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Difficult Decisions: When is it Right to Get Back with Your Ex

When is it Right to Get Back with Your Ex – Try as you might, you can’t keep the idea out of your head: you know it’s crazy and all your friends tell you so, but you really want to – have to – get back together with your ex.

Rationally, this is not a good move. They hurt you badly and made it hard for you to trust anyone after that car-crash of a relationship. Or maybe you did all that to them. So, again, it’s a terrible thought. But you can’t help meditating on it. You miss them, of course you do. So why might it be worth getting back with her, after all this?

Lack of closure

You seem to be lacking that definitive feeling that the relationship is over. Certain things have been left undone and unsaid, and that’s not really good enough. You’ll drive yourself mad if you spend the rest of your days wondering what could have been, so maybe it’s worth giving your ex a call and trying to straighten some of this stuff out.

You miss the sex

OK you’ve been with other people since and had a good time, but none of them have been able to satisfy you quite like she has. She just knew which buttons to press. Sex is important to any successful relationship and it was pretty good with her so why couldn’t it be again?

You miss your best friend

She was your lover, but she was also your best mate and you understandably miss her conversation, the way she could make you burst into laughter with a single little comment. You miss going out and enjoying yourself with her.

The break-up was likely your fault

If you’re honest with yourself it was you who ended the relationship. You regret the decisions you made and why shouldn’t people get a second chance to make amends? Give her a call and see whether you can resuscitate something that was soooo good.