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Growing Pains: 25 Problems Only Femme Lesbians Will Understand

Growing pains: 25 problems only femme lesbians will understand.

1. When people say you don’t look gay – Really? Not even when I’m having sex with women? I feel like that’s when I look my gayest.


2. When people confuse your girlfriend for a friend or even worse a sibling.


3. When people tell you you’re too pretty to be gay – because all straight people are attractive.


4. When people (including other lesbians) say you’re just pretending to be gay.


5. When people demand you to prove you’re gay.


6. When guys think they can “turn” you.


7. When other lesbians don’t recognise that you are a lesbian, so you constantly have to drop hints.


8. When people just get so hung up on your sexual orientation, that’s all they want to discuss.


9. When people assume your sexuality is something that’s just for men and not for you or your partner.


10. When people think your dating life is easy.


11. When you can’t tell your friends and family about your relationship problems, because they’ll just tell you to date men.


12. When people assume you only like butch women.


13. When you date butch women and people think it’s because you’re really into guys.


14. When guys ask if they can watch – No, you can’t. No forever.


15. When lesbians assume you’re manicure means you’re a safety hazard in bed.


16. When apparently your label defines you.


17. When you have “the talk” with your family and they point out the fact you wear dresses, which means you can’t be gay.


18. When straight women think you’re hitting on them.


19. Or when straight women think it’s perfectly ok to hit on you.


20. Always having to make the first move in the bar and in the bedroom.


21. When people assume you’re straight by default.


22. When people ask you if you’re sure you like women – like really sure?!


23. When people tell you you’re less of a lesbian because of the way you look.


24. When you have to deal with the stereotype that femme lesbians are passive in bed.


25. When you think you’re not lesbian enough, so feel the need to make changes.


Lesbian Pulp Web Series ‘The Chanticleer’ Debuts

If you think lesbian representation is bad now then consider what it was like in the 1950s and 60s where being gay was still an act punishable by law in many places across the world.

As a result of the criminalisation, all things gay got a bad rep and were seen as ‘dirty’ or ‘seedy’, right up their with gangs, drugs and murder.What its reputation did pave the way for, however, is lesbian pulp fiction. ‘Pulp’ fiction was called that as the books were printed on cheap pulp wood paper and as they were purposefully sensational and weren’t respect at all in literary circles, it also meant that they were able to duck the censors.

Much of the content of lesbian fiction wasn’t very good (the books were designed to fulfil straight male fantasies) and usually featured predatory lesbians, voyeurism and even witchcraft. But still, lesbian pulp fiction is an important checkpoint on the way to good representation. And now, as a bit of a throwback to the era and all of the lesbian tropes it introduced, new web series The Chanticleer has just made its debut.


Set in 1955, The Chanticleer features a woman named Edie Chaucer as she comes back to New York to take over her (deceased) father’s bar. As you’re probably hoping, things get real queer real fast when Edie hires a young lesbian named Val who quickly causes controversy due to her dress sense. Y’see, Val dresses in both men and women’s clothing, much to the despair of other gay characters who like to keep it strictly butch or femme only.

Typical gender roles aside though, The Chanticleer packs in both a dramatic and romantic punch. There are plenty of queer women here for you to ship and you’ll be rooting for Edie, Val and co. as they fend off their territory from the likes of corrupt cops who are doing everything in their power to shut Edie’s queer hotspot down. Not that Edie will give up the bar without a fight, mind you.

There will be six episodes of The Chanticleer in total, with two already posted on KitschMix.TV. The next episode will premiere on April 1st, 2015.