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11 Dating Advice Videos You Need To Watch For Every New Lesbian Relationship

Dating another woman can be tricky. You meet a stranger woman (sometimes a friend) that you might like, and then you do an activity together, and you use that experience to decide if you want to keep doing activities with her in the future.

It’s a weird world, and it can be pretty tricky to navigate. Fortunately, a lot of your favourite lesbian YouTubers have lived that life, and they’ve used their experiences to impart some knowledge onto the rest of us singletons.

So put down your HER app for a while and scroll on for some real dating expertise…

1. Lesbians You’ll Date Before You Die, Gay Women Channel

How to ask a girl out, Stevie Vlogs

3. How to Approach Femme, Femmegasm

4. How to Approach Butch Women, GirlfriendsTV

5. What Lesbians Do After A First Date, Arielle Scarcella

6. How Lesbians Get Ready for the First Date, Marissa Farina


7. What to wear on your first date

8. Lesbian Dating 101, Sarah Croce

9. How To Kiss, Ari Fitz


10. Things Not To Say On A Lesbian First Date, Lesbian Catch Up


11. Dating Problems Every Lesbian Will Recognize, Brittany Ashley

Bisexual Women Myths Busted

You’ve probably heard a lot of stereotypes about bisexuality – the bastard stepchild of sexual orientations. Its something a lot gay and straight people struggle to figure out.

Most people can’t even agree on a definition of bisexuality, which has led to a lot of confusion, angst and prejudices.


No one is really bisexual. It’s just a phase. They’re either gay and they can’t admit it, or they’re straight and they’re just experimenting. So, why can’t they make up their minds? Because you know, bisexuals can’t be trusted. They’ll just leave you for a man/woman.

They can’t be monogamous. They can’t be happy unless they’re sleeping with a man and a woman at the same time – bisexuals don’t have real relationships. They’re fun for a roll in the hay though.

Bisexual women are sleeping with the enemy. They are stealing lesbian energy and giving it to men. They just want heterosexual privilege. It’s easy to be bisexual because it’s chic.”

We’ve heard it all… so let bust that myth bubble once and for all.


Are Sex Toys Something to be Ashamed of?

Once something you could only find in a shady sex shop, sex toys are now mainstream. So mainstream, in fact, that both Trojan and Durex have products you can pick up at your local chemist.

The fact is, more people are bringing sex toys to bed, and they’re not ashamed to do so. We all have a healthy stash of goodies somewhere around our homes, just barely out of hand’s reach, for fun times.

But where to stash them? Where do you hide your dildo…


Sex toy fail

Here are a few tips from the wonderful Arielle Scarcel and friends – so take note 😉

Arielle Scarcel - Where To Hide Your Dildo...

Question – What Do Lesbians Do In The Shower? We Have The Answer

Women in the shower are a bit crazy. Lesbians on the other hand are a new type of crazy. So what do lesbian do in the shower?


This video and the answers are too honest and too true. We just love it; another great vlog from our favourite girl, Arielle Scarcella.

15 Secrets Lesbians Don’t Want You to Know

Watch 15 secrets lesbians don’t want you to know from GirlfriendsTV‘s Arielle Scarcella.

Well, these actually aren’t really secrets ‘secrets’, just some useful lesbian insight. But hey – the title got your attention. So sit back and take notes.