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This Cute Couple Have Been Crowned Prom King And Queen At Florida High School

The young couple, Lindsey Creel and Brie Grimes, are seniors at Leon High School and have been dating for three years, and have just been crowned their high schools prom king and queen.


Talking to Tallahassee Democrat Grimes said,

It feels good to know some of the things we’ve been a part of can help others going through tough experiences, in a positive way. I needed someone in my life to show me that it would work out—when I was first going through this years ago. But I didn’t have that.”



Response to the pair’s crowning has been overwhelmingly positive, with many posting on social media celebrating the couple.

Grimes’ mother said on Instagram:

Brie, who cares very much about equality, feminism and having no gender lines is proud of her school and graduating class for recognizing love has no gender rules.

As Brie’s mom I am proud of her for choosing love, for being bold and sticking to the things she believes in even if they are different than mine and much of the world. She is a beautiful person and made a gorgeous prom queen.”

Creel added,

I hope that people will look at this and more will begin to think that it’s okay to be supportive of the LBTQ community. Leon often talks about change. This is a good example for younger students there.”