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17 Subtle Things Femmes Do That Are Totally Sexy

We’re often prescribed a formula of what sexy is. But really, sex appeal comes in many different forms, and some are definitely subtler than others.

So we posed the question “What’s secretly sexy about women?” to a group of queer women and got a flurry of fascinating answers.

“An exposed back. Pow! The line down a woman’s back is one of the sexiest things in the world…”

“When they give you a single wink that no else sees.”


“When girls have the messy hair. It’s kinda like you just got out of bed, but you could still go clubbing looking like that.”


“You know what? I don’t like feet, but I really appreciate when a girl has pretty feet…”


“Going to or coming from yoga is always a plus.”


“When she butches it up by wear an oversized T-Shirt.”


“Collar bones. They make me dreamy.”


“I love when women put their hair up… I think it’s just super sexy.”


“She’s in a sundress and it’s beautiful! And she’s probably not wearing anything else underneath the sundress. It’s flirtation in a piece of cloth.”


“Love it, love it when women give me a hard time.”


“A genuine thoughtfulness about other people is really attractive.”


“Oh, if a girl can sing, that’s it for me.”


“Their hands, and when they gesturing a lot – I’m mean a lot.”


“Being comfortable and confident with their body. No matter what their size is.”


“I don’t think the earlobes get enough credit.”

“I need a girl who’s equally as driven as me. I love Ms. Independent ‘cause she got her own.”


“Baggy T-shirt, no bra. What? Don’t judge me”



Leather Luxe | The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

Nothing quite rivals the richness and texture that leather brings to an outfit. Leather is buttery, luscious, and sexy. This material has become more than just a fall/winter staple, and it has become a yearlong trend. You can’t argue with the timelessness and chic luxury that it adds to your wardrobe.

The question now is how to incorporate leather effortlessly into your everyday dressing, and the easiest way to do this is through accessorizing. No need to the break the bank on this one though since there are a lot of chic and inexpensive options out there for leather accessories. You can start with this season’s hottest leather trend—perforated lather. Whether it’s a laser-cut leather clutch or a dotted perforated black ankle bootie, this trend can easily up the ante of any ensemble. It adds edge without looking seasonally inappropriate. Pro tip: Keep an eye out for eyelet leather. It’s a great way to keep your leather accent light and feminine.

Another hot summer leather trend is fringe. With Roberto Cavalli and Valentino blazing the trail for bohemian luxe with their leather fringe bags, you can be sure that this style will go from runway to reality. You can opt for leather fringe on your low-cut boots, perfect for those breezy summer dresses. Fringe might be typically of the boho aesthetic, but it can also easily be translated into cocktail hour with a black leather clutch with sleek fringe accents.

If you count yourself as a fashion risk taker, bravely embrace this trend in leather skirts, shorts, and tops. Leather has become a fashion tour de force that designers are now using it as a material for pretty much everything, from full midi skirts, crop tops, boxy blouses, shorts, and even as sleeve accents for T-shirts. When purchasing a major leather piece, make sure that the tailoring is top-notch and the fit is just right. Keep in mind that this is not fabric, which has some give; so fit is very important. When styling your latest leather purchase, be sure to balance its toughness with softer accents like a draped silk shirt or a delicate pair of nude sandals.

For the classicists, a leather motorcycle jacket is a style essential that will go a long way. It is a piece you can wear as a cover-up over anything in your closet. It can be thrown on a T-shirt and jeans for more casual days, or wear over a bright-colored sheath dress for an edgy take on cocktail dressing.


Summer Boots: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

Summer boots are a must-have when the weather warms up; and come rain or shine, these boots will inject urban appeal into every outfit. So take your pick – from ankle boots and sports-luxe styles, to women’s Desert Boots and Chelsea boots.

Remember shoes trends come and go but ankle boots are always on the fashionista’s agenda; lighter than knee high boots but smarter than pumps, the summer boot is a wardrobe winner. Versatile, you can wear them with a pair of jeans or with funky tights and leggings.


Queer Fashion | Curves Ahead

Embrace your every curve and have fun with fashion! We’ve picked out 5 summer fashion must-haves are perfect for your figure. You’d be surprised at some of our picks and fashion tricks. (Helpful Hint: Not all stripes are evil.)

Nautical Stripes – Yes, you heard us right. Stripes can be slimming, the right kind of stripes that is. Choose a slender stripe in a dark background color and make sure that the fit is not too loose. A striped top worn with distressed denim, espadrilles, and red lips—can you say tres chic?

Maxi Dress – A long, flowing dress is a quick fashion fix, especially during the warm summer months. Don’t get those strapless or empire maxi dresses, those tend to be unflattering. Choose a maxi dress with a vertical drape from the bust line that’ll elongate, or opt for a maxi tank dress and show off your curves.

Sheer Kimono – A sheer lightweight layer over a tank top or a T-shirt is summer layering at its best. Steer clear of those draped cardigans; it looks bulky when layered. Sheer kimonos are refreshing and right on trend. Pick a kimono in a fun and playful print, and it’ll up the style quotient of your summer outfits. Bonus: you can use these as cover-ups either beachside or poolside.

Printed Skirts – Full skirts are a bona fide spring/summer trend. Show off that gorgeous hourglass in full skirts that cinch at the waist. The volume of the skirt is very flattering. Choose a skirt that ends in the middle of your calf and pair it with wedges or kitten heels, skirts are the best part of seasonal dressing so have fun with it! Printed bottoms are a great way to balance out your body. If you want a shorter hem, go for a printed skater skirt. It has a flattering cut and skims your hips quite nicely.

Espadrille Wedges – Cork and wood wedges are permanent fixtures in any woman’s shoe rack. Espadrille wedges are summer’s it shoe. Wedges make your calves look amazing and the height instantly makes you look more statuesque, all without sacrificing comfort. Suitable for both your city escapades and weekend getaways, espadrille wedges give a global elegance to any ensemble. Plus you can wear it with almost anything!

Summer Shorts: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

It’s been a long time coming, but winter is officially behind us and summer is on its way, so shorts are now top of our wish list.

This means one vital change to your wardrobe – shorts. It’s time to ditch the jeans and invest in our key shapes for the season, whether you’re going away on a beach holiday or planning a much-needed stay-cation.

So are legs waxed and tanned to perfection? Well kinda –to the knee counts right?! So now the next question is which shorts style are you going for this season?

Sports shorts – yep, a pair of truly comfy, roomy shorts. For the standout summer look go for shorts have mesh detailing, which can go as part of a street inspired outfit, or lying poolside after a heavy night, or even as an option for gym.

Ripped Shorts – The staple check shirt and cut off tank are a must when it comes to building a retro inspired vacation outfit, but pair it with a pair of ripped denim shorts and you’ll be trending with the best.

Chino Shorts – Ladies when it comes to the dapper suit shorts, luxury printed chino shorts will make that statement this summer. Checks remain strong, along with luxury printed, but hot shades of blue, khaki, stone and burgundy should be a everyday staple. Remember, chinos are becoming a smarter alternative; and more.

Denim Shorts – Jeans are great, but sometimes they just aren’t right for what you’re doing. So when that is the case opt for the denim short, because this season it’s all about light washes, dark blues and black denim shorts.

The Best Camel Coats: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

For those who want to add a little glamour to their wardrobe, a camel coat could be the answer. Camel coats are a perfect solution to a transitional season, when your summer tops leave you freezing and winter jumpers can see you sweltering on the bus.

Why KitschMix loves the Camel Coat – well it’s simple, this sumptuous colour suits most skin tones and is a softer alternative to black. You can choose a three-quarter length, belted style if you want glamour, or opt for a classic crombie to smarten up your office look. Here, is our selection of camel coats to style to things up.

Summer Jackets: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

These days Summer Jackets are (unfortunately) a wardrobe must-have, but we’re lucky that this season see’s an influx of stylish lightweight garments to wear.

From denim jackets that are a perfect match with your favourite T-Shirt; to the aviator jacket which is a guaranteed fashion win. Or for a more elegant style, there is the modish mac – traditional yet with a fresh twist.

Then there are style-savi jackets in all shapes and colours to suit any wardrobe, leather jackets to turn any ladies head; or funky blazers to butch it out.

Denim Jackets – this season’s favourite is the denim jacket, with acid wash denim, or classic blue with jersey detail. You can team up your denim with a Dessert boots, or over-sized oversized baseball style vest. Create a flawless look that’ll keep you warm around the campfire during festival season.

The Blazer – You always need a decent blazer in your wardrobe; be it an Oxford blazer in light spring colours, or an essential black or Harris Tweed. Timeless tailoring never looked so good this season.

Leather jackets – or should we say the rock star staple. It’s the coolest in relaxed styling – an outfit finisher that looks unconsidered yet super stylish. If your wallet whimpers at the thought of real leather then try leather look jackets that are money friendly and just as cool.

Macs – Hot this season is the classic mac, or if you are looking for something a bit lighter, then go for a cropped mac, great for teaming with skinny jeans and brogues.

Queer Fashion | Heels to Die For

Queer Fashion | Is there any sexier feeling than making a show-stopping entrance in a fabulously fierce and always height-boosting pair of heels? Okay, we admit, that’s debatable. But here at KitschMix, we do love the sense of conviction that comes with putting on a pair of heels.

Here are three of our favourite heels for the season, so sharp they could be used as weapons (of self-confidence, of course).


Letting a bit of skin peek through clothing, whether through cutouts or sheer material, has been a fashion mainstay for the past few years. It’s only fitting that this trend finds its way to sheer shoes. These black lace stilettos from Dolce and Gabbana are too elegant for the fact that we’re drooling over them. If you’re not willing to break the bank, try this pair from Pink Pepper Dinka lack the lace, but the mesh-like details give it sporty vibes, right on trend.

Strappy Pumps

The basic pump is the sort of accessory that you can throw on any outfit, whether for work or going out. It’s a versatile piece, but we love how the runways have switched up this classic shoe with straps that wrap around the ankle. The trend is a call back to the ‘90s, but with its sleek and metallic design, it finds its unique place in 2014. Take inspiration from these heels from Roland Mouret, which embrace white, one of this season’s chic colours.


Last, but certainly not least, might be 2014’s most controversial shoe trend—the mule. Mules are open-backed and close-toed shoes, and women over the age of 60 generally love them. This year, though, they’ve been given a youthful makeover. You can find them with block heels or stilettos, and they come both in boot-style or pump-style. Plus, they’re super easy to wear—throw them on with a pair of jeans and you’ve got a polished look for the rest of your day. Here’s a great pair from Stella McCartney, which don summer 2014’s other dominant colour: pink, pink, pink.

So, add a sizzling pair of heels to complete your summer outfit—you’ll look so hot that you’ll give new meaning to the phrased “dressed to kill.”