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Welcome to Addicted to Straight Girls Anonymous – Vegan Cookies, Texting and Flipping

For some lesbians, a straight girl isn’t just practical (OMG there are so many of them), it’s desirable.

It’s an ego boost to flip / bed a straight girl – but the straight girl attraction can be a rocky road. Yes, your ego is boosted by dating someone of a different sexuality. However, a straight-girl fling is usually a short-term thing.

Watch this funny video from the Gay Women Channel ‘Addicted to Straight Girls Anonymous’.

Hmmmm, The Pros and Cons of a #FriendsWithBenefits Relationship

The companionship of a good friend is second to none. There is just something so enjoyable in talking and spending time with a friend. But what happens when a sexual attraction develops between you? Is it a good idea to become friends with benefits?

First and foremost you need to ask yourself if you are capable of having this kind of a relationship. If you associate sex with love, tend to get jealous easily or fall head over heels in love with good sexual partners, this is not your thing.

One of the benefits of a friend with benefits relationship is the freedom. The ability to have fun with someone without a commitment. It is convenient with no pressure. When you get tired of it you just move on. It sure beats staying at home and watching that TV show on Friday.


Maybe you are busy in school or a career and not looking for a serious relationship. We all have needs and having an endless number of lovers is not a good idea. Plus, a friend knows you. He knows how you react to certain things and what turns you on. A recipe for a good time.

So is it all rosy in this type of a relationship? Not by a long shot. When you start a relationship with no rules or boundaries you stay there. You cannot go back and start over again. Once the physical attraction wanes the friendship starts to die as well.

The most expensive cost of this casual relationship though is the lack of commitment. When you give and give expecting nothing in return. You give your time, body and emotions without a commitment you sell yourself short. Commitment is the price you pay in any healthy relationship.

At the end of the day you should weigh the pros and cons then decide for yourself. Remember to be true to who you are and who you want to be in the future.