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Kristen Stewart Is Set To Play Coco Chanel In Upcoming Short Film From Karl Lagerfeld

Kristen Stewart is set to play Coco Chanel in an upcoming short film.

The film will be premiering on at the 12th annual Métiers d’Arts show in Rome on the 1st December and will be the third mini-film directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

In the film, Stewart will actually be playing an actress, playing Coco Chanel, whilst Geraldine Chaplin (daughter of Charlie) will be playing a middle-aged Coco directing K-Stew in a fictional biopic.

According to Karl Lagerfeld, Stewart’s take on the character of the young actress is apparently “very, very mean”, so we can’t wait to see just how K-Stew plays one of the most iconic women in fashion.


Stewart is certainly no stranger to the fashion house, frequently acting as a muse for the Chanel brand, appearing in a variety of campaigns, and regularly sitting in the front-row of their shows.


Most recently, she was seen gracing the catwalk alongside Julianne Moore in the label’s iconic Grand Palais casino Autumn 2015 couture show.

Lagerfeld’s films in the past have always been exceptionally beautiful.

Last year’s “Reincarnation” short film for the Paris-Salzburg Métiers d’Arts show featured Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams in a fairytale dream sequence, where Pharrell wrote an original song specifically for the film entitled ‘CC the World.’


Other previous short films “The Return” and “Once Upon a Time” featured Geraldine Chaplin and Keira Knightley respectively, in the role of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

Unfortunately the film will be debuting behind closed doors at the prestigious, ticketed event, but luckily for us it will be shared online soon after.

Ellen DeGeneres & Gap New Clothing Line for Girls Challenges Gender Stereotypes

Ellen DeGeneres has launched a new collection for Gap Kids that is for every girl no matter…

… whether they skateboard or dance, wear dresses or jeans, build forts or paint rainbows, or everything in between.”



Featuring more gender-neutral colours, the line features uplifting slogans like “Be your own hero.”

We focus so much on our differences and that is creating a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think that if we focus on what we all have in common which is ‘we all just want to be happy’ that would be a lot better.”

The children’s clothing line is a direct descendant of ED by Ellen, a collection of women’s apparel, accessories and decorative home products.

Gap says $250,000 from the sales of GapKids x ED will be donated to Girls Inc., a not-for-profit focused on giving girls confidence.


The Gaze & Other Stories: Broadening The View On Gender In Fashion

H&M sister brand & Other Stories this week launched a transgender inclusive advertising campaign.

The video includes models Valentijn de Hugh and Hari Nef taking part in a photo shoot for their new capsule collection.

All those involved with the shoot are also transgender: photographer Amos Mac (editor of trans magazine Original Plumbing), stylist Love Bailey and make-up artists Nina Poon.

De Hugh says

I think it’s so weird that when we are born the first thing that we are, even before we have a name, or an identity, we are either male or female, before you even know anything about the person who was just born.

Being born male or being born female decides so much about who you are allowed to be in life. And I just don’t want to live under those constraints. I want to break free from those.”

Hari Nef added

Fashion has played a huge role in my process of constructing my identity. Fashion can apply to a wider audience of people and maybe it will lose its reputation as the scary, esoteric club where if you’re not skinny, white, thin, cis-gender, able-bodied and rich, you can’t participate.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 14.31.35

In a press statement about the campaign, & Other Stories’ creative director Sara Hildén Bengtson said:

The fashion world is embracing transgender models and we think that’s great. But we couldn’t help to ask ourselves how the traditional fashion gaze can change if we keep the same normative crew behind the camera. So we invited five amazing creatives, all transgender, to make our latest story.”

The advert has been praised by the Human Rights Campaign, who applauded the fact that H&M have become a transgender-inclusive workplace.

H&M earned a 70 [out of 100] on the 2015 Corporate Equality Index, HRC’s survey and report benchmarking corporate policies, practices and benefits related to LGBT inclusion. H&M’s transgender specific workplace initiatives include non-discrimination protection based on gender identity and the company offers transgender inclusive healthcare coverage.”


New Study Confirms Ellen DeGeneres As Top Role Model for Millennial Women

According to a new study by Meredith Corp, marketers wanting to reach out to millennial women in their upcoming campaigns need to think about tie-ins with J.K. Rowling, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Ellen DeGeneres.

These women headed the list of celebrities who either best represent the values of millennial females or who are thought of as role models.

Topping that list was 57-year-old DeGeneres which is surprising considering her age against the target audience. However, it also indicated that when it comes to role models, millennial women are looking outside their own age group.

Ellen DeGeneres Welcome Party

The media company that targets women in categories like beauty, food and home, says by 2020 according to U.S. Census projections, millennial women will number 80.4 million, and according to New Strategic Press, will have a spending power of $2.5 trillion annually. They also cite a Realtor.com figure that predicts millennial woman by that year will account for two-thirds of all first-time homebuyers.

The survey offers up various data in the areas of beauty, food and home, and also presents some insights into the thought process of millennial women.

For example, 27% think weight acceptance is the most pressing issue facing women today; 25% believe it’s wage equality; 19% believe it’s domestic violence; and 10% believe it’s quality healthcare.

And 83% of millennial women say they are ready for a female president.


When it comes to media, the survey says millennial women turn to different media for different reasons. They say print provides “tech disconnect” and “me time,” while digital satisfies their need for information and TV offers entertainment and escape.

Most millennial women rely on laptops (81%) and their smartphones (80%) for Internet access, more than any other generation, and are much less likely to use tablets or desktops. And social media is a mainstay in their lives.

Some 90% access Facebook at least once a week, 77% access YouTube, 57% access Instagram, 56% use Pinterest, 47% use Twitter and 28% use Snapchat.

In the area of beauty, 73% of millennial women say looking “beautiful/sexy” is important to them. That compares to 57% of Boomer women who say that.

A majority of millennial women (62%) consider themselves “foodies” and 79% like to experiment when cooking. While 70% say they will stick to food brands they trust, 78% will try new products if recommended by friends. Big purchase motivators also include coupons (64%) and price (63%). Millennials also turn to digital to get information on different foods.

One piece of data seems contradictory. Boomer women are more concerned with eating healthy (76% vs. 63% of millennial women), yet millennial women are more likely to look for natural/organic ingredients.

In the area of home, 75% of millennial women like to decorate and do home improvement projects; 69% like to experiment to change the look of their home; and 52% change their home décor seasonally.

Pinterest was listed as millennial women’s most influential source of impacting a home product purchase, followed by recommendations from friends and family.


Ellen DeGeneres: My clothing Line Gives Girls the Voice I Never Had

Like most of us queer women born in a certain era, Ellen DeGeneres as a child was forced to wear dresses, pinks and a lot of “girly” things her mother made for her wear – sigh.

Talking to Mashable, Ellen said

When I was growing up I didn’t have a lot of choices, as most kids don’t. It really starts when you’re young. It starts when you’re able to express yourself…”

Enter GapKids x ED and the #heyworld campaign, which launches this week. A clothing line that Ellen hopes will allow children to express their authentic identities and empower girls to embrace what makes them different.

ellen-gap-01 ellen-gap-02

In the past, Ellen says she tired to appease her parents by wearing traditional girls’ clothes out in public — from school to church — and afterward immediately changing into comfortable outfits, similar to her sartorial tastes today.

It’s really important to dress in a way that is you, and these clothes that we have designed together are very unique and very powerful and very different.”

Besides DeGeneres, other influencers such as Hilary Duff, Victoria Justice and Nikki Reed, have joined the crusade and will be hash-tagging “heyworld” on social media, for young people either seeking advice or encouragement.


Ellen added

I’m a comedian, I’m funny some of the time, but I’m not funny all of the time. I’m definitely sad sometimes. I have my days when I’m down, and my days when the world is overwhelming and sad things happen. You should look for ways to feel better about yourself and not get down on yourself because you’re having a bad day.”

She wants people to use the hashtag campaign for this purpose, and to talk through tough times.

I want to see what people are writing, what they choose to express, and what they choose to say. I want to see if socially they are going to send us message [about] who they are, what sets them apart, what makes them unique.”


Tricia Nichols, global lead of consumer engagement and partnerships for Gap, added

Ellen represents an American icon with a commitment to individuality. ED by Ellen is all about “being allowed to be the individual you are.”

Along with DeGeneres, Gap plans to highlight responses and inspiring stories that come from the movement — on her show, Instagram and Twitter.

Hopefully young girls are going to get empowered by this, which is my goal,”

Ellen DeGeneres Inspires Young Girls Fashion with New GapKids Range

Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres and her lifestyle brand ED has teamed with Gap to produce GapKids x ED

The 57-year-old chat show host revealed she loves working with them because of their principles and standards.


Gap has always encouraged people to be themselves, and I love that they have the same values that I have: to be true to who you are and to wear cute pants.

I know from my own experience that nothing makes you feel better than being who you are and celebrating what makes you unique. I think if we shine a light on real girls doing incredible things, that’ll encourage other girls and boys to do incredible things, and that’ll encourage even more people to do incredible things, and eventually the world will be a more incredibler place.”

Pieces from the collection – which are modelled by a pro-Skateboarder, a young entrepreneur, a professional drummer, and a 9-year-old engineer of prosthetic hands – will feature lightning bolts to depict power and speech bubbles to represent words of encouragement.


Also read: Ellen DeGeneres Discusses Designing Clothes In A Post-Gender World

Although the collection focuses on clothing for girls, there will also be a small assortment of apparel for boys and adults.


Ellen said in a statement:

I think it’s important to teach boys at a young age to respect girls and their ideas. It’s like Aretha Franklin spelled, R-E-S-P-E-C-D. By the way, we have some really amazing boys clothes in the collection. We believe in equal opportunity cuteness.”

The collection will be available on gap.com and in GapKids stores worldwide in August.

Ellen DeGeneres New Luxury Lifestyle Brand ‘ED’ is Finally Launched (Video)

It’s hard to imagine, and frankly pretty unfair, that someone could be as hilarious and stylish as Ellen DeGeneres. But the comedian and everyone’s favourite talk show host just proved her fashion prowess with the launch of her new lifestyle brand, ED.

First announced last month, Ellen explained that she was inspired by fans who were copying her “very distinct way of dressing”, but struggling to find the clothing they wanted to buy.

The website offers a range of clothes and homeware goods chosen by the chat show host.

ED-clothing-01 2 ED-clothing-01 ED-clothing-03 ED-clothing-04 ED-clothing-05

Also read: Ellen DeGeneres Discusses Designing Clothes In A Post-Gender World

She described the line, which features bomber jackets, blazers and shorts, as not being “extremely feminine, it’s not masculine, it’s just comfortable”.

The name of the line comes from Portia de Rossi’s nickname for Ellen, and if that’s not enough to make you fall in love with it, the collection’s even better than we imagined.

Ellen DeGeneres Discusses Designing Clothes In A Post-Gender World

Ellen DeGeneres Discusses Designing Clothes In A Post-Gender World

Her new lifestyle brand, ED, features all things Ellen, including a clothing collection — slouchy sweaters, soft T-shirts, sleek bomber jackets, casual blazers — made for the rest of us.

In a recent interview with refinery29, DeGeneres discussed her reasons for designing her new gender fluid brand.

I was having a hard time finding clothes that I felt comfortable in. I think dressing every day is a way of expressing yourself. You can almost see someone’s personality with what they wear. I don’t wear a lot of bright colours, because even though I’m in the public eye and on television, I’m not an extrovert. I’m a very quiet, shy person if you know me. I dress in more earth tones and more neutral colours because, it’s weird, but I don’t like to stand out. I also like to be really comfortable. And, I’ve never found women’s clothes that I felt completely comfortable in, the way they were cut. I didn’t want to wear men’s clothes, and if I did like something… I would always have to alter it to fit me.


On how the brand started, Degeneres added

We started making my own clothes on the show and noticing that a lot of people who were coming to the show were trying to dress like me, but those clothes weren’t out there. I mean, I have a very distinct way of dressing, and clearly other people are responding to it, so that was the impetus to launch the brand. So, there’s a line that’s out there that’s not extremely feminine, it’s not masculine, it’s just comfortable.”

Degeneres, says like most of us, she struggled to find clothes that truly expressed herself

We find our own way instead of just going along with what society presents us. It’s the same with clothing. I was just wearing what I could find that was comfortable for me. I mean, if you look back at some of my styles — unfortunately, they’re all documented because I’ve been on television since the ’80s — there’s some bad style there. I think maybe Sinbad was an influence for me? That’s a joke. Also, for a time, I was closeted, so I was also highly aware of, How can I be myself and be comfortable and yet not give away the fact that I’m gay? Stella McCartney, Jil Sander, rag & bone — I loved a lot of clothes, but they weren’t exactly me. It took time for me to recognise what exactly made me comfortable.”

I don’t like extreme, feminine things. And, I don’t like masculine things, and yet I’m more drawn to men’s sweaters or the way Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt dresses. So, I think it’s blending both of those things to be sort of non-gender-specific, just cool and classic. ’Cause I don’t think blue is for boys and pink is for girls. I don’t think that exists anymore. We’re living in a world where, you know, Bruce Jenner is a woman. We’re learning so much about gender and sexuality and fluidity, and I think that should blend and bleed into the fashion world.”

You can read the full article at refinery29

Rihanna Unveils her First Dior Campaign and Makes Fashion History in the Process

After months of waiting, Met Gala afterparty princess Rihanna has shared the first images from the Dior Secret Garden shoot on her Instagram account last night.


Shot by renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein in March, they show her posing at nightfall in the historic palace of Versailles just outside Paris.

However, BadGalRiri’s campaign is more significant than you think. The American Oxygen singer is the first black woman to front the house in its 69-year history.

Dior chief executive officer Sidney Toledano told WWD:

[Rihanna] knew how to work with Versailles. She has this kind of elegance – we saw it from the very first moment — and then she can surprise. She can be unexpected and we like it. It’s part of this personality.”

Watch the first teaser trailer for the accompanying film below. The full film will be released on 18 May.

First Look at Ellen DeGeneres’ New Clothing Range

As we all, know America’s favourite funny lady Ellen DeGeneres is adding ‘designer’ to her résumé, with the launch lifestyle brand ED (pronounced “Ed,” a nod to wife Portia de Rossi’s nickname for her).



And now we’re starting to get a peak at the new collection, which serves up cool tailored clothing and eclectic housewares inspired by DeGeneres’ own closets and homes.

Ellen DeGeneres' New Lifestyle Brand 07

I want my line to be the answer to ‘I have nothing to wear. Guests on my show always ask me where they can get my clothes. Now I’m excited to tell them, ‘I’m wearing me!'”

A teaser site, only informational and with imagery, goes live May 18 at Edbyellen.com with sales opening in mid-June.

Ellen DeGeneres' New Lifestyle Brand 06

The specific date is to be determined, as the full site remains under construction. Conversations are under way with a major retail partner and a deal should be in place in time for the fall selling season. In addition, a major event is being planned for New York Fashion Week, with the details still under discussion.

The whole brand is beyond what I expected. It’s my brand, but I can kind of brag about it, [because] it’s other people that made this happen and executed it.”

Reflecting DeGeneres’ personal style, the fashion focuses on classic tailoring and sharp attention to detail. Casual and chic — DeGeneres’ guiding mantra. Inherent therein: the comfort quotient.

It just doesn’t exist [elsewhere],” DeGeneres contended. “That’s what’s special about it. What makes a shirt different, any sweater different — it’s just all in the detail. Everything about it is casual and yet it’s chic.

This is nothing new to say, but I don’t think you should sacrifice style for comfort. That’s mainly the way I dress. I care about how I look and I care about aesthetic tremendously; I like nice things.”

Ellen DeGeneres' New Lifestyle Brand 05 Ellen DeGeneres' New Lifestyle Brand 08

For Ellen each item must not only look good but make sense.

I’m not going to wear a dress because I just don’t feel comfortable in dresses, but if I were to wear a dress it would be that dress. Probably Kim Kardashian is not going to buy my clothes. She might — and then just shorten them….I don’t think anyone [on the team] dis- agreed with me when I said the dress was too short and it wasn’t an objectification issue. It was more practical — when you sit down. I have a lot of actresses on the show. They come out and sit down and say, ‘oh, I didn’t sit down backstage. I didn’t see how short this was going to be.’ The stylists dress them right before they come out. They come down and sit down and they can’t cross their legs. I think it’s important to be able to wear a dress and be comfortable and sit down and not worry about how you sit.”

Ellen DeGeneres' New Lifestyle Brand 03 Ellen DeGeneres' New Lifestyle Brand 02

Queer Fashion Week is a Brilliant, Diverse Alternative Fashion Event

When we look at the models who walk the runways at New York, London, Paris and Milan’s fashion weeks, we very rarely see faces and bodies that look like ours. Not only are these models chosen for the job because of their ethereal beauty (beauty that is said to be far superior to that of the common person) but they are rarely at or above the average weight and they don’t represent an ethnically diverse population either.

In fact, in Jezebel’s annual survey of the fashion industry, 78.69% of the models who walked in 2014 were white. Just 9.75% of models were black, 7.67% were Asian, 2.12% were Latina and the stats are even worse for models of other, non-white ethnic backgrounds as just 0.45% were called up to the runway ranks.

The same Jezebel report also suggested that the tide is turning and that indeed, more designers and those in the fashion industry are talking about diversity and how they can improve the numbers – but clearly, this is not enough. For the millions of non-white, not-skinny, not-so ‘traditionally beautiful’ faces around the globe, we need a solution now. We need queer fashion week.

Queer fashion week (QFW) took place last month in Oakland, California. Between April 16-19, over 25 queer-owned brands showed off their wares including: Haute Butch, Size Queen Clothing; Immigreat Designs, Sun Sun, Qwear Fashion and the brilliantly named Lady Lovers. QFW drew in over 1,000 attendees, which is impressive considering that fashion weeks are mostly done with and this is an event that’s happening outside of the usual industry sphere.

One of the core principles of the event was to get queer clothing in front of queer bodies but it was also about using queer fashion to power the conversation forward. For example; some fashion houses have used androgynous models or have clothed models in gender neutral clothing but when they are backed up racist hiring practices leading to a lack of diversity (even andro models are often white) there are clearly systemic issues there that need to be addressed, discussed and picked apart. QFW hopes to do this, boosting a discussions about intersectionality, racism, the gender binary, gender norms, classism and other topics that the LGBTQ+ community holds near and dear.

Queer Fashion Week 01 Queer Fashion Week 02 Queer Fashion Week 03 Queer Fashion Week 04 Queer Fashion Week 05 Queer Fashion Week 06 Queer Fashion Week 08 Queer Fashion Week 09

For those who were unable to attend Queer Fashion Week in 2015, the organised have already announced dates for next year – QF2 2016 takes place between April 14-17.


& Other Stories Debuts Valentine’s Day Campaign Starring Lesbian Couple

The fashion company & Other Stories has a new Valentine’s day campaign, which features models and real-life couple, Eden Clark and Lizzie Tovell.

The photo shoot highlights the tender moments in their relationship via a series of romantic and subtle self-portraits, and presents positive representation of queer love in mainstream outlets.

&-Other-Stories &-Other-Stories-02 &-Other-Stories-07 &-Other-Stories-08 &-Other-Stories-09

This is not the first time the company has used a same-sex couple in the advertising. The British retailer featured real life lesbian fashion couple Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Harper in a lookbook last spring.

David Beckham’s New H&M Range Clearly Has Queer Appeal

Will the new David Beckham’s H&M collection be entering your wardrobe the season?

Well, I have to say yes. Why, because the new collection is made up of key and essential pieces for spring, including a classic poplin white shirt, linen bomber jacket, white chalk-washed denim jacket and a sharp linen blazer – ideal for a queer tomboy edge or dapper style.


This week David Beckham announced he would be extending his role at H&M beyond his body-wear range with a new collection of his favourite pieces.

The new range is called Modern Essentials by David Beckham, which has been specially curated from his favourite pieces for the season.


Speaking about the campaign and new collection – which will be launched in stores and online worldwide on March 5, 2015 – he enthused:

“I am thrilled to continue and extend my collaboration with H&M by selecting my favourite pieces from this spring’s Modern Essentials collection. Each piece is a new wardrobe classic that will update every man’s spring wardrobe with great style. Marc Forster is one of my favourite directors – I can’t wait to reveal the new campaign with H&M”

David Beckham

David-Beckham-07 David-Beckham-02 David-Beckham-04 David-Beckham-06

Watch H&M’s behind the scenes film with David Beckham and Marc Forster below:

Cara Delevingne Butches It Up For New DKNY Menswear Campaign

Cara Delevingne is once again shining for DKNY, but this time she is butching things up for the new menswear campaign.

Wearing a dapper three-piece suit and tie, wedged trainers and no make-up for the shoot, she stars alongside male models Binx Walton, Xiao Wen Ju and Sam Rollinson in the brand’s SS15 campaign, shot in New York City.

The model-come-actress-come-singer is no stranger to the androyonous look having confessed to being a “total tomboy” on many occasions.


Proving her versatility, Delevingne also poses for the womenswear campaign too, channeling urban ’90s with Sam Rollinson and Binx Walton. The women’s outfits showcase the label’s sporty and striped collection.


So which Delevingne look do you prefer?

Cara Delevingne Turns Up The Heat For DKNY’s Latest Lingerie Campaign 

Right now, we all know Cara Delevingne is one of the world’s biggest supermodels. Always out with different female celebs in tow, photoed 24/7 and in every magazine. However, we very rarely get to see a sexy side of her… well that is until now, where she is turning up the heat for DKNY, proving she’s capable of juggling a successful career and a booming social life.

Off the catwalk she’s famed for wearing jeans, hipster T-Shirts and baseball caps, but the 22-year-old Brit model has totally transformed for her latest campaign with DKNY.

Cara T-shirts 02

Wearing nothing with the garments except for an unzipped black hoodie and a pair of grey socks, Cara smolders to the camera while she makes a call on a payphone.


Austro-Hungarian Empire Sets the Scene for Karl Lagerfeld New Short Film ft Pharrell and Cara Delevingne

For his latest short film ‘Reincarnation’ for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has recruited ‘ageless’ music master, Pharrell Williams, and ‘it-girl’ Cara Delevingne to star in the fashion house’s pre-fall extravaganza, which will take place on December 2nd in Salzburg, Austria. Geraldine Chaplin also co-stars.

Lagerfeld seems confident in his choices, saying,

“None of this would have been possible without Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Geraldine Chaplin. It’s the perfect cast. Pharrell is a genius and Geraldine at her best in the role of Gabrielle Chanel in the year of her comeback.”

Karl Lagerfeld

The dreamy-Disney style fairytale, transports the viewer back to the 1950s Austro-Hungarian Empire, and to go with the fairy tale vibe, the film features a song written by Pharrell, with singing from both him and Delevingne. The two will also be the faces of the upcoming campaign.

The film will be played in Salzburg on the 1st December, the night before the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection will be shown.

The below clip is how Lagerfeld imagines a part of Gabrielle Chanel’s life to have been, he says,

“It was time to show the origins of the CHANEL jacket, inspired by the one worn by the lift attendant in a hotel near Salzburg in the 1950s (…) Reincarnation is the story of a lift attendant’s jacket being reincarnated as a timeless piece of women’s wear.”

Karl Lagerfeld




In the film we will see Gabrielle holidaying in Salzburg where she meets a young lift-boy – Pharrell – whose uniform inspires her to create a classic and iconic Chanel design.

Why We Love The Latest Collection From Homme Boy

The new collection from HOMME BOY‘s designer Kyle Pak offers consumers, and collaborators a chance to watch the brand evolve.

The Los Angeles-based label latest collection – ‘101’ – consists of totally unique, one-off pieces that incorporate custom cuts, exclusive fabrics, and artful reinterpretations of their signature styles.

Still rooted in clashing subcultures, the collection encapsulates a mixture HOMME BOY’s past, present, and future, with ‘101’ signifying the way Pak revises, in order to refine, modifies and magnify the power of his products.








#NYFW News | Pharrell’s RAW for the Oceans spring-summer collection

The weather never seems to cooperate with New York Fashion Week. In February it’s freezing and icy, and in September it seems to get even hotter than the summer that just ended.

Most designers usually wait to show their faces after the models hit the runway. Not Pharrell.

The pop star led a dozen models Friday during New York Fashion Week for his RAW for the Oceans collection.

He sported his signature hat and denim was a staple for the line, a collaboration with G-Star and Bionic Yarn, which produces fabrics made by fibers collected from recycled plastic bottles.

“It’s very easy to forget we live on this planet. We don’t want to just talk about it, but we actually wanted to put it in practice.”


Cara Delevingne’s New DKNY Collection

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is on a mission to get into our wardrobes next season. First came her Mulberry bag collection, and now her full sports-tastic 15-piece ‘capsule collection’ with Donna Karan’s much-loved diffusion label seals her status as a bona fide fashion designer.

Cara Delevingne DKNY 15

“There are 15 pieces to play with—no rules, no ‘looks,’ just opportunities. DKNY is urban and edgy but most of all, it’s individual! They truly embrace the weirdness in all ofc  us, so you can really be yourself.”

Cara Delevingne

Cara has been heavily involved in this collaboration – she’s already been the casting agent and stylist for the campaign. Now she’s even put on her PR hat and written her own press release littered with exclamation marks and capital letters.

Cara Delevingne DKNY 04

CaraD4DKNY doesn’t officially launch until October, but we’re already getting a sneak peek at the items.

Watch Cara Delevingne ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

5 More Androgynous Fashion Stylers to Take Note From

5 More Androgynous Fashion Stylers to Take Note of

Brklyn Breed

Brklyn Breed is the brainchild of Tae, a photographer, blogger and entrepreneur with a serious thing for bracelets, bow ties, and other accessories.

Website: www.brklynbreed.tumblr.com & www.brklyn.bigcartel.com

5 Tomboy Fashion 01

Tomboy BKLYN

An intriguing “curated perspective” on the very best in unisex style, be it street threads or high-end designer-wear. This Tumblr is simply oozing with inspiration.

Website: www.tomboybklyn.tumblr.com

Androgynous Fashion Design

One real USP of this VEEA label is the way in which it interacts with its public. Regular competitions allow fans to get involved with designing clothes as well as winning them. There’s first-rate fashion advice on offer here too.

Website: www.androgynousfashion.com

5 Tomboy Fashion 05

I Dream of Dapper

Ashleigh Bingham’s Tumblr profile is perhaps best known for its innovative “50 Days of Dapper”challenge which was an exhaustive analysis of the very best in unisex style.

Website: www.idreamofdapper.com


Marimacho’s angle is tomboyish apparel that will fit any kind of body shape. Great stuff.

Website: www.marimachobk.com

Queer Fashion | Look Good, Save the World – Your Guide to Eco-Fashion

It’s 2014, so buzzwords like “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” or “recycled” are no longer just trendy. Taking care of our world has just become common sense. Saving the Earth doesn’t just have to be limited to your home’s recycling bins and compact fluorescent light bulb. If reducing your carbon footprint through your wardrobe strikes your fancy, you’re in luck. Here at KitschMix, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best eco-fashion companies so you don’t have to.


The U.S.-based HELPSY was founded on the grounds of ethical fashion. Their clothing is made with eco-conscious materials, and they provide pieces from cruelty-free sources, Fair Trade, local production, and recycled material. What we love most about HELPSY, though, is their androgynous clothing. Their graphic tees cleverly label famous pictures with captions (Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait with the word “SELFIE” is an apt choice), and their bow-ties are printed with brilliant floral patterns.



For flattering basics that look good and last forever, check out Loomstate. This company’s entire clothing collection comes from organic cotton farms. Pieces made from organic cotton not only avoid synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but they generally come from farmers that are self-sufficient. Eco-friendly and economically conscious? We think that’s pretty great. Plus, the brightly colored clothing falls right on trend with summer 2014’s summer palate. If you’d rather have a geometric print than bold colors, make sure to look at the men’s collection of tees.

H&M Conscious Collection

You may have noticed by now—green fashion isn’t always kind to your wallet. If you’re convinced that your budget simply can’t stretch to include eco-friendly clothing, try walking into your local H&M. The company’s Conscious Collection matches the price point of their other affordable clothing, but pieces are made from sustainable and organic sources.

There you have it — three places to shop so that you can look hot and save the world.

Wonderful, I’m Not a Joke

Created by Daniel Arzola, I’m Not a Joke is a campaign spreading awareness for the LGBT community through art and design. In light of the recent violent acts against the sexually diverse community in Venezuela. It initially seeks to expand in the online community. If you’d like to share your opinion please do so via twitter using the hashtag #ImNotaJoke.

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