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Another Study Concludes Women’s Sexuality Is More Adaptive And Flexible Than Men’s

A survey by The National Center for Health Statistics has revealed women in the US are far more likely to say they are bisexual compared to men.

The National Survey of Family Growth survey asked 9,100 adults aged between 18 and 44 about their sexual identity and sex life.

According to the results covering 2011 to 2013, 5.5% of female respondents said that they identified as bisexual, compared to only 2% of male respondents.

The survey was conducted anonymously via computer rather than directly through a person-to-person interview.

In the previous 2006 to 2010 survey 3.9% of female respondents identified as bisexual compared to only 1.2% of male respondents.

There was no significant change in the percentage of respondents who identified as homosexual or heterosexual.

This mirrors findings in similar studies that have been conducted around the world.

A study conducted by the University of Notre Dame in the United States also found the women were three times more likely to identify as bisexual.

Also, data that was released last year rom the UK’s Office for National Statistics found that women were twice as likely to identify themselves as bisexual when compared to men.

According to Dr Elizabeth McClintock, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame in the United States, these results show that female sexuality may be more adaptive and flexible and male sexuality.

Women with some degree of attraction to both males and females might not be drawn into heterosexuality if they have favourable options in the heterosexual partner market.

Women who are initially successful in partnering with men, as is more traditionally expected, may never explore their attraction to other women.

However, women with the same sexual attractions, but less favourable heterosexual options might have greater opportunity to experiment with same-sex partners.”

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Study Concludes ‘Most’ Straight Women Are Turned On By Other Women

As we previously reported, a new study from the University of Essex has found that straight women are pretty unique when it comes to what turns them on physiologically, compared to both straight men and gay women.

The big bombshell? Straight women are likely to be turned on by both men and women – while straight men and lesbians are likely to be turned on only by their stated preferred gender.

For the study, published in Personality and Social Psychology, researchers from Essex, Cornell University, and Northwestern University recruited nearly 500 straight, bisexual, and lesbian women in the United States to come into a lab and have their arousal levels measured in response to various sexual stimuli. The researchers then compared that arousal with each participant’s stated sexual preference.

Women were shown videos of “attractive” men and women while researchers noted subconscious responses including pupil dilation.

The researchers found that the majority of straight women (72%) were aroused by both men and women, whereas the majority of lesbians (68%) were mostly aroused by just women.

Gerulf Rieger, lead author of the study, told The Times

If you’re a man, whatever you tell me you’re attracted to I bet in the laboratory your penis will verify that. If a woman has the same conversation with me and tells me she is straight, even if she believes that, in the laboratory her body will contradict her.”

He added

I would like to stress that we did not find or say that there are ‘no straight women. Rather, we stated in the press release that even though the majority of women identify as straight, they are, in their physiological sexual responses (i.e., genital arousal or pupil dilation to images of attractive men and women) either bisexual or gay, but rarely straight.”

Why might this be? In the study, Rieger, who teaches psychology at Essex, cites one possible – albeit controversial – evolutionary explanation that is heavily debated in the scientific community. This theory is that, many millennia ago, forced copulation was standard practice among humans. And because forced sex is dangerous for a female and can result in injury to her genitals, “the female response to any sexual stimulus could have evolved in part to mitigate this risk.”

He further hypothesized that “women may have physiological sexual responses to a variety of sexual stimuli, including stimuli representing both consensual and forced sexual acts, sexual activities of non-human primates, and male and female sexual stimuli” to protect themselves when sex is unwanted.

Regardless of how it happened, we should all take a moment to acknowledge the possibility that straight women are getting turned on a lot more than popular culture would have us believe.

Let the sexual revolution begin.

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Research Suggests Women Are Either Bisexual Or Gay But ‘Never Straight’

Researchers at the University of Essex have suggested Women who think they are heterosexual are actually bisexual or gay and “never straight”.

The research, led by Dr Gerulf Rieger in the Department of Psychology, involved a sample of 345 women who had their physical responses to sexual stimuli monitored, with experts concluding that most women are either lesbian or bisexual, with very few actually heterosexual.

Women were shown videos of “attractive” men and women while researchers noted subconscious responses including pupil dilation.

Participants who identified as exclusively heterosexual were aroused by both men and women, whereas those who identified as lesbian showed much stronger sexual responses to women in the clips shown than to men.

Dr Rieger explains:

Although some lesbians were more masculine in their sexual arousal, and others were more masculine in their behaviours, there was no indication that these were the same women.

This shows us that how women appear in public does not mean that we know anything about their sexual role preferences. Men are simple, but women’s sexual responses remain a mystery.”

What Straight People Think Lesbians Look Like

An interesting video. An original documentary by Girl on Girl – “What Straight People Think Lesbians Look Like,” is based on interviews conducted with 15 random people inn New York’s City.

The filmmakers simply ask them, “What do you think a lesbian looks like?”, the results are.. well watch for yourself.

15 Facts ALL Heterosexual People Should Know about Lesbians…

15 facts ALL heterosexual people should know about lesbians…

  1. Just as heterosexual people can know they’re straight without ever having sex, lesbians can too. You don’t need to have slept with a woman to know you are gay.
  2. Not all lesbians are identified as butch or femme.
  3. Being a lesbian is not a phase, its just life.
  4. Lesbians are not necessarily attracted to all girls they meet.
  5. A girl can have long hair and still be lesbian.
  6. Lesbians hate it when straight girls experiment on them.
  7. Just because lesbians are sexually and emotionally attracted to women, does not mean they hate or even dislike men. In fact, many lesbians love men.
  8. Sure lesbians have sex, but like heterosexual relationships, sex is not all there is to lesbian relationships.
  9. Some lesbians haven’t met the right woman yet, but meeting a man has nothing to do with it.
  10. Lesbians love their mums just like the rest of the world.
  11. Lesbians are not as tough as we think.
  12. Being a lesbian is not the same thing as being a straight man.
  13. Asking a lesbian why she ‘doesn’t like men’ isn’t going to suddenly make her revaluate her whole life and sexuality.
  14. The word lesbian is used in the gay world if both are of the same role in bed.
  15. Lesbians simply rock!