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‘Funny Or Die’ Is Back To Totally Mock North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT ‘Bathroom Bill’ (Video)

The folks at Funny or Die are back, this time mocking North Carolina’s HB2 with an “official” bathroom cop training video.

Officer Tammy Cox of the Bathroom Police shares with people the dos and don’ts when it comes to ensuring the safety of public restrooms (a.k.a. “porcelain sanctuaries”) everywhere.

She asks how to tell if someone is “harbouring any suspicious genitals on their person”.

While the concept of checking someone’s genitals in a public restroom is absurd enough to be the basis of a comedy skit, it isn’t so far from the truth in various recent incidents.


Ellen Page and Kate Mara are #TinyDetectives

Watch Ellen Page and Kate Mara poke fun at the rumors they’re set to be the next detective duo in HBO’s ‘True Detective’. The ‘Funny Or Die’ sketch has 5’1” Ellen and 5’2” Kata play the ‘Tiny Detectives’, characters that are completely opposites to Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell – two tall actors who actually ended in the roles.

Tiny Detectives with Kate Mara and Ellen Page from Kate Mara