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Out Writer Jack Monroe Finally Puts Katie Hopkins in her Place

Hurrah to LGBT poverty campaigner Jack Monroe, for finally putting ‘professional provocateur’ Katie Hopkins in her place.

For those of you who may not know Jack Monroe – her blog about living in poverty won her legions of fans, who devoured both her cheap recipes and her candid online diary. In the past year she has won a cookbook deal with Penguin and now writes a column in the Guardian.

Yesterday on Twitter, Hopkins confused Monroe with fellow Guardian columnist Laurie Penny.

Penny made the headlines this month after appearing to defend the vandalism of a Second World War memorial, which was daubed with the words “Fuck tory scum”.

Hopkins tweeted: “Scrawled on any memorials lately? Vandalised the memory of those who fought for your freedom? Grandma got any more medals?”

However, instead of directing her taunt at Penny, she mistakenly sent it to out columnist Monroe.

Monroe took deep offence to comments, and quickly tweeted back: “I have NEVER ‘scrawled on a memorial’. Brother in the RAF. Dad was a Para in the Falklands. You’re a piece of shit.”


asked Hopkins to delete the tweet, alluding to legal action and then subsequent messages requesting a public apology and a £5,000 donation to a migrant rescue mission




Hopkins finally complied with her first request – deleting the tweet, but unable to resist a further dig, asking: “Can someone explain to me – in 10 words or less – the difference between irritant @PennyRed (Laurie Penny) and social anthrax @MsJackMonroe?”


A presumably smarting Hopkins then took the step of blocking Monroe entirely – prompting the chef to remark:




Monroe then commented upon Hopkins’s reference to “social anthrax” by recalling her attendance at the BritLGBT Awards.







Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt Says It Is “Naive” to Think That Gay Men Are Less or More Sexist Than Straight Men.

In an interview with the Guardian, Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt said it is “naive” to think that men who are gay are less or more sexist than straight men.

Her comments came as a reaction to ‘Charmed’ actress Rose McGowan, who claimed last month that gay people were “more misogynistic”.

“I think it’s what happens to you as a group when you are starting to get most of what you fought for? What do you do now? What I would hope they would do is extend a hand to women. I see now people who have basically fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly [MDMA]. [Gay misogyny] is a huge problem.”

Rose McGowan

Ruth Hunt told the Guardian:

“I think misogyny is far more rampant in society than we give it credit for. Across all sorts of walks of life, both gay men and straight men. It’s naive to think that because a man is gay he is less or more likely to be sexist.”

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall CEO

She also made comment on the boycott of Brunei-owned businesses.

“[We won’t use the Dorchester] because our supporters have made it very clear that they don’t want us to. [I’m fed up with] gesture politics which just make people feel better, but achieve nothing.

The important campaigning issues around Sharia law in Brunei are actually about women. So posh, rich, white western gays saying: ‘What about the gays in Brunei?’ is singularly the most unhelpful thing we could do.”

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall CEO

Stonewall initially refused to cut its ties with the Brunei-owned Dorchester hotel, but later reversed its decision after outcry from supporters.