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Bishop Creates Gay-inclusive Congregation

Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams stepped down from her role at Detroit’s Zion Progress Baptist Church in October 2013, after she announced she was married to a woman – Diana Williams. The announcement actually deeply dividing her conservative parishioners.

“I know how important it is for congregations to stay together… I didn’t want to split the church any further over this issue.”

Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams

Saddened by her decision, Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams has now found a more accepting home, becoming the pastor at the gay inclusive Empowerment Liberation Cathedral in Silver Spring, part of the Metropolitan Community Church.

She told USA Today of gaining national attention:

“I wasn’t sure what was going to happen… I was amazed at how many people wrote me, and still write me. I didn’t realize how many people the church has wounded, they talked about their negative experiences.”

Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams

Resolving to form a new gay-inclusive congregation to help those in need, she was able to secure a partnership with an Episcopal church, to share their space in Maryland. Over 100 people currently attend.

The church also has an internet outreach presence, with regular worship and Bible study on YouTube for those not able to attend.

“It’s an amazing fit. I want to be able to bring healing to those who have been hurt, just love them, and bring them back to God’s presence.”

Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams