesbian get married in front of both of their families and then, having satisfied their parents, the gay man and the lesbian return to their respective partners in secret.


Xinghun operate like business contracts. Couples decide in advance whether they will cohabitate, have children, visit each other’s parents and even get a divorce.

Ou Xiaobai, a thirty-two-year-old lesbian, designed iHomo, which has arranged over one hundred marriages to date. Xiobai married a man in 2012 in order to placate her mother, and is currently helping her girlfriend find a “husband” as well.

Says Xiobai:

We want to use marriages of convenience as a pragmatic way to ease the conflict so that homosexuals can live the life they want. We know how extremely difficult it will be, but we will fight for what we believe in and keep going forward.”

iHomo is not the first service of this kind. ChinaGayLes.com is a xinghun dating website that has arranged over 20,000 marriages since 2005. The dating app Queers, which does the same, currently has over 10,000 users. International Business Times estimates that there are over 100,000 gay and lesbian Chinese citizens currently seeking an arranged marriage.

As for Xiobai, she is currently expanding the app into in-person networking, socializing and match-making events.

Woman Sues Her Father’s Estate After He Disinherited Her For Being Gay

Donna White from British Columbia, Canada is suing her father’s estate, claiming he disinherited her for being gay.

The lawsuit, filed claims that her ‘sexual orientation is not a basis on which she should be disinherited by her father’.

White claims that her parents treated her ‘differently and unfairly from her siblings’ after she came out as a lesbian in 2001. In the suit, she says they never came to accept her sexuality, and even barred her long-time partner from entering their home. When she married in 2010, her parents and siblings did not acknowledge the marriage.

According to reports, White’s father died in April, aged 100. His will directs that his estate be divided equally between White’s sister and brother, with no provision for White, according to the lawsuit.

The suit contends that ‘her father failed to satisfy his moral obligations to her when he decided [to disinherit her].’

However, relatives of White deny that her parents ever had a problem with her sexual orientation.

Being disinherited by parents with anti-LGBT attitudes is a common problem in the LGBT community.

However, there is hope for White. Back in 2006, the Supreme Court in British Columbia found in favour of a man who brought a similar claim.

Back the case stated that: ‘Homosexuality is not a factor in today’s society for justifying a judicious parent disinheriting or limiting benefits to his child.’

However, while courts will often decide these cases on the basis of ‘public policy’ – generally ruling against decisions that are discriminatory.

The desire to prevent discrimination does not allow the court to deny the validity of an ‘absolute, unequivocal and unambiguous’ will based on third-party allegations of racism, the court of appeal panel said.

The written decision stated that public policy grounds did not ‘justify intervention simply because the court may regard the testator’s testamentary choices as distasteful, offensive, vengeful or small-minded’

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Father Arrested For Attacking His Gay Daughter With A Knife After She Came Out

A father has been jailed for trying to attack his daughter with a knife after she told him she was a lesbian.


According to WZTV, Ike Wright of Nashville, Tennessee was charged over the weekend with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the police report, Wright became “enraged” when he found out about his daughter’s sexuality.

He allegedly pulled out a knife and waved it at her, her girlfriend, and his son in “separate threatening actions.”

Police say Wright, who was said to be heavily intoxicated at the time of the assault, was “angry and agitated” and “ranted about his daughter being a lesbian throughout the interaction.”
Police say they found the weapon in Wright’s kitchen and arrested him for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


Mother Has Perfect Response to Anti-Gay Vandals Targeting Her Bisexual Daughters

Miranda DeLong, who identifies as bisexual, returned from work with a transgender friend to find her garage doors spray painted with the words: ‘I’m Gay.’


She immediately woke up her parents and her younger sister, who is also bisexual, and the family gathered outside to inspect the damage.

The sisters were in state of shock and their parents were furious, but their mother responded in the coolest way possible.

Instead of covering the graffiti in the original white, Erin and her daughters repainted the door in rainbow colours.


Our kids are our everything, and to see them hurt is worse than being hurt ourselves.

We decided that some announcements deserve more than gray spray paint. We made it rainbow so we could include all sexualities, we have many LGBT friends that visit our house and we wanted them to all feel accepted. It was a way to support them all.”

The DeLongs then posted the before and after photos on the Stop Homophobia and Have A Gay Day Facebook pages, where the family have received an outpouring of support.

Writing on the Have A Gay Day page.

A couple nights ago someone thought it was a good idea to spray paint “I’m gay” on my house at an attempt to insult/humiliate my sister and I, we’re both bi and many of our friends who spend time at our home are lgbt members. Today, me and my mother painted it rainbow. Being gay is rad!!!”