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Apparently You Can Buy Your Happiness, But There’s A Catch

According to a new study, conducted by researchers at University of British Columbia, material gifts produce more prolonged happiness, than joyous experiences.

In the study, researcher gave one group of participants $20 to spend on either a material gift or an experience, like a concert, trip or sporting event.

The other group’s members were told to simply recall a material or experiential gift they received for Christmas.

All participants were then instructed to write down how their overall senses of happiness changed each day in the weeks after they received their gifts.

Researchers discovered those who received material gifts, such as skateboards and articles of clothing, had more consistent levels of happiness during the weeks after the gifts were given.

Recipients of experiential gifts appear to have experienced the peak amounts of happiness out of all participants. However researchers saw the joys of these experiences faded.

In contrast, recipients of material gifts constantly revisited the happiness of first receiving their gifts as they continued to use them.

Aaron Weidman, researcher at University of British Columbia said,

Consider a holiday shopper deciding between tickets to a concert or a new couch in the living room. The concert will provide an intense thrill for one spectacular night, but then it will end, and will no longer provide momentary happiness, aside from being a happy memory.

In contrast, the new couch will never provide a thrilling moment to match the concert, but will keep the owner snug and comfortable each day throughout the winter months.

So, when deciding what kind of gift to get someone, Weidman suggested, you should consider whether the recipient would prefer a limited but overwhelming feeling of happiness or smaller doses of happiness over a longer period of time.


This study was originally published in Social Psychological & Personality Science.

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14 Perfect Housewarming Gifts for Your Lesbian Bestie

Moving into your new place is an exciting experience, and it can be just as exciting when your best friend moves into hers.

Whether she’s actually gay or just an Honorary Lesbian, these gifts are sure to please, and destined to be her new favorites.

Bloom and Grow Flower Pot

Bloom and Grow Flower Pot

If your best friend is into gardening (or collecting loose change in a dish), a flower pot is a great way to bring some life into her new place. This Bloom and Grow Flower Pot is an exceptionally cute way to wish her prosperity.

Wooden Block Calendar


Especially as the new year is such a great time to get in touch with your inner productivity, having a calendar to help you remember the date is super important. This Wooden Block Calendar is simple and effective, and it’s a sweet way to tell her you enjoy spending the days as her best friend.

Rainbow Retro Wall Clock


But getting productive isn’t all about knowing what day of the week it is – sometimes you need to know the time, too. This lovely Rainbow Retro Wall Clock adds a cute pop of color to any wall and actually keeps the time. (One of our favorite qualities in a clock.) This is a great way to show your friend that you value the time you spend together.

midcentury-clocks (1)

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Bag


We all need a little nudge sometimes, and your best friends are supposed to be there to help motivate you to get stuff done. Just in case your bestie hates doing the laundry, this Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Laundry Bag is a great way to say “Hey, sister, wash your bra already!”

Sleeping Squirrel Cushion


What is cuter than sleeping animals? Nothing – except sleeping on sleeping animals. Show your best friend you want her to stay cute and cozy in her new place with this adorable Sleeping Squirrel Cushion. It’s sized perfectly for a nap on the couch.

Sleeping Fox Cushion


Like the idea of the Sleeping Squirrel Cushion, but want something just a little cuter than that? Consider the Sleeping Fox Cushion instead. It’s a little bigger than the squirrel cushion, and just as adorable. Plus, it’s a subtle reminder that you and your bestie are foxy ladies! (You see what I did there?)


Good Vibes Only Cushion

677d1c28-9b98-4ee1-a1ee-8f5f8763fc06 (1)

Maybe sleeping animals don’t really fit with her personality, but you still want her to have a comfy nap pillow for her new place. This Good Vibes Only Cushion is still a great size for a quick nap, and it has the added benefit of being emblazoned with a killer mantra. Remind your friend to keep the haters away and enjoy life!

Star Vegas Light


We feel that the sophisticated simplicity of a classic lighted sign can brighten up any room – both literally as well as figuratively. The Star Vegas Light complements any décor, and tells your bestie that she’s a star in your eyes.

Home Vegas Light


If you’re looking for something to go along with your bestie’s new Star light, this Home Vegas Light is a great addition to any entryway or living room. Plus, both lights can be operated on battery power – how cool is that! (Batteries are not included.)

Life Manifesto Framed Poster


I don’t know about yours, but my best friend puts herself through a lot of extra stress sometimes. Sometimes all we need is for our best friend to tell us to slow it down and enjoy the little things! However, since you probably won’t be sitting in your best friend’s bathroom every morning as she gets ready, consider getting this Life Manifesto Poster to help fill in for you.

Always Be a Unicorn Wall Art


If your best friend is extra special and you want to tell her what a rare and beautiful creature she is, get her this Always Be a Unicorn Wall Art. After all, that’s the only way she could get more awesome, right? Show her how much you care with a simple (and adorable) reminder.

Mounted Unicorn Head


What was that? A quote for the wall isn’t special enough for your best friend? Well, how would she like her very own Mounted Wooden Unicorn Head? Modeled after the head of an actual unicorn* and cast out of gorgeous high-quality wood, this is the most ethically responsible way to get a mythical creature on your wall.

* Unfortunately, I am only joking.

Wire Deer Skull


If your best friend is on the fence about hanging the head of the majestic unicorn, a Wire Deer Skull may be a great alternative. This wireframe deer skull is completely taxidermy-free (the antlers are cast from resin) and comes in two gorgeous color options. It’s a wonderful way to complement your BFF’s earthy country vibe.

Hello You Lovely People Doormat


For the social butterflies among us, a charming and welcoming door mat is an absolute must-have. This cute Hello You Lovely People Doormat will invite guests into your bestie’s new home with a smile – and is a way to show her you appreciate her friendly demeanor.

15 Perfect Homemade Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend

No idea what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Then check out some of these perfect DIY gifts. The time, effort, creativity, and love you spent on these gifts will make her smile and treasure the gifts for years to come.

Others are store-bought gifts that are satisfying to their personalities and hobbies.

Your girlfriend will totally appreciate these presents no matter their style.

1. Mix Tape USB Memory Stick

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 03

2. DIY Maniature Books

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 17

3. Message in a bottle

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 19

4. Romantic LDR Scavenger Hunt

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 16

5. DIY Love Lightbulb

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 15

6. Clothespin Love Message

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 14

7. Sweets in a Jar

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 13

8. The Date Jar

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 12

9. DIY Cocktails

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 11

10. 101 Ways to Say I Love You
Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 08

11. Homemade Lipstick Art

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 07

12. DIY Balloon + Photo Memory Gallery

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 05

13. Camera Lens Mug

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 04

14. DIY Carved with Initial Candles

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 02

15. 12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights Gift Cards

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 01

15 Ridiculous Things Lesbians Should Never Buy Their Girlfriends

Nothing says romance, like a piece of crap you don’t need! So…. here are some tips on what to avoid getting your girl.


1. Edible pants

Nothing says romance like a ‘gift’ that’s both hugely impractical and extremely uncomfortable.


2. A diet book

Books can be great presents. But a diet book…. Hmmmm? This is SURELY an insult maker. Did you mean to tell your GF she needs to lose weight?


3. The L Word box set

You’ll spend more hours watching this, resenting them and bitching about life, than actually enjoying your relationship.


4. A virtual gift

It doesn’t matter what you choose from their large virtual selection of flowers, cuddly kittens, or dancing gnomes –  you will look like the cheapest tool alive.


5. A morphsuit

Wooo hoo, how to make your GF feel totally sexy –  have her squeeze herself into lyrical suit that shows off all her bulges. Awesome.


6. A musical vibrator

Hell no. Seriously are we looking for romance or comedy fall out.


7. Fireplace DVD

If you were considering a real portable fireplace, well, that’s pretty romantic. But you must be a close relative of the baboon family if you think you are going to get any brownie points with this gift. Seriously, she will be under-whelmed by this moronic attempt at romance.


8. Themed Underwear

Every woman wants her woman to look and feel sexy, but we know how this one goes… “Hey, it’s Christmas time, so let’s pick something up from the store that combines holiday spirit and let’s-get-it-on.” Wrong! Santa-themed lingerie never makes anything sexy.


9. Jewellery in box

Every year you watch the commercial where the guy is sitting by the fire and unveils this little velvet box containing a glittering necklace or pair of earrings and the girl looks at him adoringly, and you think, “I really wanna be that guy.” Then, you look at your wallet, and go get something made out of cubic zirconia and hope for the best. Wrong move.


10. A Real Kitten or Puppy

I know you think that kittens and puppies look really cute and cuddly, but they are actually more work then you think. And what happens if she starts resenting you for giving her all this extra responsibility that she never asked for, or worse, she starts letting it sleep in the bed and she fusses over it more than you.


11. Any type of gift card

Basically what you are saying is that Valentine’s Day is not going to be any better than any other day spent with you. If this is the best that you can do you are lucky to even have a girlfriend.


12. Household appliances

As soon as you enter the word appliance into the mix you have a recipe for disaster. Basically, you’ve just given her housework in a box.


13. Tattoo her name on your body

Not wishing you a break-up anytime soon, but the truth is not all relationships last. Tattoos on the other hand are permanent. And I’m not talking permanent marker that eventually comes off, I’m talking about ink injected into your skin kind of permanent.


14. A set of fancy scales

Again, unless you’ve got a fitness nut for a sweetie, you are essentially calling a woman fat when you give her scales to weigh her body. Do this and expect to be sleeping on the couch.


15. Nothing

When you’re at that awkward point in a relationship where you’re not sure if you should get her a gift, or not? Even if you did have the talk and agreed on not getting gifts, you’d be stupid to believe your girl doesn’t actually want a gift. Suck it up and break the bank, because the potential downside of not getting a gift could be disastrous.


Stocking Fillers | 10 Excellent Gifts Ideas For Geek Girls at Heart

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for some Christmas shopping! Buying the right thing for your loved ones is definitely a challenge; and it’s even more so when your special someone is a geek. So here are some excellent gift ideas for the geeky girlfriends, wives, or friends is what you seek, we might have a few suggestions to share with you.

1. Wooden Glasses Stand

Simply place your glasses on this wooden sculpture of a nose and you will always find them. It will be a functional work of art on the coffee table or on your desk when not in use.


2. Ray Gun Rocket Mug

Totally amazing. A great gift for futuristic coffee & tea lovers! This hilarious ceramic mug looks like a futuristic ray gun, ready to zap anyone who dare try and steal your drink.


3. Salt and Pepper Lab Flasks

Inspired by the classic Erlenmeyer chemistry flask the Earl salt and pepper shakers take on the iconic lab ware aesthetic and combine materials which are recycled, recyclable or sustainable in a practical and contemporary design solution.


 4. Game Controller Cufflinks

Novelty Game Controller Cufflinks for the ultimate gaming geek shirted girl.


5. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Before the days of DVDs, USBs and external HDDs we relied on the floppy disk to transport our loving files and information from place to place, so why should that change now? Store your ideas, notes, messages and reminders on this retro styled sticky notes.



6. Lego Bricks Soap Gift Box

A unique and fun range of handmade soaps.



7. Minnie Geek From Disney 

Minnie is the epitome of geek chic in pink and grey cheque dress and fabulous black glasses. 10 inches tall and comes complete in a gift box. Also available in other sizes and different styles.



8. Chocolate iPhone

Why not – Want to give more than just a card? Send your gift in a fun and delicious way with one a handcrafted Belgian Milk Chocolate iPhone with edible themed image.


9. Retro Camera iPhone Cover

Retro Camera Case Cover for iPhone – its retro and its wicked.


10. Vinyl Coasters

Adorn your coffee table with these stylish retro vinyl record coasters, each one features a different record label design, making them perfect for old school music lovers.



Appropriately timed for Valentines Day

This is the perfect gift for all design and illustrators lovers. Written by Francesca Gavin, this collection of heart imagery highlights how a universal symbol can be creatively interpreted and constantly reinvented. It captures the breadth of art and design imagery exploring the meaning and representation of hearts… #valentinesday, #kitschmix