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My Dating App Success Story

Our story began with Brenda, a lesbian dating app that was all the rage in Sydney in 2013. Although this app was rather sparse in terms of the details you input about yourself, Dylan’s cute picture and short description was quick to spark my interest and I sent them a…

What Is Female Masculinity?

Buzzfeed’s new on-point video on female masculinity. In it they asks people along the masculine-presenting-female perspectives to discuss how they see themselves; from butch to masculine of centre to gender neutral. Masculinity goes beyond aesthetics.” What is female masculinity?

Selfridges Department Store Goes Gender Neutral

Iconic high-end retail store Selfridges based in the UK, has announced it is set to stock its shelves with unisex clothing. The high-end store, which is known for revolutionizing fashion is ditching its separate men and women’s departments and will instead have three floors of unisex clothing. It is described as a “a fashion exploration…