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Female Masturbation Had A Big Year In Sweden This Year

Sweden brought us loads of joy this year when they came up with a catchy term for female masturbation – klittra.


And how did they come up with this magical word?! Well After holding a contest, and the word comes from a combination of clitoris and glitter.

Now The Local reports klittra was the most-used word in Sweden in 2015.

The “much-anticipated” official list is worth checking out in full (any country that used “douche” and “cosplay” enough to land those words at the top of the list is worth reading about), but it’s especially exciting that klittra is number one.

Lena Lind Palicki, of the Swedish council’s new word group, said that klittra’s position on the list shows an enthusiasm and appreciation for a new linguistic focus on female pleasure.

She points out that the original male-centric word for masturbation – onanera – failed to hit the top five.

Hooray, klittra for all!

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