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US Women’s National Soccer Player ‘Drops Out Of game’ Over Pride Jerseys

The US women’s national soccer team recently announced that in recognition of Pride Month, a special kit with rainbows would be worn in away friendlies against Sweden on June 8, and Norway three days later.

Following the decision, Jaelene Hinkle dropped out of the friendlies for “personal reasons”.

She has not publicly commented to confirm the reason for dropping out, with an official statement, but the 24-year-old defender has been an outspoken opponent of LGBT equality.

When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, Hinkle posted a message on Instagram criticizing the decision and the LGBT community’s use of the rainbow as a symbol. She also posted the marriage equality logo reworked into a cross.

She wrote;

“I believe with every fiber in my body that what was written 2,000 years ago in the Bible is undoubtedly true. It’s not a fictional book. It’s not a pick and choose what you want to believe. You either believe it, or you don’t. This world may change, but Christ and His Word NEVER will. My heart is that as Christians we don’t begin to throw a tantrum over what has been brought into law today, but we become that much more loving. That through our love, the lost, rejected, and abandoned find Christ.”

If she has a problem with the LGBT community, Hinkle may have a problem with her head coach, Jill Ellis, who is openly gay and lives with her wife, Betsy Stephenson, and their daughter Lily.

U.S. Soccer teamed up with the You Can Play Project on the Pride jerseys.

The men’s team wore them last week in a match-up against Venezuela, though one of the players skipped the game, regardless of their personal religious convictions.

Nigerian Official Quickly Back-Tracks After Saying ‘Lesbianism’ Is Killing The National Women’s Team

The vice-president of the Nigerian Football Federation, Seyi Akinwunmi, has been quick to clarify his homophobic comments on female football players, blaming lesbians for the national team’s recent decline.

The Super Falcons have won nine of the 11 African Women’s Championships that have taken place since 1991, making them the toughest female side on the continent.


But the team failed to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games, and hit the spotlight for the wrong reasons when Akinwunmi was quoted as saying “Lesbianism kills teams” in Nigeria.

Same-sex relationships are banned in Nigeria, which is a deeply conservative country where homosexuals say they often suffer abuse.

The vice-president, however, subsequently hit out at the skewed versions of his speech, and said he was referring to the difficulty of attracting sponsors for the women’s game.

I noted that one of the problems we have encountered in trying to raise funds for the women’s game, is the perception of lesbianism therein.

We strongly believe that there are still potential sponsors out there who will lend their support to help us develop our female teams because of the glory that these girls have brought to this country and their enormous potential to do even more.”

The Oyo State Chapter of the Sports Writers’ Association of Nigeria (SWAN), to whom Akinwunmi gave his original speech, also defended the official.

We wish to place it on the records that the observations of Barrister Akinwunmi, who is the first vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is being interpreted out of context and being promoted in negative connotations by those bent on mischief, most of who were not present at the forum.”

The NFF 1st vice President in his response to the question by one of the participants began by avowing his huge passion for women football and grassroots football which his administration as Chairman of Lagos State Football Association has championed.

Among some other problems of running women football he highlighted were comparatively higher costs and lower returns on investment. He also pointed to the dearth of women football players arising from the place of women in traditional practices of the country and the concentration of interest by both corporate Nigeria and individuals on men’s football.

His only mention of lesbianism was in general terms and not relative to women football and it in no way suggests an opinion on sexual orientation of any player. Sexual restriction in football camps is also enforced in men’s teams and the reason is obviously to reduce the distraction from focusing on work.”

It is not the first time the NFF says it has been misquoted on this issue.

Three years ago it denied that an official had said lesbians were banned from playing in Nigeria.

Players for the national women’s side receive significantly lower pay and bonuses than their male counterparts.

The Super Falcons have won the women’s Africa Nations Cup – formerly known as the African Women’s Championship – nine times.

Finally, Barbie Is Now An Out Football Playing Lesbian

Mattel has unveiled a new Barbie design based on out football player Abby Wambach.

Kim Culmone of Barbie Global announced the new doll at the MAKERS conference, which is celebrates women in business.

Culmone announced:

We believe play is important… and that’s for a very good reason. Play is a way that a girl goes on her own personal journey of self-discovery. That’s a journey sparked by inspiration – and that’s our job as the current leaders.

Play is the way they learn to push the boundaries of possibility, and discover their own limitless potential.

Makers and Barbie are really thrilled to honour a woman who’s redefined what’s possible through her own effort, her bravery, and her accomplishment.

I want you to meet the Abby Wambach doll. This doll will inspire young girls to be as incredible as the woman who has inspired us all.”


The new doll honours Wambach, who retired from football this year after 15 years as part of the US women’s national soccer team.

Wambach is one of the most visible out female sports stars in America, having helped win two Olympic gold medals and the Women’s World Cup champion – and has been named US Soccer Athlete of the Year six times.


Examining the doll, Wambach praised the faithful approach to her short hair and presentation, saying

I’m not going to lie, you guys might not believe this… but I was a Barbie kid. I played with Barbies my whole life.

I know about playing with Barbies who may or may not have looked like I felt – and I feel like this is a really impactful statement.

It just proves we really are getting somewhere.

Not everyone is treated equal: if you are out there and your doll doesn’t look exactly like you, here’s another option!”


She added:

Her hair’s even shaved! All the cool kids are going to want this.”

It’s not the first new diverse Barbie – the doll recently got a make-over with a number of different shapes and sizes.


LGBT Football Fans Demand More From Premier League Clubs

The UK’s Gay Football Supporters’ Network has told the BBC’s Newsbeat that some Premier League clubs aren’t doing enough for gay fans.

The campaigners say getting adequate help setting up official supporters’ groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender fans is too difficult.


GFSN chairman Ed Connell, explained

I definitely think all Premier League clubs should have an official one. There are some clubs that still seem to think; remarkably as it may seem that there isn’t a problem with homophobia within football. They think because there is no homophobic chanting within their grounds there’s no need to actively help an LGBT fan group which is disappointing.”

The organisation, which also runs a national LGBT league, says such groups can help tackle homophobia.

There are hundreds of different supporters’ groups in the UK and they usually give fans from the same club, who live in a certain area, the chance to meet up and socialise.

Few of them are specifically for the LGBT community, though.

In 2013 Arsenal became the first major English club to recognise such a group – the likes of Manchester City and Everton followed.

But Newsbeat has found not all clubs have an LGBT group. Apart from Arsenal, only 5 other Premier League clubs said they did.


Arsenal’s Gay Gooners say the group is important because they work with the club to tackle homophobia and even have a rainbow banner at the Emirates

Steve, a member of the Gay Gooners, said

It’s just a social group for like-minded supporters to meet up and have a few drinks.”

Chris Paouros from Pride in Football said that can be “tricky” for gay supporters. She added:

We know that LGBT fans sometimes don’t go to football because it doesn’t feel like a safe place to be.”

A recent Out on the Fields survey, taken by more than 9,000 people, claims 77% of UK participants had witnessed or experienced homophobia in sport.

Chris says it’s important that clubs are “engaged”.

It’s that kind of attitude, which led to an LGBT supporters’ group being set up at Tottenham.


Simon Gray, who helped set up the Proud Lilywhites explained

They (Tottenham) used all their resources to find the supporters, to pull them together. It was really empowering to see the club reach out and try to find people”.

For GFSN chairman Ed Connell, the importance of such groups is a significant tool in educating fans.

To see the Gay Gooners displaying their banner inside the Emirates is the most amazing thing for an LGBT fan who’s been attending football for years but felt like the silent minority within the ground.”

Awwww, Abby Wambach Celebrates US World Cup Victory With A Loving Kiss With Her Wife

What a perfect way to celebrate the U.S. win over Japan, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalising gay marriage.

Abby Wamback, who has been called the “soul” of the U.S. team, celebrated her countries World Cup win by rushing to her wife, Sarah Huffman, to share a loving embrace.

Wambach told the Daily Mail:

To be quite honest, I felt like I was in a dream sitting there on the bench watching Carli Lloyd go off and I’m so proud to be on this team and proud to be a part of something that in my opinion is really special.”

She embraced her wife last night in front of the sold-out crowd in the BC Place stadium.

In October 2013, Wambach married Sarah Huffman – former midfielder for the Portland Thorns and United States national team – in Hawaii.

Huffman came out that year on the LGBT non-profit organization website, Athlete Ally.

The two were teammates on the Western New York Flash.

This was Wambach’s last chance at earning the title of World Champion, she entered her final international game in the 79th minute as a substitute, with fans chanting her name.

I would give up all my individual awards for what we just did tonight and it’s the truth. It’s the wholehearted truth.”

She claims two Olympic Gold medals, a record of most international goals scored in the sport’s history and the 2012 title of FIFA World Player of the Year.

Wambach was presented the captain’s armband by team-mate Carli Lloyd, before both Wambach and Christie Rampone raised the championship trophy- the first Americans to do so since 1999.

Congrats to Abby and the entire U.S. Team!


Norway Women’s World Cup Team Satirizes Sexist Attitudes to Women in Sports (Video)

Earlier this month, ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith joked on SportsCenter that a Women’s World Cup player failed to defend a goal because she was afraid to “mess up her hair.”

Smith was received media backlash and quickly apologised, but his failed attempt at humour showed the type of sexism that

female athletes have to put up with everyday.

The Norwegian team at the Women’s World Cup, however, is having none of that.

Three members of the Norwegian team worked with journalist Nicolay Ramm to produce a video, which brilliantly satirises the

belittling criticisms and complaints, many women’s sports and female athletes get from male sports fans.

I tend to pick up the ball with my hands. Suddenly, I forget myself and…’Oh crap. Handball.’”

The Norwegian team takes on England today in its first knockout-stage match after finishing second to Germany.

Swiss World Cup Striker Opens Up About Her Relationship

Swiss striker Ramona Bachmann, who was harrowed by many as one of the breakout stars in the Women’s World Cup in Canada, didn’t disappoint in her World Cup debut.

Her team are now currently riding high after a strong 10-1 victory against Ecuador, with Bachmann scoring three goals in the latter half of the game.

She also wasn’t disappointing off the pitch when she revealed is in a committed relationship with Camille Lara, a 21-year-old student based in Sweden.


A photo posted by Ramona Bachmann (@bachmannr10) on


hahahaha #1 😍❤️


A photo posted by Ramona Bachmann (@bachmannr10) on

In the interview with Sonntagsblick she stated that she is pleased that Camille could accompany her to Canada for the World Cup. The couple have been together for nearly a year; although they both live in different countries, one in Switzerland and one in Sweden (Ramona plays for FC Rosengård since 2012).

Our long distance relationship works very well. It’s harder for me to go back and to Switzerland because of the games, it’s possible that when I several consecutive days rest, which is rare. So she comes to Sweden. “

Camille is a student, with a schedule more manageable, said Ramona.


Fotbollsgalan 2014 @camille_lara ❤️😘


A photo posted by Ramona Bachmann (@bachmannr10) on

The footballer also compares how her marriage is seen as it is in Switzerland or Sweden.

In Sweden, it is quite normal to ask” Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? “In Switzerland, it is accepted, but not as much as in Sweden. When I walk hand in hand with Camille, people turn in Switzerland. This does not happen in Sweden, not here in Canada. “

Unlike in men’s football, there are a number of openly gay and bisexual female footballers at this years world cup.

Biggest Women’s World Cup in History to Kick Off, but Who Will Win?

This Saturday, the largest and longest Women’s World Cup in history kicks off in Edmonton, Canada.

With 24 teams and 52 games, this year’s tournament — which will be played in six cities, from Vancouver in the west, to tiny Moncton in the Maritime Provinces — will be the biggest as well as the most competitive in Women’s World Cup history.

And in another break from tradition, for the first time, the U.S. does not go into the tournament as the No. 1 team in FIFA world rankings.

This year, that honour goes to Germany.

However, it’s a crown the Germans are wearing lightly, because as many as half a dozen other teams can be considered serious contenders.

In addition to Germany and USA; France, Brazil, host Canada, Sweden and defending champion Japan all have a realistic shot at winning the title.

Women's World Cup 02

Then just behind them, are England, Norway and Switzerland, who is playing in their first Women’s World Cup, could surprise.

Former sweeper Doris Fitschen, and now manager of the two-time champion Germans.

International women’s football has developed enormously. The group of favourites used to be small at World Cups. Now eight teams are in the running.

The overall level of performance has improved, and the differences in quality between teams have continuously gotten smaller.”

And that growth has led many federations to increase the amount of money and resources they are devoting to women’s football.

Also read: Finding ‘Out’ footballers at the World Cup maybe a challenge, but not in Women’s Football

Brazil, for example, has established a residency program that allows its players to train year-round, and Germany has 18 full-time employees — more than the U.S. — as well as an excellent youth-development program.

Mia Hamm, who played in four World Cups for the U.S. said

They’ve set up an environment where they’re able to continue even their young players training with their staff coaches. Japan has put an investment on that. And we have too. But we’ve probably done it about four or five years later.”

So whoever wins this summer in Canada will have certainly earned it.


Italian Women’s Cup Final Cancelled After Lesbian Comments from Official

The Italian women’s cup final has been called off as a result of alleged comments by Felice Belloli, the president of the county’s amateur football association, referring to female players as a “bunch of lesbians”.


Brescia were due to play Tavagnacco last weekend, but the match has been scrapped, the association representing female players and coaches, has confirmed.

Also read: Homophobia in Sports: When Poor Sportsmanship Becomes a Problem

Belloli allegedly made the comments when discussing funding for women’s football in Italy. At a meeting of the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti he is alleged to have said:

That’s enough, we can’t always talk about giving money to this bunch of lesbians.”

Belloli was quick to deny making the comments, making a statement to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

I never signed those minutesCan you see my signature on them? No, and I can tell you why – because minutes can be taken and amended by anybody. I know how the minutes are taken at the LND. All I am saying is that I did not utter that phrase.”

Patrizia Panico, the veteran Verona and Italy forward, said that if the comments were accurate then they were “sexist, male chauvinist and ignorant”.

Luisa Rizzitelli, president of Italy’s national association for female athletes, said:

To be honest I thought it was a joke but when we realised it wasn’t a joke we immediately wrote to the federation to ask for an immediate investigation. It’s hugely damaging. We have a women’s football movement with 11,000 athletes in Italy, you can imagine we have one million playing men’s football. All the players have said to the federation that they don’t want to play the final, so now the game is not going ahead. If he (Belloli) resigns the game could still be played.”

Watch | Out US Soccer Stars, Megan Rapinoe and Abby Wambach Share Their Stories of Success

This year the women’s world cup comes to Canada, and we can’t wait to see the superb female athletes do their thing.

To gear up for the massive event, the U.S. Women’s National Team have created some great videos for fans to learn more about them.

The series is called “One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.”, and features out US athletes Abby Wambach and Megan Rapinoe.

Both women discuss their families and the influence they have had on their careers.

Women’s Footballer Casey Stoney Thought Coming Out Would End Her Career

Former England football captain Casey Stoney came out in February 2014. In an interview with Sky Sports, the 32-year-old said that the support after she came out was “overwhelming”.

When I was initially asked to do a piece, I sat down with my family and my partner and I have to be honest, I was absolutely petrified. I didn’t know what the response would be. I thought it would be negative and it was completely the opposite – it was overwhelmingly positive. Yes I’ve had a few negatives, and yes I’ve had a few things sent that were not very nice through the post, but I’ve got to say that’s a rarity. It’s been 98-99 per cent positive.”

Also read:  Finding ‘Out’ male footballers maybe a challenge, but not in Women’s Football


She has been sent texts through the post complaining that she is openly gay, but she said she had learned to deal with it.

The fact that people have reached out and said how much it’s been supportive to them and helped them, that was all it was about really, to make sure other people didn’t feel isolated and lost like I did when I was growing up.”

Casey became a mother to twins with her partner, former Lincoln player Megan Harris last November. She will also be going to Canada 2015 as part of the England squad.

Positive Role Model – Former England Captain, Casey Stoney on Motherhood and Gay Parenting

Former England Captain and women’s footballer Casey Stoney and her partner Megan Harris, announced that they are expecting twins, saying they hoped being gay parents in the public eye will send a positive message.

In a column for BBC Sport, Stoney, former reflected on becoming a mum in a same-sex relationship, and how motherhood is taboo in women’s football because time off from playing is usually required.

Being gay parents may not be that common in football but, in my view, as long as children have the love and support they need, then it shouldn’t matter whether they are brought up by two mums, two dads or a mum and a dad. What does a normal family look like now anyway? There isn’t one and I would hope there would be no negativity around our situation.”

She continues:

I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved and I’m not ashamed of who I am. Hopefully, when our two get older they will look at their mum and be proud too.”