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Edges Of The Rainbow: A Photographic Book About The Japanese LGBTQ Community

Edges of the Rainbow, is a new photo book by Parisian-born New York photographer Michel Delsol and Tokyo-born journalist Haruku Shinozaki.

It unveils the fascinating, resilient and unforgettable characters within the country’s proud and present LGBTQ community.

Japan has experienced its own set of historical challenges for it’s LGBTQ community. However, despite conservative ideologies – that encourage the community to remain unseen – change is occurring within the country.

In Edges of the Rainbow, we are introduced to a gay Episcopal priest; a lesbian couple who discuss their lives via radio and TV; a trans female pop star; an intersex author; a gay, all-male music group that addresses LGBTQ culture through electronic music; among other inspiring and motivated people all living their lives openly and honestly.