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Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Lesbian Couples

Are you looking for recognizable lesbian costumes for you and your girlfriend?

Here’s a list of unmistakable costumes to try out this year.

10. Abbi and Ilana

Abbi and Ilana

Comedy Central’s hit television show, Broad City, portrays an eccentric bisexual character and her equally engaging best friend. Though these two aren’t actually together, you can find scenes on them kissing on their youtube channel prior to the show’s release. This costume is a fun and easy way to act like a couple of broke, jewish party girls this Halloween. Also try out their fur-coat look from episode 1, or their dream-sequence music video get-up from episode 9 for a challenge.

9. Santana and Brittany

Santana and Brittany

Though Glee’s prominent success has dwindled over the years, the matching cheerleader outfits worn by these leading ladies are both easy to make and easy to spot. If you want to relive those glory days in high school and find a nice couples costume, this is your match.

8. Sailor Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Uranus and Neptune

For the couple who sports a lipstick and androgynous pair, this pair is perfect. After the Sailor Moon revamp in 2014 (Sailor Moon Crystal), the internationally known sailor scouts and their short skirts are easily identifiable. While Sailor Neptune sports long, flowing turquoise hair, her partner adorns short blonde hair and both the scout uniform and a more masculine suit similar to Tuxedo Mask’s.

7. Korra and Asami

Korra and Asami

Who would have thought that Nickelodeon would reveal the protagonist of their Avatar sequel, The Legend of Korra, to be a lesbian? Well, they did. And that gives us a dynamic costume idea for you and your girlfriend.

6. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Superheroes are making a comeback! With the 2016 releases of several new comic-related movies (Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War, etc.), superheroes and associated icons regularly walk the streets.

These two characters can be seen sleeping in the same bed in the New 52’s release of the Harley Quinn comics, and are always fun costumes to make or coordinate. Also try Harley and Power Girl, as the two recently got their own comic series with the popularity of the crossover in issue #13.

5. Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer

Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer

That’s right, an openly gay superhero sporting qualities similar to one of DC’s biggest icons. Since Batman is already a major star on the Hollywood stage, how about bringing his lesbian ex-military ally into the spotlight? And don’t forget her love interest, Detective Maggie Sawyer at her side.

4. Cameron and Mitchel

Cameron and Mitchel

A good gender-bender is always fun around Halloween, and if you’re looking for a simple yet recognizable costume, try out this married gay couple from Modern Family. If you can find a Vietnamese doll or willing young relative to walk around rolling her eyes at your ridiculous behavior, bring their adoptive daughter Lilly along too.

3. Amy and Karma

Amy and Karma

Though this costume may be harder to recognize by those who are unfamiliar with MTV’s new series, Faking It, it’s very easy to pull off. All you need is a doughnut shirt and an acoustic guitar and you’ve got this one in the bag. Or, fulfill your prom fantasies by wearing the king and queen’s crowns and sashes like this pair did in episode 2. But if you’re more of a Reagan fan, dressing up like an alternative DJ or cater-waiter can be fun too.

2. Xena and Gabrielle

Xena and Gabrielle

Forever a classic, no one can forget the sensation that was this Greek warrior princess, and her trusty sidekick. Especially when their sexualities were finally questioned in the finale of the 6 season series.

1. Piper and Alex

Piper and Alex

Or pretty much any other couple in Orange is the New Black. After the major popularity of the show’s third season this year, anyone who’s anyone will recognize this couple’s costume. Besides, it’s also really easy to make, putting it at the top of our list for popular Halloween costumes this year.