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15 Awkward Moments Every Vegetarian Lesbian Will Understand

I stopped eating meat almost ten years ago. I made this lifestyle change after reading a book called Skinny Bitch and learning about what goes on in slaughterhouses and what goes into our food. The facts really turned me off. I also deal with chronic stomach pain, and since eating meat can be hard to digest, it was a health choice as well.

I’ve never regretted my decision to stop eating meat. Sure, I sometimes smell bacon and miss it. When my mom makes meatballs, I’m reminded of being a little kid and eating them before she put them in sauce (the BEST).

Going out to eat with my girlfriend would probably be a lot less complicated if there weren’t so many things I couldn’t eat. But I love my lifestyle choice and I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.

The worst thing about not eating meat is other people’s reactions (like so much else in life). I don’t know why meat-eaters are obsessed with people who don’t eat meat, but honestly, you all need to chill. I literally do not care what you eat.

Why do you care what I eat?

1. “Ah so, you don’t eat meat (wink, wink, nudge) of any kind.” – it’s a constant killer

Lesbian Vegetarian 13

2. When everyone with you at a restaurant is trying to help you figure out what to order.

Lesbian Vegetarian 17

3. When your friends want to share small plates at restaurants with the meat-covered hands.

Lesbian Vegetarian 07

4. People who crack jokes about vegetarians because they think it makes them edgy and hilarious.

Lesbian Vegetarian 03

5. Family members who don’t get it – “No I don’t eat fish, and yes I’m still a lesbian!”

Lesbian Vegetarian 12

6. “So, what DO you eat? Salad?”

Lesbian Vegetarian 09

7. Eating in France – “Je suis vegetarian” is hugely useless phrases.

Using this word can result in someone only feeding you lettuce, or someone packing thin slices of meat into your food and actually thinking that they are helping. It’s not their fault; the word itself simply does not translate well.

Lesbian Vegetarian 14

8. When your new meat-eating girlfriend invites you over to their house for dinner, and you let her know you don’t eat meat, which makes her feel obligated to cook you something special.

Lesbian Vegetarian 01

9. Or you don’t tell her, and then make her feel bad when you can only eat the side dishes.

Lesbian Vegetarian 15

10. Going on road trips with non-vegetarians.

Lesbian Vegetarian 02

11. When the waiter is hovering by your table listing off the (all meat) specials.

Lesbian Vegetarian 18

12. The prix fixe menu. – “Hmm, which should I choose, the chicken or the steak?”

Lesbian Vegetarian 05

13. When the token vegetarian entree is just a pile of roasted veggies, and you have to pay $18 for it anyway.

Lesbian Vegetarian 10

14. Having to ask for the ingredients of EVERYTHING.

Lesbian Vegetarian 16

15. You order the veggie chilli, take one bite, and realise that it has meat in it…

Lesbian Vegetarian 04