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Mary Lambert Inspirational #BodyLove Campaign

For a woman in the world, there are certain things that you know are practically certain: your views will not always be considered as equal as a man’s (because of the patriarchy), there’s a strong chance that you won’t be paid in line with a man who’s doing the same job (because of the patriarchy) and no matter whether you’re big, small, short, tall or a combination of the above, people will find it valid to criticise your appearance and try and say judgemental things about your body (also because of the patriarchy). But dismantling the patriarchy isn’t something that can be done over night (God knows many have tried) and no matter how hard you fight those self-deprecating thoughts, it can be a little difficult to boost your self-esteem all by your lonesome. Bring on Mary Lambert’s #BodyLove campaign then, teaching you to love and appreciate yourself, one body part at a time.

Initially used as a way to promote her new single, effectively called Body Love, Mary Lambert’s new campaign is more than just a hopeful bit of marketing and is actually being used as a way to uplift women and girls into a place where the things that they think and feel about their own bodies far outweigh whatever negativity is coming their way from other people. Mary Lambert is a great person to pioneer this too, using the fame she garnered after singing the hook from her song She Keeps Me Warm on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ popular tune, Same Love, to boost #BodyLove even further.

How the campaign works is that every day for a week on her Instagram (marylambertsing), Lambert would pick a body part, photograph it, explain why she loves it and then post it with the tag #BodyLove showing the world that frankly, they can say what they want about her body but she does not give a damn. Lambert even took to her website to explain the campaign,

“I decided to launch The Body Love campaign in conjunction with the anticipation of the video starting today. Every day on my Instagram, I will focus on a part of my body that I embrace, and offer you to do the same- posting a picture with it, hashtags, and a description that will automatically post to the Body Love Campaign website. Your empowerment and strength can be a tool for others. I believe we can build each other up.  I think self love is one of the most important and potentially culture-shifting movements that is happening and can be propelled. I was inspired by Denise Jolly’s“Be Beautiful” project, and Sonya Renee’s “The Body is Not an Apology” movement.

The #BodyLove movement is absolutely one that we can all get behind and you can watch Mary Lambert’s Body Love music video below!

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Turning Our Ideas of Feminine Beauty Upside Down

Western society is full of double standards when it comes to feminine beauty. Ben Hopper (London-based photographer) has taken a small step towards dealing with some of these problems by creating a simple photo series that turns our ideas of feminine body hair and beauty upside down. This photo series is called “Natural Beauty,”

“Although armpit hair is a natural state it has become a statement. Why is that? For almost a century we have been brainwashed by the beauty industry, encouraging hair removal. By creating a contrast between common ‘fashionable’ female beauty and the raw unconventional look of female armpit hair thoughts are intrigued and a discussion is made.”

Ben Hopper

Hopper challenges the idea that hairy women are in any way unattractive or unhygienic.


Armpit shaving came about in 1910 through the first women’s shaving campaign; and since then the industry has taken off and not looked back. Along with their new line of feminine hygiene products cam countless ads convincing women that armpit hair was unhygienic and unattractive.

Source: therealbenhopper.com