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Another Inclusive (And Heartfelt) Valentine’s Day Campaign From Hallmark (Video)

Hallmark has once again launched a heartfelt campaign for Valentine’s Day.


Tagged #CareEnough, the new video features mixed and same sex couples, young and old, sharing their love stories, proving that it’s not difficult to make inclusive advertising.

In each short film, one partner gives a Valentine’s card to their partner, before expressing how much their relationship means to them.

The couplers then exchange a kiss, in scenes sure to bring a tear to your eye – especially if you’re single…

The campaign’s tagline is simply “When you want to get the kiss”.

Each TV ad is accompanied by an online ‘backstory’, giving more details about the couples featured.

Lesbian couple LaParis and Karisia tell of the moment they first met, before sharing the deep love they feel for each other.

This is not the first time Hallmark have included LGBT couples in their ads, with a number of its previous campaigns winning praise from the community.

Although other companies have tried – and failed – to break the LGBT market, Hallmark says the reason its campaigns work so well is due to its “authentic approach” to its widening, diverse. modern audience.

Rob Reeder, Hallmark’s marketing manager of greetings, said

Hallmark seeks to help people emotionally connect, in every life, every day. With this campaign, we are highlighting the ‘every life’ aspect of our mission, as we share the caring stories of all kinds of couples because love is love.”

Ian Johnson, CEO of LGBT marketing consultancy, Out Now welcomed the campaign, before congratulating the brand on its approach to the community.

Watch two of the heartwarming ads below:



Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day Ad Features A Real-Life Lesbian Couple

Hallmark has joined Tiffany & Co. in championing diversity with its new Valentine’s Day campaign, titled ‘Put Your Heart to Paper’. which includes interviews with real couples, who are asked how they feel about one another without using the word love.

Probably the sweetest of the bunch is the relationship between Eugenia and Corinna, and we learn about their quirks and their steadfast love for each other. Beautiful and touching, it sends a heartwarming message that love comes in all forms.

Watch the ad below and view the other ads in the campaign after.