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If Lesbians Actually Acted Like Men…

Everyone has perceptions or preconceived ideas about what it means to be a lesbian. Many people think they can tell if someone is a lesbian by the way they look, dress, or behave.

So what if lesbian actually acted like men…

Typically, you can’t always spot a lesbian women by the way they act and dress. Gender roles do not determine sexual orientation, and distinguish from straight and more gender normative-individuals. There are some lesbians who dress in a very masculine way, and some who act in traditionally feminine ways. The big thing is they feel the freedom to explore a range of gender expression.

Remember: Not all lesbians are butch and tomboyish.  Just because someone is a lesbian, doesn’t mean she…

  1. Wears short hair, tattoos, body piercings, and army boots
  2. Drives a pick-up truck and wears a tool belt
  3. Is really into sports
  4. Wears plaid lumberjack shirts
  5. Only listens to music by KD Lang, The Indigo Girls, and Melissa Etheridge
  6. Wears leather and rides a motorbike

Keyshia Cole Premieres New Video, and Displays Both her Masculine and Feminine Self

Last month, Keyshia Cole made headlines when she released the song ‘She’, insinuating that she was singing about her lesbian lover just days after it was reported that she would soon be filing for divorce from her ex NBA player husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

In her new video for the sensual track, the newly-single singer rolls around the bed in sexy lingerie in an attempt to seduce a “mysterious woman” who looks very familiar.

Regarding the song’s concept, Cole says it’s not about her playing for the other team.

“It’s about self love to me, and going through my divorce, you have to give yourself a little self love because you’re used to somebody being there every night and they’re not.”

Keyshia Cole

‘She’ is the first single from Cole’s sixth studio album Point of No Return (release date TBA), and feature collaborations with R. Kelly, Juicy J, Future and Wale, to name a few.

“There’s definitely more sexy songs on this album than I’ve ever done. I’m excited to see what the people think about that, so we’ll see how receptive they are to the album. I think it’s a great album and I feel like it’s one of my best albums to date.”

Keyshia Cole