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Ellen For President?! Watch Ellen DeGeneres Gate Crashes the GOP Debate With Style

Somehow we missed this one, but Ellen DeGeneres was actually in the GOP debate that took place on Fox News in August.

In a taped skit that aired at the top of the show, DeGeneres imagines an alternate reality where she landed a spot on stage the Republican presidential debate thinking it was a game show taping for celebrity “Family Feud.” DeGeneres then serenades Jeb Bush with a banjo, steals wads of cash from Donald Trump’s wallet to “make it rain” and tries to make the men onstage come to terms with marriage equality in all 50 states.

“I am for it! Anyone else?” DeGeneres, photoshopped into the FOX News debate, asks the GOP candidates. “The times are a changing – I mean, have you seen my wife?”