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KitschMix: Gay Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is the it spot for gay people to travel to and to discover. Barcelona is so lively and upbeat, what better vacation spot can you think of? Li-Eixample or Gayxamble are two of the hottest gay areas in all of Barcelona, and they are just a few blocks from Las Ramblas. The area is notorious for great hotels and scenery.

Night time in Barcelona is when the party is just beginning, you will see that people tend not to go out to dinner until ten at night, and clubs don’t open up until 3 AM! Clubs in Barcelona don’t open up until the dark hours of the night. The entry ticket usually includes a drink from the bar to start you off with. Most clubs are in a reasonable distance from all hotels and lodges. Look around when you’re walking the streets for some flyers- they could include a free entry pass or a discount, since clubs in Barcelona can be rather expensive. Metro is the best known club in the area, and the music playlists range from contemporary to old school. They have regularly based live performances; the club also has a large dark room! The Arena group of clubs has a number of opportunities for gay mingling, including:

  1. Arena Sala Madre which offers wild live shows!
  2. Arena Classic which the club appeals to the slightly older generation and has a rep for attracting the hottest guys in Barcelona.
  3. Arena Diana was at first a lesbian bar and is now a highly rated club for both sexes.


  1. Castro is a metal designed restaurant serving rarely seen Mediterranean styled food
  2. Dvine Dine and a show with live drag artist, Divine.
  3. Domestic offers cocktails, and a cool chill out room.
  4. La Casa has Tapas near the sea
  5. La Diva has live Drag shows with dinner

These are just a few hot spots in the live, wild city of Barcelona. No matter where you go, you are guaranteed a great night out!